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How Many Esports Halls of Fame Are There?

How Many Esports Halls of Fame Are There?


Esports, once relegated to the fringes of entertainment, has exploded into a global phenomenon. Competitive gaming now boasts millions of viewers, professional leagues with lucrative prize pools, and even dedicated broadcasters. As esports continues to mature, so too does its desire to celebrate its history and the iconic figures who paved the way.

This begs the question: how many Halls of Fame exist to honor these esports legends? Are there even any at all? Well, let’s find out. Let’s jump right into it and take a look at how many Halls of Fame there are for Esports participants.

A Patchwork of Recognition

Unlike traditional sports with established Halls of Fame like the one in Cooperstown, the esports landscape is a bit more fragmented. There isn’t one singular, universally recognized Hall of Fame for all of esports. Instead, the industry has adopted a more decentralized approach, with various organizations and entities creating their own Halls of Fame to honor legends within specific games or regions.

This decentralized approach reflects the diversity of esports itself. Different games have unique cultures, histories, and competitive scenes. A single Hall of Fame might not adequately capture the rich history of achievements across all esports titles.

A Look at Some Prominent Halls of Fame

Let’s delve into some of the more prominent Halls of Fame currently existing in the esports world:


● ESI Hall of Fame: Organised by Esports Insider (a prominent esports media outlet), the ESI Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the industry’s growth and development.  This award extends beyond just players, encompassing coaches, team owners, and other influential figures.

● Game-Specific Halls of Fame: Several games have established their own Halls of Fame to honor their most accomplished players. For instance, in 2024, League of Legends unveiled its Hall of Legends, with Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok becoming the inaugural inductee. These game-specific Halls of Fame allow for a more focused and in-depth look at a particular game’s competitive history.

● Regional Hall of Fame: Esports also has a strong regional presence, with dedicated leagues and passionate fan bases in different parts of the world. Some regions, like South Africa (e-sports betting in South Africa is also huge), are exploring the idea of regional Halls of Fame to acknowledge their local esports heroes.

The Benefits of Halls of Fame

While the lack of a single, unified Hall of Fame might seem like a drawback, this decentralized approach offers several benefits:

Preserving History: Halls of Fame serve as a repository for esports history, ensuring that the accomplishments of legendary players and figures aren’t forgotten. This allows newcomers to the scene to learn about the game’s past and appreciate the contributions of those who came before them.

Inspiring the Next Generation: Seeing their idols enshrined in a Hall of Fame provides inspiration and motivation for aspiring esports athletes. It demonstrates the potential for success within the industry and encourages them to strive for greatness.

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Boosting Credibility: Recognising and celebrating the achievements of top players helps legitimize esports as a serious sporting competition. Halls of Fame contribute to the ongoing effort to elevate esports’ status and garner wider recognition from the mainstream.

The Future of Esports

As the esports industry continues to grow and mature, the conversation around a unified Hall of Fame might gain traction. Perhaps a central body could be established to oversee the selection process and ensure consistent criteria across different games. However, the current decentralized approach still holds value, allowing for a more nuanced appreciation of esports’ diverse history.


Ultimately, the true mark of a legend isn’t necessarily induction into a Hall of Fame but the impact they have on the game and the memories they create for fans. Regardless of the format, Halls of Fame offers a valuable platform to celebrate the pioneers, heroes, and icons who have shaped the ever-evolving world of esports.


We hope we have been able to give you a better insight into the current state of how Halls of Fame is handled in the esports industry. While there are a few Halls of Fame out there for esports players, there is no unified branch or organization. This is mainly due to the newness of esports – most people still don’t recognize just how big competitive gaming is getting.

It’s highly likely that we will see an official esports Hall of Fame in the future once gaming becomes recognised by big media outlets to be on the same level as sports or movies. It will take time, but it’s going to happen.