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Halloween Greetings From The Modders: The Undead Are Charging At Red Dead Redemption 2 On PC

Halloween Greetings From The Modders: The Undead Are Charging At Red Dead Redemption 2 On PC

Most of us will remember one of the best DLC Rockstar Games has ever released: the single-player Undead Nightmare expansion for Red Dead Redemption in 2010. It brought a massive zombie invasion to the wild west, changing the entire world of RDR into a zombie apocalypse that had John Marston face hordes of the flesh-eating beasts in an exciting horror adventure. For anyone with a taste for some zombie hunting – which probably includes most of us – Rockstar’s DLC absolutely hit the spot. 

After Red Dead Redemption 2 was released in 2018, players assumed it would only be a matter of time until a sequel to the beloved zombie DLC would follow. However, we were wrong. Now, another Halloween has passed, and still, Rockstar has failed to deliver. Although Red Dead Online players were treated to some Halloween goodies, an Undead Nightmare sequel for RDR2 is yet to be seen. 

Modders have taken matters into their own hands and created their own zombie apocalypse in RDR2: with Undead Nightmare II – Origins modders Dick Hertz and Eki let the undead rise from beyond and take hold of the wild west. If you’re playing RDR2 on PC and looking for some zombie action, this mod is for you. 

Beyond the grave: Modders revive popular Undead Nightmare DLC 

The group of creative modders was clearly tired of waiting and created their very own mod inspired by the famous Undead Nightmare DLC. The Undead Nightmare II – Origins mod by Dick Hertz and Eki brings the horror-themed DLC to RDR2 on PC and lets hordes of zombies loose on the wild west.

The mod, which was uploaded on the Nexus Mods platform on November 1, brings a rampage of zombies to New Austin. Several towns, including Armadillo, Coot’s Chapel, Blackwater, and more, as well as the surrounding forests and lands, have been invaded by the undead, as residents hide inside their homes and shops with boarded-up windows or even seek refuge on their roofs. The police are trying to fight off the hungry undead in the streets as the large blood moon dips the whole scenery into a deadly red hue, with dark fog limiting visibility and adding an especially eerie atmosphere. 

Now John Marston has a choice to make: will he let the undead wreak havoc and takedown civilization in their murderous rampage? Or will he fight back to save himself and humanity from the evil that has risen from below? 

Post-apocalyptic wild west: New spooky features and ambiance 

The group of modders have truly gone above and beyond to let a nightmarish zombie apocalypse take over the old west, making the future of New Austin and its residents uncertain. Similar to Rockstar’s DLC, Undead Nightmares II – Origins creates a whole new realm within RDR2, with spooky weather effects, eerie music, and a bunch of unnerving details and features. The original soundtrack has been replaced with sounds and tracks that will send cold shivers down your spine as you progress through the misty land, where a dark fog has settled, making it hard to see the undead enemies approach. Everything gets even eerier with the big red blood moon hanging low in the sky, casting a deadly red glow onto the entire scenery. 

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In addition to this super-spooky surrounding and action, you can get apparel that fits the occasion, while more features are hidden across the mod. Together with KristianD3, the group of modders has even created an undead John Marston. Seemingly, with this, the cowboy has crossed the not-so-colorful rainbow bridge to join the undead in their murderous feat. With accurate animations, detailed textures, and of course, the blood-thirsty sound effects, Marston truly brings the undead to life (pun intended). 

Zombies rise: How the undead continue to be popular

Let’s cut to the chase: zombies simply never go out of style. They have been around for ages and will seemingly continue to do so – given that they’re undead and all. From the first Resident Evil back in the 90s to the newest releases, it’s all zombie hunting galore. The recent release of Back 4 Blood from the creators behind the highly popular co-op zombie FPS Left 4 Dead franchise is just the newest example that shows the ongoing zombie hype. Even the casual gamers have gotten their own share of the undead pie, with colorful action in Plants vs. Zombies. The reign of the undead has even spread into the iGaming realm. Traditional slots are available online, with a whole plethora of topics and themes showcased on the reels. The popular Pragmatic Play slots, which can be played for free online, are continuously inspired by different mottos and topics, one of which are our good old zombie friends: the 2020 online slot Wild Walker lets the undead loose on the reels. Therefore, it’s official: it’s all zombies galore!

Although Rockstar Games has passed up the opportunity to dip into this hype with a new zombie DLC, the modder community came through to save the day. With Undead Nightmare II – Origins, zombie hunters can now fight hordes of the undead in the wild west of Red Dead Redemption 2.