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Growing Cannabis Safely at Home

Growing Cannabis Safely at Home

When dealing with cannabis, it is not easy to immediately figure out exactly how to grow the plant in a safe environment. How not to circumvent the law and how not to draw too much attention to yourself? Experts from AskGrowers will tell you how to grow cannabis safely at home.

Know Your Laws

You need to be sure to follow some rules. Of course, the first step is to determine if marijuana can be grown in your state and how much. Medical weed is a much more serious case, so you should check the laws beforehand.

Buy plants or seeds only from trusted sources. In this case, you will not draw too much attention to yourself at the stage of obtaining seeds. A legal seller will have a license to sell.

How to Сhoose Seeds?

As a beginner grower, you can make growing cannabis a lot easier in several ways:

Look for Feminized Seeds

If you are not a professional grower, you will simply need to choose feminized seeds for your first to grow. Otherwise, the growing process will become much more complicated. In ordinary seeds, you will never be able to identify female seeds. But the presence of men is undesirable. If there are males in your field, they will pollinate other plants. As a result, plants will only give you seeds as a crop. The yield of flowers depends on the female plants, so often, the male plants need to be removed as soon as possible.

Clones are the Most

Clones are small plant cuttings. It is best to choose the option because the growth process becomes faster and more efficient. Germinating seeds is a fairly voluminous task for gardeners.

How to Grow Marijuana Safely

Often growing, even a few grass bushes can draw too much attention. It is because absolutely everyone knows what growing marijuana looks like. If you don’t want to expose your crop to the risk of theft, you need to do a few things.

  • Make sure your plants are protected. A system of surveillance cameras and an alarm system can save you from theft.
  • A high fence can protect you from prying eyes. This way, you can keep your plants out of sight of your neighbors. It is also important to hide the strong smell of growing weed.

Therefore, many people choose to grow indoors. It is much easier and allows you to have complete control over how the plant grows.

How to Successfully Grow Marijuana at Home

Where is the best place to put marijuana in your home? There are some of the best options:

  • In empty rooms in the house
  • In the attic
  • In empty cabinets
  • In the basement
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At first, it will be enough for you to start by growing just a few plants, giving them all the necessary attention. Plus, you need time to make mistakes and learn by doing. Therefore, to avoid large financial losses, you can grow only a few plants at first.

Create the Right Environment

Place the plant pots in a clean, draught-free area. You must provide your plant with good air sweat in advance, however. Long stagnation of air will create ideal conditions for the spread of the fungus. Ventilate the room and install fans. What’s more, if you want to be 100% private, you can purchase devices that reduce the smell of cannabis.

See Also

In addition to the usual soil and water, cannabis also requires many vitamins and minerals. Find out exactly which vitamins are needed for the various stages of cannabis growth. However, it is important to use only half the dose indicated on the package at first.

Sunlight Schedule

Cannabis is one plant that requires a lot of suns. Besides, different stages of marijuana growth require different amounts of light. Sometimes growers will create an intense 18-hours “sunny” day to increase the efficiency of plant growth. Today’s developments allow growers to use a variety of lighting to get the most out of their plants. But when doing that, you must consider where to hang your lamps. Sometimes cannabis plants grow up to 90 inches. If the top of the plant practically touches the light bulbs, the plant can get severe burns.

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After Harvesting

When harvesting, it is necessary to dry and cure cannabis. This way, you can save the cones for a long time. Many growers hang their cannabis flowers to dry properly. The process takes approximately 2-7 days.

After that, the storage of cannabis remains the most important. Do that in a glass jar (you’d better not use plastic). The storage location must be dry and cool. Ensure all marijuana flowers are dry and do not remain wet. Also, make sure that the storage container is completely dry. If stored incorrectly, marijuana can become unfit for consumption and dangerous to your health!

Bottom Line

The decision to grow marijuana on your own may not seem easy. However, it’s worth it! You can watch how the grass grows, and it is much more pleasant to receive crops from your plants. Besides, modern technology will help you with that!