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Greatest Jackpot Prizes of All Time

Greatest Jackpot Prizes of All Time


With so many pokies available on the online casino NZ market, it can be challenging to decide which games to try or which developers to follow. One factor that entices players to specific games is the jackpot prizes on offer. While these jackpots are never guaranteed, they exist, and people are aware of this to the point where the highest jackpot prizes are recorded and remembered in the history of iGaming. As the industry continues to grow, so does the money that is involved and, in turn, the jackpot prizes available in different titles.

If you are new to online casinos and the games involved, then you may not know of the altitude that some prizes reach. The following article will show you some of the largest jackpot prizes that have ever been won from an online casino, and we will tell you a little bit about some of the games, too!

Online Casino Jackpots

A large majority of games have a jackpot prize available during gameplay, typically referred to as the ‘Max Payout’ in games that do not involve a direct jackpot feature. There are a few different types of jackpots, mainly divided into progressive or fixed jackpot prizes. Progressive jackpots are jackpots added to every spin of the reels; these can be local (only added to by your own spins on the reels) or network (added to by anyone playing on the same online casino as you at that time). These prizes can reach some incredible amounts, predominantly higher than that of a fixed jackpot. This is because they are randomly triggered, either by a timer or by a randomly chosen spin, and the prize could have grown exponentially before this happens. With a fixed jackpot, they are local, and the value depends on your current stake in the reels.


Searching for a jackpot-paying slot can be difficult because of how many jackpot slots exist, but there are a few pointers to look out for when making a choice. There is a list of games that stand out above the rest because of their histories of paying out jackpots, whether it’s frequent jackpot prizes or a huge one-time payout. Let’s take a look at some of them now!

Mega Fortune

Getting the first entrance on this list is the Mega Fortune pokie, released by infamous developers, NetEnt, back in 2009. The game, as the title implies, is known for presenting some players with a mega fortune and is themed around the ideology of the filthy-rich and wealthy people that exist in society. Symbols include cash, fancy cars, and cigars.

One lucky man from Norway was the recipient of a jackpot prize from this pokie title, one of such magnitude that it earned him the Guinness World Record at the time for the world’s biggest online casino payout. The prize, you ask? €11.7 million! Absolutely mind-blowing and life-changing money to be won from pokie gameplay.

While this Norwegian man was incredibly lucky to win this amount, it was actually outdone by a mystery winner in 2013, who spun the reels with a 25-cent stake and ended up winning €17.8 million from the game. That’s what we call incredible luck and a Mega Fortune!

Mega Moolah Jackpot

The Mega Moolah series of pokies is one of the most infamous on the planet and actually makes its way onto this list more than once, so keep your eyes peeled. The creators of this title, Microgaming, are an established casino giant with a great reputation for paying out huge jackpots from their pokies. Mega Moolah, as a series, is referred to as the “Millionaire Maker” collection, and for very good reason. These games have paid out millions to players on multiple occasions. In this section, the original game will be discussed.

A few of the biggest-ever casino payouts have been won through the Mega Moolah slot, with the first being a $12,000,000 payout and one reaching all the way up to $23,500,000! The game has been around since 2006 and has produced an insane amount of winners over time. There are numerous stories of players winning thousands, if not millions, from this game.

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As you would expect when winning a life-changing amount of money, many winners decided to stay anonymous, but you can still find plenty of stories with names and faces put to them. One example of this is British soldier Jonathon Heywood, who landed a £13,200,000 jackpot from just a 25p spin on the reels of Mega Moolah. Incredible, right?

Absolutely Mad Mega Moolah

Another title on this list, and the final one we will discuss, is a variation of Mega Moolah. This version is just as popular as the original for much the same reasons. The game is an adaptation of the famous Alice in Wonderland story, and while the design is similar to the first version of the game, the bonus features made it its own entity. In 2020, the game hit the market, and by 2021, a Belgian man won €19.4 million in jackpot prizes from the game.


The casino world is really brought to life when you think about these jackpot prizes and the number of people who have had their lives changed by them. There is potential for some serious cash prizes in these jackpot-oriented pokie titles, and these few mentioned cases are just a drop in the water. You can do some research for yourself and find thousands more stories of similar prizes being won.

These prizes are definitely enticing and can make a game seem like a way to make some money, but it is important to remember that these prizes are won by huge streaks of luck, and no prize is guaranteed. We encourage everyone to always gamble responsibly and only stake what they can afford to lose – this is gambling, not light-hearted gaming. Many jackpot winners remain anonymous to protect their money, and they would tell many people that gambling is not worth it when a prize is being chased.