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Good Etiquette in Online Gaming

Good Etiquette in Online Gaming


Everyone needs a refresher on etiquette now and then. From boardroom manners to dinner table norms, etiquette plays a vital role in keeping the peace between friends and strangers. You might not think of online gaming when considering the importance of good manners, but you’ll find that following a few simple rules can make your playing time much more pleasant. Here are our top three tips for online gamers interested in improving their etiquette:

Is Etiquette Important in All Online Games?

Good etiquette should be practiced in all forms of online gaming, from MMORPGs do’s and don’ts to baccarat etiquette. Good sportsmanship matters. Keeping our straightforward tips in mind can start you on the path to being a considerate player.

Follow the Rules

Games have rules for a reason. Not only do they ensure that all players are on a level playing field, but they also keep gameplay fun and fair. Whether playing on your desktop, phone, or Nintendo Switch, nothing is worse than logging into a game and consistently watching players pull off nearly impossible stunts. They’re most likely using a cheating bot and breaking the game’s rules. If everyone played by the rules, that wouldn’t happen. Don’t contribute to the problem! Be a good sport and play the game as the developers intended instead of looking for an advantage at any cost.

Accept Defeat

Most of us want to win when we sit down and play a game. Losing is typically something we endure rather than something we strive for. It’s understandable to be upset when you lose a game. It is not reasonable, however, to take that anger out on anyone or anything else. Everyone loses at some point, and most of us often lose. That’s how things go. Rather than winning 100% of the time, focus on being a good loser when you fall short of your goal.


Instead of yelling at other players, tell everyone it was a “good game” and move on. Don’t pick fights or complain about someone else winning. Put yourself in the winner’s shoes. Do you want someone to ruin your win because they’re upset that they lost? Of course not! Being a gracious loser is a big part of online gaming etiquette.

Don’t Taunt

The last tip we’ll talk about has to do with taunting. Mocking other players if they miss something or lose a game can be tempting, but that doesn’t mean you should do it. Keep the atmosphere positive! Don’t pick fights or make people feel bad. Enjoy the game no matter what’s happening and be an excellent sport to the people around you. This ties in with our previous tip, too. It would help if you didn’t rant when you lose, but don’t put down other people when you win.

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Remember that everyone playing with you loves the game just as much as you do and enjoys spending time with like-minded people.

These tips and suggestions are worth keeping in mind for those looking to play online games and will enable players to participate more effectively in their gameplay.