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Golden Paths in WoW Dragonflight: Farming Guide and Alternative Solutions

Golden Paths in WoW Dragonflight: Farming Guide and Alternative Solutions


The Role of Gold in WoW

In World of Warcraft: Dragonflight (WoW: DF), where magic, dragons, and adventure combine in a thrilling symphony, gold is an integral part of every journey. Gold in WoW Dragonflight is not just a medium of exchange but also a measure of skill, influence, and the ability to carve your way through dangerous lands, conquering powerful enemies and creating unique equipment.

What Can You Purchase Using Gold?

  • WoW token: In WoW: DF, you can pay for your subscription via gold by buying a 1-month subscription time token (WoW Token) from the auction. But this will cost you a lot. Also, you can buy just time. If you get on your realm amount of gold, equal to price, average to your region + 10-20% of it, you may pay for game time with gold. This gold pull forms with all of your characters from the realm.
  • Auction Items: The Auction is a place where players can buy and sell items. You can buy consumables, gear, WoW Token, Crafting materials, glyths and marks, which change the appearance of your character’s abilities (for example, Glyph of the Cheetah for druid).
  • Game services from other players: You can buy a place in heroic raids or high M+ dungeons to quickly gear up your character. Also, you can buy the gear itself (crafted or looted by someone else).
  • Mounts, Pets, and Transmog: If you like to stand out or just want some shiny loot pieces to your character or carry a full band of, for example, cats or dragons around you (and be a dragon yourself) – you can buy all of it via gold.
  • Crafted Gear Upgrades: Upgrading your crafted equipment (made with professions via crafting orders) can also cost gold. This allows you to improve the characteristics of your items.
  • Professional Training: To develop their professions, players can spend gold on training from trainers. This includes professions such as blacksmithing, engineering, alchemy, etc.

Ways to Farming Gold

Passage of World Activities

Local quests are one of the main activities of the open world and allow you to periodically receive gold for completing them. Tasks can be divided into ordinary and elite. Elite ones have more difficulty, but the rewards are also better. World quests are updated twice a week, so they are a good, stable source of gold. The amount of gold you can receive using the war mode gives a 10% bonus to gaining experience and resources from quests. This method of earning money takes a long time, but it does not require any additional investments.

What Do You Need to Open World Quests?

For open local quests, you must complete all tasks in the available story campaign and be above level 68. However, after this, the quests will become available to your other 58+ level characters.

Dragon Riding Races

These quests are a type of local quests, so they work the same as others, resetting twice a week and allowing us to get a good amount of gold. To complete the quest, you need to successfully pass the race route in the designated place, which, in addition to increasing the reputation and supplies of the dragon islands, gives us a dragon racer’s purse with 500-600 gold. To unlock this activity, it is necessary to raise the 7th level of reputation with the Valdrakken Union.

Weekly Quests

Weekly quests are a good way to farm gold every week, too. Some weekly quests can raise the amount of gold very quickly. These weekly quests include “Worthy Ally: Dream Wardens” in Emerald Dream and “Worthy Ally: Loamm Niffen” in Zaralek Cavern. Also, you may do the Community Feast quest in Iskaara. You may loot the Alchemical Flavor Pocket, which costs about 45k gold each, but the drop chance is really low (3%). The quest in Emerald Dream and Zaralek Cavern is guaranteed to give us 1500 gold and some items for gearing up or just selling to the vendor.


The special feature of these quests is the drop of the item “Overflowing Satchel of Coins” with a small chance, and that’ll get you 15000 gold. It’s not a regular award, but just in case you get lucky.


Profession is one of the most lucrative ways of farming, but it is also one of the most expensive ways because it requires not only spending time but also spending part of your resources and gold. Improving skills and buying special equipment play an important role in farming gold because it depends on the rarity and quantity of materials if it is a gathering profession, as well as the quality of the item and the possibility of creating it in the crafting professions. The best professions to study are gathering ones, such as herbalism, but it will cost you some time to get to the good-quality resources. Also you will compare with thousands of other gatherers around the region. You can choose your profession from articles like this.

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An Alternative Way to Get Gold

All the described ways to get gold are working, but they all require a lot of time and effort. To all this, grind can negatively affect the gameplay, making the game boring in the player’s understanding. How to be in this situation? How do you enjoy the gameplay of the game without thinking about gold? It’s simple. WoW gold buying will solve this problem. Overgear is the best place to buy wow gold cheaply and safely. The service gives a quick response to your request and transfers gold from reliable sources.WoW gold is farmed and stored by real players who will transfer it to you. Don’t worry; the trader will not get the money until the gold is transferred to your account. After that, all you have to do is play for your pleasure.


Farming gold in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is an important aspect of gameplay that opens up many opportunities for character improvements, equipment purchases, professional training, and other acquisitions. There are several effective ways to accumulate gold, such as completing local and weekly quests, participating in dragon races, and mastering professions.

However, each of these methods requires time, effort, and investment. For those who prefer to enjoy the gameplay without spending too much time farming gold, there is an alternative option – buying gold from reliable sellers such as Overgear. This provides the opportunity to get the right amount of gold quickly and safely, freeing up time for more exciting and interesting aspects of the game.