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Gmod Console Commands & Cheats Guide

Gmod Console Commands & Cheats Guide

Gmod Console Commands & Cheats Guide

Well, this article would take you through some GMod console commands and cheats. But before that let’s take a look at Garry’s Mod gameplay and what is it about. So Garry’s Mod is a sandbox game that means the world is unlimited to construct, explore and full of adventure. It has no fixed objective and players go along with the environments.

It is like a complete freedom in the game world where you can explore just any place, build anything, gather resources and have lots of fun. Gameplay is based on collecting things and explore the different worlds of Garys Mod. Also, battles happen and that keeps the game exciting.

Gmod Console Commands

To make it more exciting, commands and cheat perform an important role. They make the impossible possible. Users just need to get to the commands console where they can out the command and now you just know the command to enter it.

How to Use:

  • Console Commands can be used with 2 different Keys

–1st one:  F1 for US and Europe Keyboards

–2nd one:

  • press ” [Quotation marks] for US keyboards.
  • press @ [At” sign] for EU keyboards.
  • press Ö/Ø/F2 for Scandinavian keyboards.
  • press Ñ for spanish keyboards

Garry’s Mod Cheats

To get the console command, press the tilde button ~ using the keyboard. This way the console pops up and gives you space to enter the commands and cheats.


  1. commands are case sensitive
  2. Not all commands can use shortcuts but most of them.

Note: before taking any step just type sv_cheats 1 and then all the commands and cheats will work.

Get 10 thumbs to your workshop – 10 Thumbs

Get 100 thumbs to your workshop using – 100 Thumbs

Get 1000 thumbs to your workshop using – 1000 Thumbs

Get 500 programming errors    using – Bad Coder

Use the command and kill 1000 NPCs that are friendly to you – Bad Friend

Get 200 balls to eat – Ball Eater

Get 5000 props to spawn – Creator

You can remove 5000 things – Destroyer

Get 2000 ragdolls to spawn using – Dollhouse

Use the command and get chance to play with friends – Friendly

Using this code you can have your game on the same server – Half Marathon

Get a chance to kill 1000 animals, innocent ones – Innocent Bystander

Now get 20 maps to play – Map Loader

Use the same server and map to play for 8 hours – Marathon

If you want to get 1000 thumbs then use this one – Megaupload

Try this code that will make your 24 hours wasted – One Day

Similarly, waste one month of your life using – One Month

And for a week just follow the same format – One Week

Now you can enter a game mode that does not seem like any sandbox – Play Around

See Also

You can enter the multiplayer mode – Play Multiplayer

Similarity, for the single player – Play Singleplayer

Get 100 balloons and burst them – Popper

Get 1000 NPCs to spawn – Procreator

You can now speak up the secret phrase by this command – Secret Phrase

Now you can get 1000 bad fellas to kill – War Zone

GMod Console Commands

Noclip – that means no player can get the fly mode.

Sv_cheats 1 – this one is an important cheat that allows you applying all the cheats and commands.

First Person – this one brings you the first person camera and third person if the first person is already set.

Impulse 101 – use this cheat code and you will get a half-life weapon set.

Kill – just kills the player

God -enter the Gods mode that makes you immortal, a real deal.


Now the list ends with all these Garry’s Mod console commands and cheats. Use any of these and experience a different gameplay. If you have more, then share in the comments section.