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5 Gaming Sites Accepting Crypto Currency Payments

5 Gaming Sites Accepting Crypto Currency Payments

Cryptocurrency is the new trend in the finance world and bitcoins is the revolutionary currency. Several large platforms have started accepting digital currencies, and bitcoins currency come first for that purpose. So today in this article, I’m her with some sites that accept bitcoins as the way of transactions so you can buy and play games for bitcoins.


Gaming Sites Accepting Crypto Currency Payments

Bitcoins is a convenient method among cryptocurrency users at many cryptocurrency betting websites like CryptoBetting. So, if you are also one of them and want to purchase games using bitcoins then just continue with the list and get to know the gaming platforms.


This one comes among the largest sites that accept bitcoins. It is an online platform that provides users all the entertainment sources for bitcoins. So games can be purchased using PLAY-ASIA that offers several platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc. the website has a separate section for games where you can filter according to the platforms and also pre-order the newly launched games.


People who are particularly interested in game cards and low budget games can directly visit Kinguin for the great offers always running. The website has recently started accepting bitcoins as a way of payment so if you have collected enough bitcoins, then you can make a transaction right away. Several discounts are there, and you can pre-order games too or get the games within your budget by setting the filters.

#3 G2A Verified

Another site that makes you able to purchase games using bitcoins. It is also among the new platforms that recently started experimenting with cryptocurrency. The site mainly features games from almost every genre such as The Sims, Counter-Strike, GTA, Minecraft, etc. there are several items related to the game world as cd keys, games, and other digital items. So it is perfectly worth visiting the website.

#4 BigFishGames

Another fabulous platform that allows users to purchase games for several platforms spending the cryptocurrency. These platforms vary like PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

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The site also serves their visitors with heavy discounts that you can use anytime. The navigation system makes it all easy to access the desired platform of games otherwise have a look at the Featured Games section and get the popular ones.

#5 Groupees

It is like a group or bundle of games that are mostly classy and old school. So if this is your type, then Groupees offers a fantastic edition of classy games. And yes, it is one of the sites that use bitcoin for transactions. There are not just games but music to where you can buy a bundle of games paying a reasonable price. So get the site and decide which bundle seems perfect to buy for bitcoins.


If you also want to play games for bitcoins by purchasing them during the transaction, then all these sites are going to help you with that. Bitcoins are doing really well as a cryptocurrency, so players get into any of the websites and make your purchase. Also, share your comments here about the games you loved playing.