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Gaming and Blogging: Where to Start

Gaming and Blogging: Where to Start

Disregarding the platform they are using, gaming blogs are always extremely popular among the broadest audience. A blog about games is one of the easiest ways to become widely popular really fast. But in the whole “gaming blogging” thing there are lots of subgenres and choosing the right one should be a big deal for a blogging star-to-be. So how can you start a perfect gaming blog?

Find your direction

Gaming, in general, is too diverse to be covered by a single blog. Talking a bit about this and that may make your blog look too shallow. So, it’s much better to choose a more narrow approach and go in-depth, talking about something you know and love. This personalised view will draw the attention of your future audience to your blog because people love sincerity and expertise, combined in a single source. Also, choose the right way to promote your blog. Use cooperation with other bloggers or review services to get likes and followers on likesfinder (at the beginning this is the hardest thing).

The direction may be a game subgenre: RPG plots, shooter campaigns or strategy maps have a devoted audience by themselves, so your blog will grow quite dramatically just because of the sheer size of the fan club of the genre. But if you still want to cover a broader range of games, you may try using a single format of your topic. You may write about gaming news, becoming a freelance journalist in the gaming industry. You may write professional reviews, take interviews, make playthroughs, whatever you want. The main point is consistency and being understandable for your core audience.

The best way to choose is to do something you like the most. Don’t try to write about popular games only: the indie projects or the old games have their own audience too and may turn out to be a valuable discovery for the new generation of players. Don’t hype for the sake of hype: do whatever you really like, and your blog will reward you with the quick audience growth.

Make yourself unique

There are plenty of gaming blogs on the Internet, and the competition is extremely high. You have to stand out starting from your very name. Create something short, memorable and game-related to name your blog! You may try an exercise: what would be the name of the game you could create? If it sounds cool and mysterious and exciting enough – it might serve as a great name for your blog.

Create a reliable blog with simple but outstanding design. You may try to do something Matrix-style if you are writing about gaming in general or something resembling a menu from your typical game if you prefer something more specific. Try not to use the arts from the original games unless it is permitted. Keep the design simple – not only the people with excellent Internet connection want to play games and read about them! Make sure that you can embed videos and images into your blog because lots of gaming material absolutely requires that. You may add a “Donate” button too; there is nothing to be ashamed of!

Prepare to play!

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It’s not necessary to have a top gaming PC or console to start a gaming blog – but it’s always a great thing to mention the parameters of your devices and the minimal parameters to launch the games you write about. Review blogs have it hardest because to write a review, you have to buy the latest game and play it at once. So, consider that while choosing a genre for your blog.

It is good manners to make playthrough videos with top graphics settings. It isn’t essential but would be great though. If you want to show your face during streaming and do live streams, you’ll also need a decent camera and a good Internet connection. Some limitations can be tolerable, but top gaming blogs require at least a bit of investment.

Being a good gaming blogger is relatively easy. Just imagine that you are playing near a friend who has never seen the game you play. Try to explain them the game in the friendliest way possible, be outgoing, be understandable, show everything explicitly and you’d get your thousands of subscribers in sheer months!