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15 Games like XCOM to Play on Steam, Android, iOS

15 Games like XCOM to Play on Steam, Android, iOS

Games like XCOM

This is one of the longest-running game franchises that started back in 1994 with the first part called X-COM: Enemy Unknown that blended turn-based tactics with management. This particular game was recreated in 2012 after the release of a fantastic game that got a high appraisal by critics and players.

Even though the story has changed in different additions, the core revolves around the world in the future where alien invasion just started, and you have to settle to win and defeat enemies. The gameplay focuses more on tactical warfare, which means that you have to command your soldiers in turn-based strategy against aliens.

Best Games like XCOM for Android, iOS 2018

If you like to play tactical strategies, then this list of strategy games like XCOM 2 will make you happy and involved in the future.


Dofus is one of the most popular MMORPGs that are turn-based and started in France, but since the beginning, it expanded rapidly all across the globe. The game led to numerous spin-offs such as Wakfu. It is set in the World of Twelve where you can choose different environments and classes so that you can defeat enemies.

There is also a feature that involves character customization which is impressive when you have in mind other similar games. You can also change visual customization and combine them with different classes, of which some of them are difficult to master. You can choose warriors, ranged attackers, healers, summoners, hunters, thieves and much more.

The maximum level that you can acquire is 200 which you combine with points, life points and spell points so that you can create a unique character with the possibility to enjoy in gameplay variety. The best thing about this fantastic game is combat because it offers turn-based approach when it comes to it. This will give you the possibility to enjoy and to strategize every step before you attack carefully.

On what platforms can Dofus game be played?

Dofus can be played on PC, Linux, Mac, Android

Developer & Publisher: Ankama
Genre: MMORPG, Turn-Based
Mode: Multiplayer

Invisible, Inc.

This particular game is one of the most popular strategies and tactical games that Klei Entertainment developed with roguelike elements.

You enter the world of the 2074 year where the setting is filled with large corporations that try to put away government and to take charge of everything. You enter the world of companies by choosing intelligence and infiltration techniques through your field agents and AI that you call Incognita.

When it comes to story, it is entirely different than games similar to XCOM, but still, you have to enter the companies and to maintain the time frame so that you can enjoy all the way. This particular game is perfect because you will have numerous attempts to reacht he end, and every time it will be unique and different.

On what platforms can Invisible, Inc. game be played?

Invisible, Inc. can be played on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, PS4

Developer & Publisher: Klei Entertainment
Genre: Role Playing, Strategy
Mode: Single Player


Xenonauts is science fiction version of XCOM where you can enjoy many turn-based adventures filled with additional tactics and strategy that you have to implement.

The storyline is set in alternate Earth timeline where alien invasion starts in 1979 and leaving human race outgunned. Your primary role is to lead organization Xenonauts so that you can create a resistance to attack. The idea is to collect funding for your project to complete missions all over the world and to intercept enemy UFOs.

The best thing about this game is global protection element where you can manage and control random events and world defenses so that you can protect human race all over the world. You can battle UFOs with fighter jets, which means that combat is an essential addition to gameplay.

There are also lots of tactical elements that will take you to individual missions with different objectives. They are like killing aliens or contribute other humans to capture UFOs. It is a fun game to play during the free time.

On what platforms can Xenonauts game be played?

Xenonauts can be played on PC, Linux

Developer & Publisher: Goldhawk Interactive
Genre: Turn-based Strategy
Mode: Single Player

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

This particular game is the third installment of the tactical sci-fi game Shadowrun. It will offer you the same experience and quality graphics as XCOM, but it is also packed with numerous features that will give you the possibility to enjoy all the way.

It is set in 2056, and you are in the heart of Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone, which is run by corporations. The central role in the game is to enter the world and fight imprisonment from mega-corporations.

It comes with impressive 3D graphics and tells excellent storyline which is based on previous games and versions. You will get the mix of stable, magic and technology which makes it perfect for players who enjoy these games.

During the combat you have to take turns in moving, casting a spell or attacking. Each action will come AP, and you start with two so that you can change items and abilities. All characters have their flaws and backstories which makes it attractive to play and to improve further throughout the game.

On what platforms can Shadowrun: Hong Kong game be played?

Shadowrun: Hong Kong can be played on PC, Mac, Linux

Developer & Publisher: Harebrained Schemes
Genre: Turn-based Strategy
Mode: Single Player

Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles is perfect and unique role-playing game that blends strategy and shooting together. In the same time, you will enjoy because it is similar to any other XCOM Alternatives.

It takes place in World War II where in Europe there is two factions fight over the continent. The war is at its peak, and you have to be a hero who enters the town that has been attacked. You have to use tactics and cunning strategy to protect everything around you.

You will enjoy in role-playing elements with turn-based strategy and combat system. This makes gameplay more interesting than other turn games so you will be able to reach perfect comfort and excitement.

At the very beginning, you start in command mode where you can watch battlefield. The idea is to position your team so that you can fight the enemy. There are lots of environment features such as sandbags and trenches, and you can select an individual unit that you will control during the action of the game such as aiming and movement.

On what platforms can Valkyria Chronicles game be played?

Valkyria Chronicles can be played on PC, PS3, PS4

Developer & Publisher: Sega
Genre: Turn-based Strategy
Mode: Single Player

Great Big War Game

This particular 3D turn game is a perfect adventure that you can play on mobile devices with fifty different campaign missions. It is an excellent game that we can compare it to XCOM because you assume the role of the blue army that battles against red for domination.

The idea is to command them forward in the role of Jenkins, which is lieutenant who takes military orders. You can get various orders from assassinating enemy general to taking over enemy base for the blue nation. This is the perfect way when it comes to missions and level designs because gameplay means that you will enjoy this grand strategy game.

On what platforms can Great Big War Game game be played?

Great Big War Game can be played on Android, iOS, PC

Developer & Publisher: Rubicon Developments
Genre: Turn-based Strategy
Mode: Single Player, Multiplayer

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Advance Wars: Dual Strike is one of the most popular games on this list that you can play on Nintendo DS. It takes place in numerous locations which means that you can enjoy all the way.

You are set in Omega Land with two characters who are central protagonists. The chief nemesis is The Black Hole Army with new commander Von Bolt. The idea is to play 28 campaign missions where you will test your tactics and ensure that you defeat enemies that are in front of you.

There are lots of features such as dual front battles where you have to battle on two different fronts, which means that you have to use your brain and strategy to win. It is more than campaign game because there are lots of additional challenges and a multiplayer mode that will give you the possibility to play with friends.

On what platforms can Advance Wars: Dual Strike game be played?

Advance Wars: Dual Strike can be played on Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii

Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Turn-based Strategy, Multi-directional Shooter
Mode: Single Player, Multiplayer

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel is an excellent game like XCOM where you are set in an apocalyptic setting so that you can enjoy in both RPG and tactical approach to enjoy a fantastic story in front of you.

The idea is to follow young squad that will accept any mission to increase their strength. However, after a mission in the wasteland, you find yourself in a middle of a war. You can choose different endings depending on the decision that you make throughout the game.

You activate missions through general that is in charge of a bunker where he instructs you to accomplish some objective. There are lots of locations from military camps to abandoned factories which makes it attractive to play.

On what platforms can Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel game be played?

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel can be played on PC

Developer: Micro Forte
Publisher: 14 Degrees East Bethesda Softworks
Genre: Turn-based Strategy, Tactical Role-playing
Mode: Single Player, Multiplayer

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Nintendo 3DS – Fire Emblem Awakening

Fire Emblem Awakening is an excellent game like XCOM that you will enjoy in widely recognized Fire Emblem game series. This is the 13th game in the franchise, but the number won’t affect the fantastic style and gameplay that you will enjoy when you start playing.

The story begins when you enter the Valm and Achaea with a group of soldiers. Your primary role is to customize your characters with impressive features that will give you the possibility to change their physical appearances.

On the other hand, there are three difficulty levels that you can choose, which is perfect if you have never played the similar game before.  You will get a high sense of exploring different pathways, and there are lots of random enemies and side missions that will give you an idea of RPG gameplay.

When it comes to storyline, you have to know that you can move around the map and fight enemy units. You can also customize and purchase weapons and armors, and building relationship between characters.

On what platforms can Nintendo 3DS – Fire Emblem Awakening game be played?

Nintendo 3DS – Fire Emblem Awakening can be played on Nintendo 3DS

Developer: Intelligent Systems, Nintendo SPD
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Turn-based Strategy, Tactical Role-playing
Mode: Single Player, Multiplayer

Jagged Alliance 2

Jagged Alliance 2 is one of the best older tactical playing xcom like games that first started in 1999. You play in the small country and have different choices that will affect the entire ending.

You are set across small fictional location Arulco that is ruled by a dictator. Your part of the story is to topple your dictator with the help of locals and militia. There are lots of tools that you can use so that you can fight more thoroughly. In the same time, there are hundreds of mercenaries that will attack you and that you can recruit.

As you proceed further in the game, you will be able to unlock different features and equipment that will give you the possibility to hire better mercenaries so that you can fight more efficiently and create a deadly team.

The mechanics are very typical when it comes to the genre because you have limited AP to attack, move or perform any other action. You also come with regenerating action points that you can carry between turns.

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On what platforms can Jagged Alliance 2 game be played?

Jagged Alliance 2 can be played on PC, Linux

Developer: Sir-Tech Canada
Publisher: Talon Soft
Genre: Tactical Role-playing, Turn-based Strategy
Mode: Single Player


Wakfu is excellent XCOM free to play alternative that combines MMORPG with turn-based combat style similar to other MMO games.

The first adventure that you have to do is story foundation and tutorial because you have to use economy, participate in community and impact ecosystem. You are free to roam and wander through the open world and take combat when you encounter the enemy.

There is a vast range of maps and terrains, and you won’t feel with any repetitive features similar to other free to play RPGs. You have to understand that it contains slow pacing, but that is a necessary great thing because you have more time for tactics and strategy, which is the main reason why you play this kind of games in the first place.

On what platforms can Wakfu game be played?

Wakfu can be played on PC, Mac, Linux

Developer & Publisher: Ankama Games
Genre: MMORPG, Tactical Role-playing, Turn-based Strategy
Mode: Multiplayer

Skulls of the Shogun

Skulls of the Shogun is widely recognized turn-based game like XCOM with great mechanics that will give you the possibility to enjoy fun adventures in both multiplayer and single-player modes.

You can play it on Windows and Xbox, which were the leading platforms, but it made its wave to mobile devices which makes it a unique experience with amazing graphics and design. It is set in feudal Japan, and your objective is to help General Akamoto to defeat his lieutenant in the afterlife. It is a fantastic storyline that will give you another piece of the puzzle after each level.

In the same time, we have to mention mechanics and combat of the game where you can ground up small units types to fight with you. The leader is General Akamoto, and if he dies, you will end up in defeat.

On what platforms can Skulls of the Shogun game be played?

Skulls of the Shogun can be played on PC, Linux, Mac, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Xbox 360, PS4

Developer & Publisher: 17-BIT
Genre: Turn-based Strategy
Mode: Single Player, Multiplayer

Braveland Wizard

Braveland WizardHere in the game, you are set as a new wizard who just graduated after casting enough spells and knowing the importance of each. Braveland Wizard also allows you to accept additional quests and to shop to grade your gears.

The gameplay includes turn-based combat with plenty of several other activities that fulfill your urge as being an adventurer. Here you create your team having talents like archers, melee heroes, etc. so this diversity helps you very much for winning any battle. Gameplay is based on the grid-based map that you use to navigate the battles and other elements going on.

On what platforms can Braveland Wizard game be played?

Braveland Wizard can be played on Android

Krosmaster Arena

Krosmaster Arena

Krosmaster Arena is an excellent game that became one of the most popular games like XCOM, especially throughout the online realm. It works through popular board game that you can play in an online realm with strategy gameplay that will win you over in a matter of seconds.

You have to create own team of heroes where every one of them contains unique skills that will help you claim the victory. There are more than hundred figurine characters that you can choose. However, it is straightforward to play, but if you want to become better, you have to compete to higher ranks.

You can access dungeon or campaign mode, without thinking about PvP feature. There are lots of environments and gameplay, so it is funny and exciting to play during your hours of boredom.

On what platforms can Krosmaster Arena game be played?

Krosmaster Arena can be played on iOSAndroidSteam

Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 is the first sequel of one of the first games ever from 1988. It is one of the most popular turn-based RPG with lots of tactical moments and combat.

You can select seven players, and the game is set in alternate history, where the nuclear war between Russia and the United States took place in 1998, and the player has to find a way to make a control of recruited Rangers.

You can choose different skills that are customizable, and every player contains a unique personality that is based on appearance, powers, and stats that you have.

On what platforms can Wasteland 2 game be played?

Wasteland 2 can be played on PCXbox, PS4

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Minimum System Requirements for Xcom:

For Windows For Mac
OS Windows Vista 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion)
Processor 2 GHz Dual Core 2.0 GHz
Memory 2 GB RAM 4 GB RAM
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT or greater
DirectX 9.0
Hard Drive 20 GB HD space 20 GB
Sound DirectX Compatible
Video Memory 256 MB
Video Card AMD HD4000 / NVIDIA 9000 Series (See NOTICE for details)
Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection


We have presented you 12 games like XCOM that you will enjoy because of immersive storylines and gameplay that will boost your brain cells and strategic side of you. Most of them have great storylines that you will enjoy playing, so you can start right away, and you won’t be able to stop.