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18 RPG Games like Undertale

18 RPG Games like Undertale

18 RPG Games like Undertale

Undertale has been growing on since its releasing year 2015, and in just two years, the game has established an extensive popularity that is because of the unique gameplay and probably the characters are interesting too. Undertale free full game provides you with an underground place to explore where your character is a human child, and on the way, you discover several mysterious things.

This underground area encounters several monstrous things too that you need to face to destroy them or to create a good bond with them. Just like the Undertale’s story, there are several other games that you can consider as good alternatives. So if you are here to find some best games like undertale, continue this list with me and get to know yourself these amazing gameplay.

Games Like Undertale


The game has an excellent title, and the gameplay like Undertale is enough to get players to try this one instantly. Earthbound is a very good gameplay for those who want a classic hint with a somewhat same storyline as Undertale. In the game, you are a young boy from the town Podunk and you are a savior of the entire world. You are assigned with several tasks that focus on controlling the invasion of evil power. The game has several levels that take you on the journey of diminishing the evil and protect your people.


Now, in Lisa, you are in a post-apocalyptic world that is fun to play and of course full of mystery with the adventure as well. You are in the form of a man who is searching his young daughter, so you are quite depressed and making your moves to find out your daughter as soon as possible. Don’t worry, you are not alone in the game but your support is always there named Brad Armstrong, he is a young man who has an addiction to drugs. So you both are in the mission of searching the girl who you found out in the wild.


One of the best alternatives like undertale that will hold your tests for sure and characters are interesting too. The mechanics are also pretty exciting, and the soundtrack with good graphics keeps it all enjoyable. You are on a strange planet after your airship gets crashed and now as being Professor fleeing, you are trying to get rid of your enemy called CosmoNAUTs. You have no power in your ship, and so you are supposed to be there until any help comes in the form of Terry, a young boy. Terry is your only hope as he known repowering the ship and takes you back to space.

On what platforms can Contact game be played?

Contact can be played on Nintendo DS

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The gameplay presents you another form of the famous character Mario, so if this is your favorite one among all, then Paper Mario is the one for you. The franchise has been doing really well with the character Mario that introduces the Mushroom Kingdom where comet festival takes place every year. Those who want their wish to happen to attend this festival and so does the Mario.

During the event, the enemy ‘Bowser’ knocks in and starts destroying the comet which explodes to six Royal Stickers. So the gameplay is all about Mario and the evil purpose of Bowser, let’s see what happens next by trying out this game.

On what platforms can Paper Mario: Sticker Star game be played?

Paper Mario: Sticker Star can be played on Nintendo 3DS


It is a role-playing game that leaves you in a dark world full of dark power and magic that is enough to make your brain a mess. You get into the puzzles as you explore and discoveries are a part of your journey where you are a lost child, and your aim is to take it to the destination. The game gives you only one chance as its name where you wake up in alone and dark and by the time you find puzzles that need to be solved. The bulb is also the main part of the story that helps you those days when there is no sun, so go ahead, find this bulb and explore the further game.

On what platforms can oneshot game be played?

Oneshot can be played on Microsoft Windows


In the list of similar games like undertale, Anodyne takes place as being a fun adventure. The game is a whole dark world experience where you aim to survive when they are tough times and enemies all around. The game takes good care of you and gives you a mighty sword that is a broom actually, but it’s all that you need to keep those filthy minds at bay who try to hurt you. You can experience it on your devices based on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS too.

On what platforms can Goliath game be played?

Anodyne can be played on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android

The Stanley Parable

The game focuses on gameplay that is designed to mess with your mind and it less focuses on the combat system. The storyline was first introduced in 2011, but a new experience was released in 2013 with the name ‘Stanley.’ It is actually a mind-controlling game where the narrator tells you things, and you just obey them.

The Stanley Parable has several endings that you can choose your own choice. These are like Freedom, Explosion, Cowards, and many others. Selecting any of them takes you to a different gameplay and to experience it in real, get the game and let’s see what the narrator tells you.

The Witch’s House

The game gives you somewhat horror space that is a role-playing environment in the Japanese form released in 2012. You are Viola, a girl who wakes up in a dark place that seems like a forest. In this entire space, you see nothing to say except that mysterious house that is a witch’s house for sure, but you don’t know it until you get inside it. So the game mixes up the Undertale with some horror fantasy and if these magical elements excite you then go ahead and solve those dark puzzles.

On what platforms can The Witch’s House game be played?

The Witch’s House can be played on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS

To the Moon

This one was released 2011 that purely defines adventure with good graphics, and this masterpiece was developed by Freebird Games as another one in the same genre. The game introduces you technology that can be used to create artificial memories. The game needs you to help Johnny in his journey to the moon by building these artificial memories. You can create memories by travelling in anyone’s mind and just replace them. To the moon is available on Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

Citizens of Earth

Citizens of earth can feel like Earthbound at some points because of the familiar design and the related name. The game is always accessed by millions of players because of the word availability of platforms like  Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Wii U, and the Nintendo 3DS. Many elements are directly derived from Earthbound Where you are the Vice President and try to get the essential grip in the world again. So, this all is about establishing peace that you do with the help of three people because as being a vice president you can’t get your hands in any bad environment.

Space Funeral

Space funeral introduces you to some vivid visuals, and the world looks all weird with a hint of a horror and strange environment. It’s an RPG where you are Phillip, a young boy and your parents just kicked you out of the home. Now you are alone on this adventure, and soon you discover a strange looking Horse, and now you aim to find the reason for its existence. Beware in the world because it is full of dark things like skulls, blood, and monsters and so on.


Off makes a fantastic storyline that keeps it among the games similar to undertale. The origin language is French that was later carted into several other languages, and English is one of them to make the game wide popular. You are under the influence of the character known as Batter when you’re in the zone 0, and there are other zones as well with different stories. Here player continues the game but the main trouble is no one can be trusted as everything seems mysterious. The game gives your puzzles, fights, and other discomforting drama so let’s see if you can survive here.


Antichamber is a another one that makes your brain a messed piece as it is full of puzzles and weird things that seem unending. Your concentration is the main factor that you need to understand the game and acquire those four guns if you want to go forward. The game gives a fair introduction to the controls, maps, and about the psychological adventure. So be ready to examine that weird environment by getting this one and solve the mystery with your every single move.

Why Am I Dead At Sea

In Why Am I Dead At Sea, you are in a boat in the sea and guess what you are dead Now, the game about solving the mystery of your own death. So now you are a ghost with some abilities to possess people on the boat. But you are limited to these abilities and can control the bodies temporarily. Paulo is a boy who supports you, and he is the also one who brings you back using his psychic powers. Let’s get to the depth by solving puzzles and completing tasks to reveal the truth of your murder.



Heartbound is a role-playing video game released by American Indie developer Pirate Software. It is about a young boy whose dog goes missing. You play the game as the boy and also struggle with depression, anxiety and fear as you navigate multiple locations to search for your beloved pet. The story has many different endings which are unlocked depending on how you interact with different environments. 

The combat is also unique in this game, without any tangible linear leveling up. As the boy Lore encounters different enemies he also participates in a different mini-game. Every small action shapes the future of the game. 

On what platforms can Heartbound be played? 

Heartbound can be played on Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux


A fourth wall breaking video game, Glitched might be one of the most unique indie games to exist. The game is still undergoing development. In this game, a glitch on screen alerts an NPC called Gus of your existence. You work with him together to try and fix not just the glitch, but his friends, his hometown and his world. In the meantime, Gus begins questioning who you are: and what role you play in his world. 

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With nostalgic two dimensional pixel graphics, this game will seem familiar at surface level but promises to have an intriguing plot that leaves a deep impression. It’s not everyday that the hero of your game realises that you exist. 

On what platforms can Glitched be played? 

Glitched can be played on PC, Mac OS and Linux

Among Us

This 2018 rose to sudden popularity in 2020 — most people assume it’s because the game facilitates a fun party-game like experience in a video game for large groups of friends (which was sorely in demand during pandemic lockdowns). There are 4-10 players in the game who work together to uncover the identity of the ‘impostor’, who is one among them. 

Variations of the game include having two or three impostors to make it all the more difficult. The structure of the game is such that the teammates travelling in a spaceship must perform tasks (mini-games) that are loosely related to the maintenance and repair of the spaceship itself.

On what platforms can Among Us be played?

Among Us can be played on iOS, Nintendo Switch, Android, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One


Also made by Undertale developer Toby Fox, Deltarune might be the most similar game to Undertale on our list. It is also a roleplaying game with a top-down perspective and the same two-dimensional pixelated visual design that gives us nostalgic delight. In this game, the player controls a character called Kris who lives in a world inhabited by monsters. 

Kris and a classmate Susie accidentally enter the Dark Kingdom where they encounter Ralsei and discover that they are destined to save this world from darkness. After starting this quest, you encounter challenges and various monsters and engage in combat with them. 

On what platforms can Deltarune be played? 

Deltarune can be played on Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

Minimum System Requirements for Undertale

For Windows:

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 128MB
  • Storage: 200 MB available space

For Mac:

  • OS: Mac OS X
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 200 MB available space

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All these games like undertale are very much exciting that revolve around the same concept but in various ways and environments. There are several up and downs that come up with every puzzle and this way the mystery and adventure continue to entertain you.