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20+ Games Like Summoners War

20+ Games Like Summoners War

20+ Games Like Summoners War

Summoners War allows to have the strategy based MMO game in your mobile devices that run on Android and iOS. The game as you can see is filled with Korean characters as South Korean developer created the game in 2014.

Here you are a summoner whose mission is to collect several monsters and summon them to get a powerful creature. Here you experience the RPG combat system in the 3D environments where every monster has its unique ability that you can get and use in fights. Every monster possesses a different type of roles such as tank, attack or just support role. So I am going to show you some games like Summoners War that act as alternatives to Summoners War.

Games like Summoners War

Idle Heroes

Idle HeroesPlayers are needed to set up an account, and the game sets you free to play. Here you can summon heroes and use them to fight by your side against your enemies. The first task here is to call your heroes as per your desire and include them in the very first battle.

This way, it follows the same concept of Summoners War and for the strategy making the game seems incredible. You can select from 6 combat slots and do it well to get the rewards. The path of progress can be achieved by upgrading the abilities of your heroes.

On what platforms can Idle Heroes game be played?

Idle Heroes can be played on Android, iOS

Forge of Gods

Forge of GodsThe second one is the Forge of Gods that come here among the Summoners War alternatives. In the game, your character functions as a hero who is in the mission on getting everything in the right order and set the chaos away. This one can be experienced having the card and hero collecting mechanic which makes impressive gameplay.

Gameplay includes making steps ahead and summons up heroes so you can feel the RPG elements. As you progress you gather more power and the heroes fight for you in a better way. All the controls are easy so that you can handle your army efficiently.

On what platforms can Forge of Gods game be played?

Forge of Gods can be played on Android, Browser, Linux, PC

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem HeroesThis game takes you in the world as the main character where war goes on between Askr and Embla nations. As being the hero, you play from Askra kingdom and regularly work on summoning up the heroes to increase the strength of the army.

Gameplay allows having a combat system that almost looks like the rock-paper-scissors.

This way you are needed to make proper strategy and bring those colours such as red, blue and green in use. For being the tactical gameplay and involving PvE maps, this game really deserves a place in your smartphones.

On what platforms can Fire Emblem Heroes game be played?

Fire Emblem Heroes can be played on Android, iOS

Check our article for Games like Fire Emblem on PC. You might find your next favorite game there.


DuelystDuelyst is the next one as it follows the same concept of Summoners War. Here player brings the game on by understanding the card system and apply tactics that hinder opponent’s strength.

The gameplay brings you two elements as the main part: the collection of heroes and turn-based combat system. You should be focused enough to set the victory in the fast-paced environment including the strategies. Each game is depicted on a 5 x 9 grid where the player tries out several strategies to take the opponent down.

On what platforms can Duelyst game be played?

Duelyst can be played on Mac, PC

Battle of Beasts

Battle of BeastsThis one features two major activities that are city building and monster training. Here just like the heroes you recruit the monsters after checking their particular strengths and powers. After getting the monsters, you call them to fight in several campaigns by attacking the opponents.

Simply allows having it in the browser where you can see superb graphics, soundtrack, sound effects and other attractive features. You start by building your base and then recruiting the monsters while taking care of them too. So, this one deserves being among the Summoners War alternatives.

On what platforms can Battle of Beasts game be played?

Battle of Beasts can be played on browser.

Game of Summoner

Game of SummonerJust after you start the game, it brings you the troop of powerful heroes that are ready to fight against the evil. The battle goes on, and unfortunately, heroes lose. So in order to set the victory, you step ahead and prepare a new troop of heroes.

Gameplay starts after you choose one of the four classes: warrior, ranger, priest and mage.

Here you find an open land to explore and flight across the dungeons slashing even the boss enemies. To see your progress yo get the player level, hero level, skills, gears, and several other levels too.

On what platforms can Game of Summoner game be played?

Game of Summoner can be played on Android, iOS

Seven Knights

Seven KnightsThis series was first released in South Korea and then brought to other areas. Just like any other alternative, this one also brings you endless campaigns that you handle by taking the support of your heroes and summon up their power. Each campaign runs for a few minutes so you have to be pro on your skills that you can easily be by time.

Gameplay needs you to choose your heroes and categories such as strikers, priests, images, etc.

Then you get your skills and pick your hero that you upgrade regularly and learn the mechanics.

You will get plenty of adventure, survival genre, dungeons, boss enemies, PvP, etc.

On what platforms can Seven Knights game be played?

Seven Knights can be played on Android, iOS

Heroes Charge

Heroes ChargeThe next one among the Summoners War like games, the game gives you the just right amount of fantasy. There are pirates, mages, warriors and other fantastic roles too whoever you want to choose. You choose your heroes and control them to fight against the enemy. Here the environments are 2D, but the advancement of the heroes will never let you feel any lack.

Gameplay is survival plus adventure while including battles too. Here the more power your hero features, the more easily you win. Equipment and other abilities come upgraded as you gain experience and points.

On what platforms can Heroes Charge game be played?

Heroes Charge can be played on Android, iOS


HonorBoundHonorBound allows creating a team of heroes to attack the force of evil. Each hero comes with a unique power and this way you summon up all unique abilities as you level up. Here PvP and PvE events can be experienced several campaigns while you fight in the role-playing mode.

Gameplay is turn-based combat where you strategy sets your victory. Here you can choose from five characters to play and get ready to take down the chaos. You will have all time to make strategies and how you should build a team.

On what platforms can HonorBound game be played?

HonorBound can be played on Android, iOS


DragonSoulThe game serves you with a basic tutorial, so you understand the beginnings and the objectives.

Here your hero collection takes place to take the power of the dragons down. Throughout the game, you will go through a series of campaigns and progress that will reflect the power of your heroes.

Gameplay features having maximum five heroes for each level so you can beat the boss enemy at the end. Roles can be taken of tank, damage, control and support. Here you find features like energy bar that lets you track the energy of your heroes.

On what platforms can DragonSoul game be played?

DragonSoul can be played on Android, iOS

Battle Camp

Battle CampThe game includes monsters in place of heroes, so you train your favourite monster and get it in the battles. The game is available on smartphones, so it seems really easy to handle the entire gameplay while expecting a Summoners War like game. There are various quests to complete, and for that, you build up your team of monsters.

Gameplay features PvP battles that are deep and full of content. In the game environment, you get the opportunity to choose hundreds of monsters and a puzzle matching element too. The gameplay goes tough for PvP and PvE, but that is nothing for a skilled player.

On what platforms can Battle Camp game be played?

Battle Camp can be played on Android, iOS

Final Clash

Final ClashFinal Clash is the one that covers here for the Summoners War like games. Here you train your team to fight against the opponents in a situation full of clashes. You can choose from fifty heroes and make use of their skills on the battlefield.

The gameplay mixes up RPG elements while keeping it action-oriented. Here the development of effective strategies makes you the winner, and lack of it makes you a loser. You can choose classes like fighters, healers, and mages before going to collect the heroes. It also features an MMO environment so you won’t feel alone and there are players from all over the world.

On what platforms can Final Clash game be played?

Final Clash can be played on Android, iOS

Hello Hero

 Hello HeroThe world of Hello Hero is full of monsters and evil power that you need to take down using your heroic team. You choose your heroes, train them and make them skilled to encounter battles. Here you fight against the cruel Keronic Army where several campaigns take the game further keeping the excitement.

Gameplay is same just like any game on this list where you choose any of the classes and go straight to prepare your army of heroes. The more you get success in each campaign the more power you gather for your army and other rewards.

On what platforms can Hello Hero game be played?

Hello Hero can be played on Android, iOS, Browser

Crusaders Quest

Crusaders QuestThe game world sets you as a hero who is aimed to save the kingdom by fighting against the dark and evil strength at any cost. This is a game full of action where you are the leader and create your troop of heroes to take them by your side in all the campaigns.

Gameplay includes the hero collecting genre after you choose from the six available classes: warrior, paladin, archer, hunter, wizard and priest. Each of them blesses you with unique skills that you can use while having battles.

On what platforms can Crusaders Quest game be played?

Crusaders Quest can be played on Android, iOS

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Soul Seeker

Soul SeekerIf you want to have battles in dungeons than the last one is for you. The game gives a freemium mode where you can play free of cost or subscribe to access more features. Players collect heroes and strengthen them using equipment and several powers.

Gameplay allows controlling of the hero using a joystick and using the buttons make attacks. Winning gets you more skills and your character upgrades with each won level. Reward system is always exciting that you get after defeating boss enemies and others.

On what platforms can Soul Seeker game be played?

Soul Seeker can be played on Android, iOS

Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier (2013) is a Japanese mobile role-playing game developed by A-Lim. In the game, you collect monsters and duel against other players’ monsters in order to level up and progress in the game. Every battle has five monsters and a friend unit. You have access to summon more than 400 legendary heroes, mighty demigods, and majestic beasts.

You also work towards strategic victory against the Four Fallen Gods and taking over the lands of ‘Gaia’ in this fantasy world. 

All the characters are inspired by Japanese manga art, and you enjoy vividly colorful and intensely animated battle scenes. 

On what platforms can Brave Frontier be played? 

Brave Frontier can be played on Android, iOS, Kindle

BluStone 2

Bluestone 2 offers an animated and exciting role-playing tap-action gaming experience for mobiles and smartphones. Get immersed in this animated world with collectible hunters with unique personalities and styles: you can even change their outfits in the Boutique section of the app. You get to build your team and then fight in duels of the fight club in PVP battle. 

There’s also an Ice-fishing mini-game in this game. You can even train your hunters and upgrade their skills at the ‘Hunter Gym’. All the characters are inspired from Japanese Manga art and there’s a lot of explosive graphics detailed throughout the story-line. 

On what platforms can BluStone 2 be played?

BluStone 2 can be played on Android, iOS

The Ouroboros Project

Developed by Madhouse Limited, this collectible action game has stunning anime-inspired visuals and graphics. 

The game is set in a futuristic dystopian world inhabited by zombies, but there’s much more to this zombie invasion cliche. The remaining few humans have put together a league of AI robots made in the image and likeness of mythic heroes of human history.

These AI robots are called harbingers, and are controlled by the ‘controllers’. You play the role of one of the top controllers who must enter into a zombie-infested area and restore the planet to peace. 

On what platforms can The Ouroboros Project be played?

The Ouroboros Project can be played on Android/iOS/Nintendo Switch

Star Summoners

As probably one of the most similar games to Summoners War on our list, Star Summoners has a lot of its gameplay mechanics inspired from the former game. It’s a good alternative because of how the player has to collect heroes and gradually upgrade them with the use of gems to progress through the game. 

Developed by LongMingHK, this game has recently gathered a lot of following and popularity for being a great free game with lots of gameplay and vivid cartoon graphics. The game is also a multiplayer game but has some single player modes.

On what platforms can Star Summoners be played?

Star Summoners can be played on Android and iOS

Knights Chronicle

Here’s another role-playing action collectible game with similar gameplay to Summoners War and heavy inspiration of anime/manga art on visuals and graphics. Knights Chronicle was developed by Netmarble, and also gives the player the experience of collecting their heroes from the 160 available and upgrade their skills so that they can duel and battle with the heroes collected by other players. 

While Knights Chronicle has arguably better graphics than Summoners War and most other games on this list, it also has plenty of in-game purchases if you really want access to the best heroes available. 

On what platforms can Knights Chronicle be played?

Knights Chronicle can be played on Android and iOS


This list of games like Summoners War features almost the same gameplay that you can try as the best alternatives. Players looking for the same experience can try any of these and share their experiences here.