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Similar Games Like State of Decay 2 PC, Xbox One, PS4

Similar Games Like State of Decay 2 PC, Xbox One, PS4

Games Like State of Decay 2

If you are looking for State of Decay 2 like games then you are on the right page as we have mentioned 20 games like SOD2. It is a Zombie survival game release recently on 22nd May 2018. You can play this game on Windows and Xbox one as of now. This game gives you the experience of third person view which means you can view the scenes from a fixed distance and above the player character.

Games Like State of Decay 2

Game Critics site Metacritic gives a 70/100 for PC and 68/100 for Xbox One ratings. Last week Microsoft announced that State of Decay 2 has been played by more than 1 million users.

If you really liked State of Decay 2 and are searching for similar resources to survive, base building, and able to communicate with fellow survivors and choose to play more games like State of Decay 2, then we have it ready for you.

20 Games Like State of Decay 2

Sky Break

Sky BreakYou as a part of the team of scientists visit the land Arcania that used to have colonization by a human. But, some drone creatures push the humans out of the lands, and now your task is to research the reason. Unfortunately, you get separated from your team, and that means you are all alone in a strange land. That’s where your journey of solving mysteries begins.

The gameplay mechanics are pretty good with somewhat fine looking graphics. For the creatures, there are different types such as cat-robots, bird-robots, and other robots. These are going to help you in finding resources and make you hop to your team if you tackle them well.

On what platforms can Sky Break game be played?

Sky Break can be played on BROWSER

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Even though this particular game doesn’t follow the same pattern and formula as other Dark Soul games, but it will offer you exciting and painful battles with bosses that will make your hair grey. Combat moves and boss encounters are similar because you can manage your resources, health, and stamina to fight those gigantic monsters.

However, you have to be smart about your battling tactics, because it is essential to know when to defend, when to attack and when to heal because otherwise, it is challenging to defeat monsters.

The combat is perfect, so if you are a fan of this game, you will enjoy this fantastic game for you.

On what platforms can Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate game be played?

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate can be played on Nintendo 3DS

Dead Island

Dead IslandJust like its name, the entire game is set in a horrified environment that it looks like a land of the dead. Now here exploration takes place where you need to go through all these dead items saving yourself from being eaten. Search the place, perform battles find resources and use these as your trouble solver. You can have the gameplay on Windows, Xbox 360, and PS3. According to the storyline, things were not dead or horrified, but the island was another form of a tropical resort. Everything gets changes after having a party one night, and all the guests are now zombies.

On what platforms can Dead Island game be played?

Dead Island can be played on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival EvolvedThis particular survival game gets you back during the prehistoric ages where you have to fight against old beasts and dinosaurs so that you can survive. However, you have to understand that everything functions similar to games like PUBG. It is survival of the fittest, where 72 players fight against each other, even in tribes or solo.

You have to protect yourself from other players and to be wary of dinosaurs and beasts that could wipe you off in a matter of moments. The best thing about it is that you can also tame dinosaur so that you can use it against other players.

On what platforms can Carnal Souls game be played?

Ark: Survival Evolved can be played on PC, Mac, Linux

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead RedemptionThe game has a set of the western looking situation where characters seem like the Indians in the cowboy attire with that cap, holding that gun, a horsewhip, and the horse of course.

So here the environment is a unique thing that takes you in the year 1911 that you feel being Indiana Jones. For those who hold consoles can have the play on PS3 and Xbox 360 to feel the same concept like fallout. Here government has your family, and it needs your service if you want them free. So you are a government slave who serves as a hero killing all those gang members every moment.

On what platforms can Red Dead Redemption game be played?

Red Dead Redemption can be played on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

The Last of Us

The Last of UsYou are on the mission to explore the post-apocalyptic game world where survival is the primary factor to be in the gameplay. It is the journey of Joel where the location is wasteland America, and you are with a girl named Ellie. The infection is set in the world, and now your mission is to bring a cure for Ellie too. There is no doubt that the game is set in the future and there is a lot of mess going on like the government, bandits, troubles in human settlements and that infection too. The visuals are capable of making it feel realistic, and the tactics come handy to learn.

On what platforms can The Last of Us game be played?

The Last of Us can be played on PlayStation 4, 3

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Dead Frontier

Dead FrontierThe main advantage is that the game allows playing in the browser. It is all free to play, and you can experience a zombie setup in just your browser. You will be prompted to set your avatar

And you’re good to explore the world, finding the resources and killing those zombies.

You can even call up your friends and start the journey together.

Gameplay assigns you weapons to diminish those zombies using handguns and other explosive weapons. Reloading your guns is a tough task as you have to find you the material and if you die, you will lose all the collection.

On what platforms can Dead Frontier game be played?

Dead Frontier can be played on Browser

Dying Light

Dying LightA large city is waiting for you where you can show your skills on climbing, jumping, and other stunts while slashing zombies into pieces. It majorly feels like role-playing where you act as a zombies killer by finding the infested areas and killing them instantly. It is not that easy because infestation is all over and your one mistake can take you to hell.

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Gameplay allows performing parkour so you can avoid zombies and explore the city. The day-night cycle is helpful to make the game exciting, and it can be enjoyed as solo and multiplayer.

On what platforms can Dying Light game be played?

Dying Light can be played on Linux, PC, PS4, Xbox One


Games like DayzDayz brings players into the world where zombies are happening all around. You act as a survivor and always crave for water, food, and other resources. Your main aim is to killing, attacking, and even avoiding zombies and be alive.

In the beginning, you start wearing simple layer of clothes, a road flare, and a cloth just like a rag. Here you start your journey of investigation places, finding out supplies and killing out zombies you meet in the way. Weapons are available too so you can finish off the opponent easily.

On what platforms can Dayz game be played?

Dayz can be played on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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Dead Rising 4

Dead RisingIt gives you a blend of open world and horror where your survival is all you need. You are Frank West that takes place in a mall full of zombies. To live you have to like those slow walking and filthy creatures, the more you kill, the more things you achieve. This way you complete the missions getting upgrades that mean new abilities and gears.

Just like any other gameplay, it needs you to store food, clothing, and weapons so you can stay alive and kill zombies. Weapons here are a lot of effective to most effective. Also adding up two weapons is allowed to get a deadly weapon.

On what platforms can Dead Rising 4 game be played?

Dead Rising 4 can be played on PC, Xbox One

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 DeadThose who want a zombie land to survive and attack them to achieve the missions then Left 4 Dead is an amazing choice. The game allows you to enjoy it with friends, and that means a unique gameplay each time you visit here. There are several maps that you need to follow one by one as you accomplish missions. The game offers a total of 4 survivors, and all of you need to survive in that Zombies land. The personalities can be customized so you can feel a connection with them as you play. If you think you want to play alone, then don’t worry as the game fills the other three spaces with the bots.

On what platforms can Left 4 Dead 2 game be played?

Left 4 Dead 2 can be played on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, OS X

This War of Mine

This War of MineThe game mainly focuses on wars, and you need to survive each of them in order to continue the game and explore new sides of this world. You are a soldier who is on the battlefield full of weapons and armour. So you are the in charge of a place in with some civilians, and you help them to survive with the minimal resources available. The game doesn’t allow you to fight in the daytime because the enemies will get to know so when night comes you send one of the members to search for resources like food, weapons or anything useful.

On what platforms can This War of Mine game be played?

This War of Mine can be played on Android, PlayStation 4, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Macintosh operating systems, Linux