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20+ Games Like Second Life

20+ Games Like Second Life

20+ Games Like Second Life

Here you will get to know alternatives or games like Second Life. Well, Second Life really earned a fantastic fan following because of its fantastic virtual world content. The game allows players to live a virtual life where they can do almost whatever they want. So it’s a way to get some time from your real life and keep yourself engaged in the virtual world.

You meet new people and make them lifelong friends or enemies as it’s totally you. Second life is a new way of making interactions and be social with people all over the world. The game is dedicated to players over sixteen years old where you manage your virtual life.

The additional benefit is collecting the Linden Dollars that you get by selling your stuff in this virtual world and this way you collect real-life dolls. The content is based on being social and having interactions while doing additional activities. For the same requirement, I bring you fifteen games that offer the identical gameplay just like Second Life. So users who are interested in the particular genre can read out a little here about these alternatives and decide which one to choose.

Games Like Second Life


SmeetA great virtual world that allows adults to feel the virtual social life by meeting new people. The 3D  graphics are great, and everything is so well managed. Since 2007, the game has progressed enough to gather millions of players worldwide and multiple languages is an additional option to play Smeet.

The gameplay needs just an account to create that is needed for younger ones’ security. Based on the details it brings you people with similar interests. The player continues playing either by getting into mini-games or chatting with others. It is browser based having all the social features, and for this, Smeet comes among the Second Life like games.

On what platforms can Smeet game be played?

Smeet can be played on browser.


KanevaThe game was started in 2004, and since then its good content has been attracting players worldwide. It’s a collection of millions of players where you can’t be alone being in that virtual world. There is always someone for you to spend your time with and doing fun.

To access the gameplay, you just need to setup your 3D avatar and get into the world of Kaneva. There you take a few minutes to learn the interface and get engaged in decorating activities or access the communities and connect with people. It’s a freemium app so to get an advanced gameplay subscription is available.

On what platforms can Kaneva game be played?

Kaneva can be played on Windows

Oz World

Oz WorldIt is a great world because of the advanced social interactions where you can make relationships and even marriage your choice of partner. The landscapes are beautiful too where you can get the sun if you are not in the mood of hanging out. This way, the game has several areas that allow having communication with others.

Gameplay starts once you have set up Oz World’s client and chosen your avatar. First, you access basic areas and then increase your exploring different worlds. This way you meet new people, chat with them and make them friends. Also, you can shop for some costumes by earning money; you also participate in some activities and fishing is one of them.

On what platforms can Oz World game be played?

Oz World can be played on Windows


InWorldzA virtual world that feels right for being the Second Life’s alternative. The game offers you all that a virtual world game should give where players enjoy all activities regarding social gathering.

For the gameplay, you set your avatar and do customizations then you go forward to meet new fellas come from around the globe. The choice is all yours if you want to meet someone or just continue exploring different areas. Once you are comfortable with the game, you find new options like better zooming, easier uploading, and much more. Also, you can buy your land that differs from private to mainland region.

On what platforms can InWorldz game be played?

InWorldz can be played on Windows, Linux, Mac


GoJiyoOne of the Second Life alternatives with the most beautiful game world. It allows you majorly involving in social interactions. The graphics make it worth visiting, and once you are there, you will surely visit repeatedly.  To start the gameplay, players need to get an avatar, and then you explore places and meet people. You see several areas like vintage towns, modern cities, underwater cities, and other such things while continue chatting there. It’s not limited to these two things, but there are several tasks or quests, so you handle them and do not feel empty or idle. This way, there are countless things to do from friendship to quests.

On what platforms can GoJiyo game be played?

GoJiyo can be played on browser.


TwinityAnother good game after GoJiyo that makes you able to visit several beautiful lands from corporate to natural. It all exists in 3D environments where you get the chance to enter cities like London, New York, Singapore, etc. so whether just spend your day near the beach or enjoy parties with the fellas, it’s all your choice.

Gameplay starts by creating your Twinizen that is your avatar. Then you head towards seeing beautiful areas and people roaming there. You can have conversations and develop relationships. The game allows you to upload their photo, so the avatar looks more familiar to you in a cartoonish form.

On what platforms can Twinity game be played?

Twinity can be played on Windows


SocioTownAnother one among the Second Life like games that offer you being in the virtual world and enjoy there with other people. It fairly fulfills your desires of getting socially engaged with others and the game world works of players above 13 years old.

Gameplay takes you to several missions and activities one by one from basic to advanced so you can understand things better. The more mission you complete, the more you level up and achieve rewards that help you accessing other exciting areas. There are several activities like

Shopping, fishing, riding, sailing, bugs catching, etc. So you can’t get bored as there is always something to try.

On what platforms can SocioTown game be played?

SocioTown can be played on browser.


Games like IMVUThe app can be installed in just no time that allows involving social situations for conversations and building relationship with others. The game has several lands that you can explore and chat with the people in the group. You create a 3D avatar using all the customizations and go forward.

Gameplay takes you to explore the different worlds of IMVU. Here members meet people based on the lands they explored. Players switch among different areas, participate in chatting and performing other actions like a flying kiss, tight hug, and other exciting things. You can also add players as your friend by sending them a request.


On what platforms can IMVU game be played?

IMVU can be played on Android, iOS, Mac, Browser, Windows

If you’re looking for more games like imvu, feel free to check our article. You might find your next favorite game there.

Chit Chat City

Chit Chat CityCustomizing is available at a massive level for your avatar as well as your house. You can decorate your building, call your neighbors to join you and enjoy there. Also, you can adopt a pet and take care of it.

The gameplay allows you to create 3D items using the drawing canvas and sell them in your virtual shops. Here you can feel everything under your control such as your avatar, pet, house, items that you create, etc. Other than the 3D drawing, you can enjoy activities like zombies hunting, fishing, gardening and many more contests going on. This way you earn credits and spend them on customization activities.

On what platforms can Chit Chat City game be played?

Chit Chat City can be played on browser.

Avakin Life

Avakin LifeAvakin is the next one among the Second Life alternatives as the game offers a huge amount of social community. It is accessible via app too so you can have it on your Android or iOS smartphones.

The gameplay starts after you customize your avatar where you can select gender, skin color, hair color, eyebrows, etc. the game drops you in an apartment with other fellas. You can buy additional space top and decorate it as per your choice and invite your friends to hang out there. Here daily credits can be used to buy fashion things or the additional space.

On what platforms can Avakin Life game be played?

Avakin Life can be played on Android, iOS


MabinogiMabinogi builds your anime form and takes you in the virtual world with other people come from different parts of the earth. The game’s content is immense, and other features always get updated too.

For the gameplay, the player starts building up the chapter where you can select from human, elf or giant and go on exploring the world, completing quests, and chatting with the community. Other than having battles and having a convo, there are several part-time jobs that players can be engaged in. For the skills, you can choose cooking, fishing, blacksmithing, etc. and take the gameplay to the next level.

On what platforms can Mabinogi game be played?

Mabinogi can be played on Windows

Active Worlds

Active WorldsActive Worlds has been updating since 1997, so it is well-established gameplay that follows the same genre. The gameplay takes users into the virtual world where they spend time hanging out with people just like you do in any virtual world game.

Gameplay allows you to create your own content else explore the already existed world. Different lands provide different environment and experiences. Also, there are new people in each of the world so if you don’t like a particular community you can leave it and try your bond with other community. Making new friends is a very easy thing, and there are different chats like global chat, private chat, area chat, etc.

On what platforms can Active Worlds game be played?

Active Worlds can be played on Windows, Mac, Linux


onverseOnverse gives you the freedom to roam in the virtual world while meeting people. This way, it comes as one of the Second Life like games. It is a huge 3D world where exploration is vast. Also, the customization options are huge too for your avatar.

The gameplay is all set after you download and install the game’s client. Just create an account, and the game takes you to your virtual home and a car. Here you start testing out things and the visiting the surroundings. Players can also take a ride of virtual pets and see each other and have conversations.


On what platforms can Onverse game be played?

Onverse can be played on Windows, Mac

Winning Putt

Winning PuttThe game is a blend of golf and the virtual social world. Here players get along on that golf course playing the game and having a lot of chat. If the green and fresh environment of golf course suits you then you can continue experiencing the gameplay installing the game.

Gameplay takes you out there in the golf course area where you try your skills with other players. This way you start hanging out, make friends and continue playing golf. You can also get gears or repair the old ones, collect several other items, take quests, and much more.

On what platforms can Winning Putt game be played?

Winning Putt can be played on Windows

Club Cooee

Club CooeeClub Cooee focuses on teens and gets them the virtual world they crave for. Here users focus on the socializing activities more than any other thing. Here chatting allows you being with the large community in the virtual world.

The gameplay allows meeting several people virtually, and new ones can always be found. Other than having chats, you can upload pics and videos into your virtual room and get likes.

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When you are not in the mood for chatting, you can just decorate your Cooee house or create other worlds for users.customisations, and additional features are included too.

On what platforms can Club Cooee game be played?

Club Cooee can be played on Windows


Developed by Linden Lab, the same firm that made Second Life, Sansar is a virtual reality platform with user-created 3D spaces where players can participate in and share interactive social experiences. This includes playing mini-games, watching videos, and having conversations, all in VR. 

What’s different about Sansar is the lack of cartoon characters for avatars: here your character is a detailed avatar made from your speech-driven facial animations and motion-driven body animations. It definitely looks far more futuristic than any VR game out there. 

On what platforms can Sansar be played? 

Sansar can be played on Windows 7 or newer.

The Sims 4

A life simulation video game developed by Redwood Shores studio and published by EA (Electronic Arts) The Sims 4 is an immensely popular game. You can create a unique life for your Sim (your character) and choose careers, relationships, and of course, communicate and establish contact with other real-life players. Designing and building homes for your characters as well as participating in challenges seem to be the most attractive feature of playing The Sims 4. 

Some of the popular challenges are The Legacy Challenge, which is building a Sims family for 10 generations, or the 100 Baby Challenge, which is: as you probably guessed, giving birth to 100 babies during your Sims lifetime. 

On what platforms can The SIms 4 be played? 

Sims 4 can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, Classic Mac OS

Lady Popular

Another virtual life simulator game, but aimed at teenage girls, Lady Popular lets you play as your chosen character and you build her life.You compete to be best-dressed in the fashion area, build relationships with male characters and juggle boyfriends as well as constantly shop for clothes. 

The main feature of this game is the dedicated arena for fashion show-downs and the beauty pageant where you battle other players to earn points for in-game money and XP experience that helps you level up and shop more.

With chat options to socialise with other players, Lady Popular has a large following of more than 20 million players. 

On what platforms can Lady Popular be played? 

Lady Popular can be played on Web Browser, Android, iOS


our world

This video game offers an immersive virtual extensive in-world where players can explore and enjoy varied interaction with other OurWorld players from all around the real world. With online puzzles, strategy and arcade games built into the world, there are lots of options for what to do in OurWorld. The characters are also fully customizable with new updates constantly flooding in so that players don’t get bored. 

As you play more, you gather more in-game currency, accessories, and collectables as incentive to keep levelling up and getting further into the game.

Keep in mind that this game is not as sophisticated as Second Life, it is mainly aimed at a younger audience. 

On what platforms can OurWorld be played? 

OurWorld can be played on Web, Android, iOS


This in-world simulation game is completely oriented towards dance. It is the dance version of Second Life. In this you can customize your characters by choosing your gender and style while starting the game. After this, you’re allowed to create or upload your own music and match your moves with timing and keystrokes from visual indicators on the screen. The game is mostly made for a K-Pop audience, but you’re free to dance to your own tunes. 

There’s a big social element to the game, where you can compete in dance challenges with other characters. The game has great graphics and is a dream dance world filled with stylish attractive dancers.

On what platforms can Touch be played? 

Touch can be played on the Browser. 


All these games have similarities like Second Life. It is all about the virtual worlds where players from around the globe come and meet. Also, several quests and tasks keep it interesting to explore than just chatting in the virtual community. So you can try any of these games like Second Life and share which one is your favorite.