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20 Games Like Risk Of Rain 2

20 Games Like Risk Of Rain 2

games like Risk Of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is an indie co-op action game that is a sequel to the Risk of Rain game. Games like Risk Of Rain 2 There are more Its gameplay follows roguelike mechanics and is one of those games that makes you come back for more.

Risk of Rain 2 does not have peaks and valleys like a traditional game. It progresses only in one direction, upwards. By the end of your run, your character would have been souped up with so many crazy power-ups that your character would just look like a late-game Jenga tower.

Although it does come under the umbrella of a roguelike game, Risk of Rain 2 does not punish you with too many sacrificial choices, as most power-ups are additive. This addictive nature of the powerups adds to the power creep mechanics making it so much more fun to play!

If you truly love Risk Of Rain 2 and are looking for more games to satisfy your power creep needs then take a look below to find the best games like Risk of Rain 2.

Games Like Risk of Rain 2



Warframe is a game that has constantly evolved through the years and has amassed a loyal fan base for itself.

This game is not your typical rogue style game as it follows a narrative, with levels that are not generated procedurally. But the game’s combat is very similar to Risk of Rain  2 and slashing through the hordes of alien enemies will bring you the same joy and content as Risk of Rain 2.

Much like Risk of Rain 2, Warframe also offers a wide variety of weapon, armor options that you can use in your unique way to slash across your enemies.

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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac RebirthThe Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a classic roguelike game as it incorporates many of the elements of the roguelike genre of games into a nice and enjoyable package. 

The game has procedurally generated levels with a large number of power-ups and items that can be used during your run. The game also introduces certain items that can harm your build.

Overall, this is a very well built roguelike game like Risk of Rain 2 and any fan of that game would feel right at home playing The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.


NoitaNoita is a game in which you play a wizard that uses a magic wand to cast spells. Noita is a more traditional roguelike game that requires you to build your arsenal of tools as you progress and forces you to use the environment to gain an advantage.

An example of this would be to use the spell that casts fire when the surroundings are covered in highly flammable oil, burning your enemies to a crisp. The game is still in early access but looks to be a great game that is gonna have a successful release.


hadesHades is another fantastic game that gets all the elements for a roguelike game right! It has a great storyline (based on Greek mythology) coupled with some amazing visuals and an intense soundtrack that also has great voice-overs

The game offers a variety of abilities and has tight combat mechanics making the game exciting to play.


MonolithMonolith is a top-down adventure shooter game that offers multiple procedurally generated levels. The story requires you to explore an old abandoned facility in search of the ultimate power.

Along the way you will have to fight through enemies using the tools and weapons you picked up, in typical roguelike fashion.


Synthetik is another shooter game that is very unforgiving. It is set in a world that is run by machines. Your aim is to push floor after floor and defeat the robot army using an array of powerful weapons, upgrades, and most importantly your quick reflexes.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a hack and slash roguelike game. You can describe the game as a metroidvania inspired action game. The game has great sound design and visuals addin go the feel of the game.

The hack and slash combat mechanic is something that will really resonate with fans of the Risk of Rain 2 game.

Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne is an action game set in a post-apocalyptic world. You play as a mutant and must fight through all the enemies to become the ruler of The Wasteland.

Mutants use the high levels of radioactivity surrounding them to mutate and grow new limbs and armor to use in battle.

All the Risk of Rain 2 fans would be delighted by the large amounts of weapons and upgrades available in the game.

I Hate Running Backwards

I Hate Running Backwards is an action packed endless runner.  The game has an adrenaline-packed shooter mechanic that requires you to focus on completely destroying the surroundings and annihilation of your enemies.

The game also has a time travel element that adds to the lure of the game.


Hammerwatch is a fast-paced game set in a fantasy world. Hammerwatch focuses on giving you great gameplay experiences and hence keeps the story very minimalistic. 

The game has a lot of settings that you can tweak to set the game just right for the experience you want to have. 

The game also offers great replay value by allowing players to use modding tools to create new maps and also entirely new campaigns.


Overture is a dungeon crawler that brings together multiple game elements from big franchises. Overture offers as many as 12 different characters to play with. Regardless of the character however, you will find yourself clicking and pressing away at your mouse and keyboard in chaotic fashion.

The game also has a neat running mechanic where your evasiveness increases if you move in the same direction as your mouse. The battles are split across multiple levels with rewards for killing your enemies being XP, gold and sometimes rare dropped items.

Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is an awesome first-person shooting game that you can play with your friends. It focuses on teamwork to perform various activities in this world, like fighting, digging, and exploring. The environments are interactive and also 100% destructible.

Here, you’ll come across a never-ending troop of soldiers and need to fight them to survive. There are 4 unique classes of characters to pick what you want to play as. These are Gunner, Scout, Driller, and the Engineer.

Gunfire Reborn

Gunfire Reborn is yet another action-adventure game that incorporates rogue-like elements along with FPS and RPG. The player gets to control the heroes that have special abilities. You can play it either solo or with friends.

The players can randomly pick up the dropped weapons and adventure across random levels. Every level marks a new restart into a brand-new experience. This game is still in early access but has garnered positive reviews from players.

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Gladiator Rising: Roguelike RPG

Gladiator Rising is one of the best games like Risk of Rain 2. You will be able to experience gladiator-style battles here. The role of the player in this game is to build and train a gladiator hero.

Then, you’ll have to make him fight against the bosses and enemies in this world. This game has pixel-like graphics with cute characters. It features a total of 5 chapters wherein you have to change and randomly create warriors.

Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is the next thing you should try out after you have finished playing Risk of Rain 2. This one too has a cute pixel-style graphic design but, don’t allow that to fool you because this game will not go easy on you. As a player, you will be put in tough situations, and getting out of those situations becomes very time-consuming.

There are confusing and unpredictable maps and you wouldn’t be able to tell if an unknown region is safe to enter or not. You will fight some harsh bosses as well who are more humorous than the bosses in Risk of Rain 2.

Borderlands 3

You must have heard of Borderlands, if not already played it. This is an award-winning game that is loved by fans all over the world. It incorporates action-adventure, shooter, and role-playing elements together to result in one of the most thrilling games ever.

Borderlands 3 is the third game in the Borderlands gaming franchise. It will feel like a chaos of bullets, guns, and arsenals. You will fight ruthless bosses and earn crazy rewards for the same. There are interesting but dark characters with heart-aching backstories, to choose from.

Rogue Legacy

This is the game that initiated the craze over rogue-like games. Rogue Legacy is the very first game that gave a new direction to this genre by incorporating several new elements like maps for every run and new mechanics as well.

It borrows a couple of Metroidvania mechanics and also, allows you to pick new characters from the same set of adventure family. The plot is quirky and starts with you embarking on an adventure. Every time you die, your child succeeds you and you end up gaining hold of an even stronger and unique character.

Slay The Spire

Slay The Spire is a unique variation of the genre we are talking about in this blog. This is a card game that features rogue-like mechanics and we have to acknowledge that it does a marvelous job with the concept. The gameplay is a bit different than the regular rogue-like games for sure but definitely entertaining.

Fans of Risk of Rain 2 shall love it because the items you come across here, change every time you play the game. Also, the bosses and enemies you battle are not the same when you come back to the game.

Soul Knight

 Players looking for android games similar to Risk of Rain 2 gather around. Soul Knight has been rated as one of the top rogue-like games of the year 2020. It offers several locations to explore, looting, and alien combats too, just like Risk of Rain 2 does.

It is a shooting game, somewhat, and has an auto-aim feature so that you get accurate shots every time. Otherwise, missing out on shots could be really frustrating for gamers. However, this mobile game does have a couple of ads and you might need to pay a certain amount to unlock some significant heroes.


Caves is another rogue-like game that you can play on your Android device. It offers several adventures across seemingly dangerous caves. As a player, you will get access to a set of equipment that you can use to fight battles and kill enemies.

The graphic design is pixel-style that makes it look very cute and adorable. This is a nod to the old school video games. You will be able to master the controls in a jiffy. Moreover, Caves can be played offline and so, you’ll also save on your internet data.

Final Thoughts

So those were some of the games that we recommend if you are a fan of the Risk of Rain series. We have also mixed in games that give a slightly new experience so that you can explore further and have more fun gaming!