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15 Free Games like Rimworld you can play on Steam, Android

15 Free Games like Rimworld you can play on Steam, Android

15 Free Games like Rimworld you can play on Steam, Android

RimWorld provides the top level construction experience that was developed in the year 2013 by Ludeon Studios. It was first a computer game that was later released for other platforms too such as Linux, Mac, and others. The game provides a challenging environment where you manage your construction by making effective strategies. Regular improvements make the game even more enjoyable and a huge fan following.

Games like rimworld are always loved for years because collecting resources, constructing your city or whatever and then manage the whole scenario always cites those with a particular interest in building games. So I am here with the top construction games so you can feel the journey of the Rimworld all over again. Check out the best rimworld mods if you’re looking for more ways to extend the game

Top 15 Games Like Rimworld


It is one of the games that provide just not a fantastic storyline for the players but also the graphics are a very much rich. And Undermaster is really a fantastic game when you talk about spectacular visuals and a perfect gameplay. The concept is simple, and that is building yet the game is very interesting and straightforward to learn. Here you create and develop your dungeons so sometimes it may seem like the Dungeons Keeper to you. The game provides you with a browser-based experience where you encounter endless quests that get you currency and resources to enhance your empire.
The tutorials here are easy to get as they introduce you to the basic and advanced mechanics.

So this is very useful when you are unknown to this world and learn things gradually via those tutorials. These activities include cleaning your space, cooking food, build your home, create space for minions, feed creatures, etc.

War For The Overworld

The second one among the games similar to rimworld that has already got high success is the War for the Overworld. It gets you a dark world with the familiar theme where you’re on the mission of creating your world and so it’s a form of Dungeon Keeper franchise. In the game, you are an Underlord, and you are awakened to claim the world so here you face both other Underlords and Heroes to fight against.

Your aim is to build and enlarge your base or empire that you fill with several types of traps and dangerous creatures, so your opponent does not get success in getting you. These all things make it comparable to Rimworld and sometimes to the Dungeon Keeper as well. The entire building depends on maps that also affect your customization or building as there are rocks and other things that get in your way and are indestructible.

Prison Architect

The game gives you missions where you build prisons t=with highest security level, so any criminal doesn’t even think about escaping. But as you can easily guess it won’t be an easy task to build but by the time you, master the skills and using the management you become an expert in architecting prisons. The game offers a 2D environment that is worth playing, and there is your staff, utilities, and other resources that you can use for construction. While building you observe the area and mark them such as office, bathroom, canteen, etc.

Sol 0

You are on the planet Mars and your objective is to create a colony where you deliver the required resources to colonize Mars and then create the area by combining these resources with materials you find on Mars. The main help here is the rockets that deliver the essential supplies to colonize the planet. So Sol 0 is the future where colonization happens to establish the control over the area. Also, take care of the total weight you are sending in a rocket so it can make a trouble-free launch at the planet. So very first you start with launching food and water, and from here you start making progress.


It is somewhat like a science fiction form when you talk about city building games like Rimworld. You have a team that is called space settlers as you all work to settle the stars on a planet and that is not Earth. So with space objects, it comes to the survival while establishing the stars. Here the game offers a total of three planets, and each of them provides a different experience. So, the fast you learn surviving in that environment the more efficiently you complete your challenges that foreign atmosphere.

The game also offers you some humans and robots, and each of them come with different abilities, so you learn to use the workforce to build the desired area using people such as engineer, worker, medic and others.


You are on the base with your team of dwarfs that are ready to be your hands and take this entire construction work at fast pace. You command your team according to need where your team works in an arcade and fulfill several challenges. The game gives only an arcade view of the free version and to access more exciting modes like a sandbox, tower defense, dark mode, etc. go for the paid one.

Here dwarfs come with different skills so you can set for digging, building the kingdom, and take control of the attackers. So this Dwarven adventure is full of excitement that offers you the same gameplay like all these games like rimworld.

Spacebase DF-9

Again a game that takes you in the space just like the Sol 0 but follows the same pattern and allows you building space station and the base is named as Spacebase DF-9. It’s not just creating or developing the space station, but the game has numerous adventures like spaceships, asteroids, aliens and other space objects. The feel is just right that offers a space looking visual with the perfect music system that makes the experience realistic. You can pick up your choice of area in the universe and then you start encountering several unique things like magnetic interference, oxygen reserving, and other exciting things.


It offers you a village looking environment where fields are waiting for you to sow seeds and harvest. It is more like a city building game where you are on the mission of building your surroundings using resources you find in our journey. The game always stays as an excitement where you improve your countryside area, and you can control the climate, terrain type, disasters and other conditions. It’s not a tough one to master and with the minimal resources you gradually harvest and improve your status in that beautiful environment while farming and fishing as well so this one makes its place among the rimworld like games.

Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon Keeper gives you a construction experience in a dark-themed place where you are supposed to construct and manage your own dungeons. You are on the mission to claim every single piece of the land that is in the hands of heroes, but as you cow these lands, it starts converting into a dark place that is the sign of corruption or bad influence. Here you can give commands to initiate different tasks regarding the building of dungeons. So dig out as much as you can and claim the land as yours while fighting against several creatures. You also meet potent spellcasters like Warlock, Orc and Demon, Beetles and Flies.

Craft The World

One of the fantastic alternatives to rimworld and it comes in the sandbox category that allows devices like PC, Mac and iOS. It sometimes feels like Terraria and also like Dwarf Fortress because of the construction genre and belonging to the sandbox too. Here you need to take care of your community that is the dwarf society. You also explore adventure, collect resources, build useful structures, fight monsters, and continue to discover items. There are different levels, so you don’t feel shortage of content while being a dwarf and in charge of your own society. For first-timers, it’s easy to get the game as there are small tasks that take you learning things and controlling the gameplay.

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Life in Bunker–dui0o

You are in search of best city building games than Life in Bunker can’t be ignored. The game takes you to a small civilization where people are living underground, and you aim to dig out this space. You play as a warden here who takes care of its people living underground. In the beginning, you have a small population that is underground to survive, and your aim is to help them in every way. You are not just supposed to build a place for them but also take care of their life such as battling from diseases, recover the loss happened from earthquakes, fight against monsters, and these types of other activities.


In the StarTopia you take control on several space stations and your goal is to create a space hub so with a space hint the game is based on constructions where you are supposed to develop space objects instead of any city or underground area. The game was released in 2001, and since then it’s one of the most played gameplay. The game takes you into space where all the space stations are destroyed, and only a few of them are manageable. So you work on these stations and make them workable while following your objective with the staff the game offers you. So among these similar rim world like games, Startopia is the one with the fantastic environment and motive.


It is one of the construction games that provide creating city and role-playing as well where you apply several strategies to go further. IT allows you to play on PC and Mac and you are the in charge of your settlements. In the game, you explore the depths of the virtual world, and with this, you also give other adventurers a chance to investigate these dungeons that happen in your settlement. So where you move ahead while exploring the beneath of the dungeons in the role-playing mode, gain skills, and loot the things you find while exploring.

Evil Genius

One of the top games like rim world, it is a proper mixture of simulation and strategy making. Elixir Studios invented this simulation game where players make real-time strategies. The game has enough depth so you can keep exploring things and there are several incredible environments like those islands where you use your minions to send out secret missions. In the beginning, you need to choose one of the evil geniuses and start creating your little liar that grows up as you unlock additional rooms. These rooms can be used for several purposes like research, training, etc. and continue the objective of the game.


Here you meet the gnomes that are a civilization, and it needs your help to make progress such as saving their settlement, craft thing, digging, and other essential aspects. Just like other games, it offers you a management and strategy game, and there are several options like map size, amount of resources, enemy strength, etc. so you can choose as per your choice and enjoy the maps. With the game you find several objectives such as cutting down trees, searching food, creating stuff for animals and digging out your mine to find resources.

Minimum System Requirements for Rimsworld

  • OS: Windows XP/OSX 10.5
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 384 MB of RAM
  • Storage: 500 MB available space


All these games like rimworld are very much enjoyable as constructing and finding resources is always an entertaining genre. You start with your team and learn to follow your objectives.

All of these have the same concept but the visuals, environment, character are all different that’s why these games are worth trying. So, go ahead, try any of them and let me know which one excites you more and why by sharing your comments.