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20 Games Like Oxygen Not Included

20 Games Like Oxygen Not Included

20 Games Like Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included, a game by Klei Entertainment, is one of the most highly anticipated survival and base building games. The game is set in a space colony that has limited oxygen as a commodity. This game puts your management and planning skills to the test, and see how you can help your colony survive another day. The game is not only to push for another day rather also to know how you maintain your territory and grow into a space colony underground.

This game is a base building system that is very in-depth, which brings to mind a 2D version of the SimCity. Oxygen Not Included featured realistic psychological effects (stress) of surviving and may lead to a breakdown. You need to take care of the oxygen and the mental health of your people.

With this brief introduction to the game, you can get quite involved with it,  leading to it being time-consuming as you need to make sure that your people are content and surviving. Even though this takes up a lot of your time, if you still require similar games, don’t worry, we got you. Here are five games that are like Oxygen Not Included and sure to entertain just like the later.

Games Like Oxygen Not Included



Rimworld is based on the idea of a colony simulation that you need to construct, it is formulated by the Ludeon Studios, which is exhilarating to play. It was released in 2016 and can be played on the PC, macOS, Linus. The game still being developed and has a sizable modifying community, which is because of the accessible features that can be used to redesign.



Gnomoria is all about control over a pack of gnomes, who you would use to construct a magnificent fortress. This fortress would also help you safeguard your community and all the valuable supplies present with you, and invaders have an eye on. Gnomoria is the successor in spirit to Dwarf Fortress. The game is a city-building survival game, and you need to protect it at all costs from the invaders.



Factorio is a game where individuals need to strategize in a synchronized manner. Wube Software developed this game and has been available since 2012 with updates for features still rolling from the game developers. The game sets you up by making you the administrator of factories that are establishing an enterprise to destroy the economy of the world.

You need to run, maintain, and develop the factories that are assigned to you. Additionally, you need to accumulate and maintain resources.

Love playing Factorio, here are more games like Factorio.


planetbaseThe game Planetbase a strategy and simulation game revolving around a space colony, Madruga Works developed it. The game was revealed in 2015 is still trendy and involves establishing human society on a faraway planet. The goal is to build an outpost for humans to endure on this planet, and their options for the difficulty level of the planet, which are options that you can choose from.

You need to oversee space, supplies, and trade when it comes to your people and building a colony for them on a new planet. You are responsible for seeing that no one starves, and their individual demands are looked into.

Prison Architect

In Prison Architect, the main idea is to construct and manage prisons, and Introversion Software developed this simulation game.

You, the player, are placed as the Warden and must build and maintain private prisons located out of nowhere. You will also look after the demands, needs, and aspirations of the prisoners. This game is still in the beta stage means it has no finished tag.

Space Haven

Space Haven is a space adventure game where the player explores the universe to find a new habitable place. You will be building spaceships from scratch, create proper gas conditions, and manage your crewmates.

In addition to that, you will also meet other space-exploring crews. This game allows you to custom build a spaceship where every piece of the ship can be customized. 

Surviving Mars

Have you ever wanted to step foot on Mars? A lot of us have and this game allows us to live the experience. You get to build the very first human society on Mars in Surviving Mars where people will be fully functional with their individual strengths and problems.

Surviving Mars allows the players to build futuristic space domes, fight through human challenges, and do other things necessary to survive on the red planet.


TerraTech is a sandbox game that offers an open-world adventure spree. It allows you to design and build whatever you want via crafting, combat, etc. You have to look for new resources to create things like design cars, airplanes, and tanks.

It is a lot like Lego since the building is done with a massive collection of blocks. You can play this game in either single-player or multi-player mode. The player will be an Intergalactic hero looking for glory and fame.

They Are Billions

They are Billions is a strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic environment where you need to build colonies and defend them. In this world, several people have been infected with a deadly zombie virus and you have to protect the few who remain uninfected.

You will be leading a campaign against the infected and reclaim the land that was rightfully yours.

Kingdoms and Castles

If you love building and civilization games, then this one is meant for you. Kingdoms and Castles is all about growing and building a tiny kingdom to take it to great heights of greatness. In this game, players get the opportunity to strategically design their city design to make the residents happy.

This is a sprawling kingdom where you need to make sure that everything is in order.

Ancient Cities

Ancient Cities is a strategy game that incorporates the survival element. As the name suggests, it is set in the ancient and starts in the Mesolithic era. The player needs to guide the people of the place through the decades and play a key role in improvising technologies.

Also, you need to manage resources and save the place from various threats imposed by the intruders and nature as well.


Frostpunk is one of the first games to venture into the genre of society survival gameplay. The player will assume the role of the ruler of the last city on Earth. You will be responsible to rule and manage the citizens and maintain the city.

This game will put your decision-making skills to the test. Keep in mind that in this world, every decision comes at a price. You need to optimize the resources available to ensure that everyone gets some.

First Feudal

First Feudal is a medieval era game that allows you to play as a real medieval feudal lord. You will be given a small village to start with and then, you need to build it up. There will be enemy raids and you have to fight them off at all costs.

In the beginning, you will have limited resources to work on your settlement, but eventually, you will turn this place into an ancient castle. This game involves building, growing crops, manufacturing, trading, and lots more.

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation is a colony simulator with tactical combat missions. Set amidst a demon apocalypse, you have to rebuild the settlement while protecting your people from the apocalypse. The gates of hell have opened somehow and now, relentless demons have been unleashed in the world.

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Fight back along with the survivors through all the chaos. You have to hide from the evil spirits and construct a sanctuary to protect yourself and the people.


Maia is a game that focuses on colony building and is set in the near future. The colonists crash land in a dangerous world where their safety is not ensured. So, you have to build an off-world settlement from scratch and provide shelter from this hostile environment.

The place is known as Maia and you can use its mineral-rich crust to build a base for the colonists. This base will provide the people with somewhere to sleep and receive a supply of water, food, and other necessities.

Founders’ Fortune

Founders’ Fortune puts you in the role of a fantasy village builder who wants to build and create a base defense for the colonists. So, you need to handle the resources, execute farming, manage tools, resources, etc.

Moreover, you are also responsible for fulfilling the wishes of the villagers and solving any problems that they might have. The colonists arrive at this place with just their clothes.

Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together is the multiplayer version of the survival game Don’t Starve. This game takes you into a strange world full of unknown creatures, perils, and surprises. You need to gather your resources and craft items to survive here.

You can play in any way you want to. This game is playable in multiplayer mode, so you can ask your friends to join you in this venture. You have to work in sync with the other players to survive the hostile environment or take the strike yourself.


Griftlands is a roguelike game where you have to build a deck and meanwhile negotiate, fight, steal, and even persuade others to get your thing done. This game depends heavily on decisions and so, every decision you take here is very important.

From the friends you make to the jobs you take, every action has some or other effect in this world. Set in the broke sci-fi fictional world, you have to do whatever it takes to survive in this ruthless world.


Kenshi is an RPG where you can roam freely throughout the gaming world. It focuses on sandbox and open-ended gaming styles and doesn’t have a linear storyline. You can choose to be anything here, starting from a thief to a warlord, or a farmer to a slave.

This game gives you a lot of freedom to explore and choose whatever character you want to. You have to create new gear to ensure your protection and purchase buildings to use as a fort to hide in when things go sour.


Astroneer is a futuristic game set in a strange world. You will be exploring the frontiers of space and even risk your life to unfold the secrets of this world. This is a sandbox adventure where you have to work alongside other players to build bases, vehicles, and travel all across the solar system.

The specialty of this game is that it allows you to create whatever you can think of from the terrain only. The key to surviving in this game is a player’s imagination and creativity. 

Final Thoughts

There are many games like the Oxygen Not Included game, and all have their features and quirkiness that make them exciting. Go ahead and indulge yourself in these games as well.