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Games Like Oxygen Not Included: Discover The Ultimate Alternatives

Games Like Oxygen Not Included: Discover The Ultimate Alternatives

games like oxygen not included

Looking for games like Oxygen Not Included? If you’re a fan of the popular survival simulation game and want to explore similar titles, you’ve come to the right place. Oxygen Not Included has captivated players with its challenging mechanics and resource management gameplay. Fortunately, there are several other games out there that offer a similar experience.

Games Like Oxygen Not Included

One game that comes to mind is RimWorld. Like Oxygen Not Included, RimWorld is a colony management simulation where you must guide your group of colonists through various challenges. From constructing buildings and managing resources to dealing with threats from the environment or hostile factions, RimWorld provides an immersive and strategic gameplay experience.


RimWorld is a popular game that shares some similarities with Oxygen Not Included. In this section, we’ll explore the key aspects of RimWorld that make it a compelling choice for fans of Oxygen Not Included.

Gameplay Mechanics

RimWorld offers a complex and immersive gameplay experience, just like Oxygen Not Included. In both games, you’ll find yourself managing a group of characters who are trying to survive in challenging environments.

Similar to Oxygen Not Included’s focus on resource management, RimWorld puts great emphasis on survival mechanics. You’ll need to gather resources, build structures, and manage your colonists’ needs to ensure their well-being and prosperity.

Additionally, like in Oxygen Not Included where you face various hazards such as scarcity of oxygen or food, RimWorld throws unexpected events and challenges at you. These can range from extreme weather conditions to raiding parties or even alien encounters

Base Building

Base building is a core element in both games that allows players to create thriving communities from scratch. While Oxygen Not Included focuses primarily on underground base construction with its intricate piping systems and room layouts; RimWorld offers flexibility by allowing players to construct bases above ground using various materials.

In Rimworld’s base building mechanics players can design elaborate structures including bedrooms for their colonists’ comfort or workshops for crafting and research purposes. Additionally, just like Oxygen Not Included’s ability to dig deeper into the asteroid for resources, RimWorld offers players opportunities to explore neighboring areas or even establish trade relationships with other factions.



When it comes to games like Oxygen Not Included, one title that often comes to mind is Factorio. This highly addictive game shares some similarities with Oxygen Not Included but offers its own unique gameplay experience.

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Factorio is a real-time strategy game where players take on the role of an engineer stranded on an alien planet. The objective is to build and manage automated factories to produce resources, research new technologies, and eventually launch a rocket to escape the planet.

Here are a few reasons why Factorio could be the perfect alternative for fans of Oxygen Not Included:

  1. Complex Automation: Just like in Oxygen Not Included, automation plays a vital role in Factorio. Players must design intricate production lines using conveyor belts, inserters, and other machinery to optimize resource gathering and crafting processes. The satisfaction of watching your factory hum with efficiency is incredibly rewarding.
  2. Resource Management: Both games require careful resource management strategies to ensure survival and progress. In Factorio, players need to balance their energy consumption, mining operations, pollution levels (which attract hostile alien creatures), and transportation logistics.
  3. Base Building: Like Oxygen Not Included’s asteroid colonies, Factorio revolves around base building mechanics. As you expand your factory infrastructure, you’ll need to consider layout efficiency and defense mechanisms against frequent enemy attacks.
  4. Multiplayer Collaboration: While Oxygen Not Included focuses more on single-player gameplay, Factorio shines when played cooperatively with friends or online communities. Working together allows players to divide tasks efficiently while tackling more ambitious projects.
  5. Modding Community: Similar to Oxygen Not Included’s vibrant modding community, Factorio boasts an active community that creates mods extending the game’s content and adding new features for endless replayability.

Factorio may not have the same visual charm as Oxygen Not Included but excels in providing deep strategic gameplay mechanics that keep players engaged for hours on end.