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15 Games Like Harvest Moon for PC

15 Games Like Harvest Moon for PC

Games like Harvest Moon

Harvest moon is one of the best farming games. It allows a role-playing mode and activities related to farming, the game was developed by Yasuhiro Wada and later it was established as one of the best agriculture simulation games. Harvest moon is still loved by millions, and probably you have already tried Harvest Moon a thousand times.

So, today I present you some other great games like harvest moon so you can continue your journey of farming in other worlds. If you ever feel bored or don’t feel like playing Harvest Moon, then these games are going to fill up your boredom with their exciting storyline and great agriculture visuals. So without taking any further, let’s concentrate on these 15 games here.

Best Farming Games like Harvest Moon

Stardew Valley

Well, this one Stardew valley is really a fantastic game, not just one visual but the concept is always engaging. It is very close to Harvest Moon, and so this is our number one game on the list. It’s so popular among the fans who love performing agriculture activities with the best storyline. The game brings you a village like visuals with your arms all around that you are supposed to harvest. So, live a fantastic farm life here, grow your crops, gather them and even get a poultry and there is much more to enjoy.

Voodoo Garden

If you have already played Voodoo Garden, you know how rich the graphics are here. The game gets you in a dark shade environment where you are supposed to grow your farms. There is a lot of gardening work here where you grow serial fruits, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, etc. and use these things to fulfill your missions which are full of black magic.

The game is all about gaining black magic and sacrificing your crop and other animals to gain more power. There are animals that you can catch and use for the voodoo magic. Or you can just raise some adorable pets if you want a good company while doing Voodoo.

Rune Factory 4

Just like the Harvest Moon, the game also offers you Japanese characters that are mixed up with an adventurous visual. The game is all about farming, exploring and even dungeons and the marriage system just like the Harvest Moon.

The dungeons concept is new in the game that is not a part of the harvest moon so that you can crawl into those dark and underground areas. Here you can craft things and make them useful in your missions. The more you craft and farm, the more you level up and get upgrades. So enjoy the world of Rune Factory 4 where everyone is working to keep the town happy and this way it falls among the best games like the harvest moon.

Shepherd’s Crossing 2

Anyone who is in love with playing as cute characters should try this gameplay.  It is another fantastic form of Harvest Moon with mechanics that always keep you exciting about the next opportunity. It is another version of Shepherd’s Crossing, and that means issues and bugs are all fixed in the sequel. Now, the game gives you cash for making purchases, storing place for your food and tools. So the sequel is all worth paying, and there are so many unique features and tasks that are farming oriented so you can grow crops and raise animals.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf looks very much realistic and full of colors and characters. Everything is just so exciting here that makes it a complete package for agriculture simulation game. The funny thing is the game presents you as a mayor of your town, but there are a few tourists that attend there. So, your job is to make it into a heaven looking place, so more tourists come to enjoy your town. For the purpose, you can set your rules and start the construction work to make the city beautiful. The rich graphics and ability to make the lovely town put this one among the games like harvest moon for pc as you can access it on Windows too.


The next one which is just great as other games like harvest moon is Miramagia. The game makes you able to pay it online and still it makes the farming a very enjoyable activity. It is a lot of farms here, and that makes it more enjoyable experience. The game offers a fantasy-like an environment with the MMO mode, so you are able to enjoy it with your friends or other players online. Including your friends, you can enjoy growing crops and raising dragons together. So choose your class and go along with the game.

Wild West video

A really playful game that promotes farming just like the Harvest Moon where you can feel graphics similar to the game. Gameplay is also familiar if you’re a fan of playing Harvest Moon. The game sets you as a young farmer who is ready to take the position with a vast land where he needs to grow and harvest. In the beginning, the land is full of trash and of the useless material which you need to clear and prepare it for farming. The gameplay is enough to keep you engaged for hours while taking you to the depths of farming and adventure.

Funky Barn

The graphics here are more like a new era farming place, and it’s less like village farming. But due to the same gameplay and concept, it is also one of the games like harvest moon for pc that is also available on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Just like its name Funky Barn, the game sets you in a funky place where you have fun with crops and animals. It doesn’t provide you with any difficult objective to follow, but it’s a very light game that can be enjoyed a lot with those cute animals. It has activities like having your sheep so you throw it in the shaving machine and it comes out all clear. I know it sounds pretty cool.

Farm Up

Again excellent farming experience that Farm Up offers. Your motive here is to gain a regular flow of cash by performing activities like growing crops and raising animals. You are also allowed to allocate your resources so the work can be done quickly and you utilise the time well. You just need to give commands on sowing, farming and other stuff and everything just follow it. The more missions you establish, the more rewards you gain where a little planning is needed before initializing anything.

Hay Day

The one when you want something best harvest moon game type thing. Hay Day offers you a rich experience in farming where you start with your uncle who is not able to farm anymore because of his old age. Now your responsibility is to take care of the agriculture activity, and you start with a helpful tutorial that the game offers. Here you do several activities like harvesting, fishing, trading by selling your goods and collect currency. Also building your town and managing your inventory take place and it all comes no easy but require the presence of mind, but the game always remains exciting to play.

World’s Dawn

The game takes you to a place near the seashore where you live in a village, and there you need to grow your crops on the nearby farms. The entire scenery is very peaceful, so you have a beautiful life and feel the nature all around. There is no force to fulfill the objective, and you can do activities at your own pace and as you like. You can raise your crops whenever you want or just raise animals. It is not it because you can also enjoy hunting and even build your relationship with the folks living in your town.

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Plantera is another exciting concept when you talk about the best games like the harvest moon.

This enchanting world called you for gardening you crops, fruits and vegetables and also raise animals. The graphics are very attractive, and all the characters are cute enough to keep kids playing it for hours. There is a lot to explore and take help of those little hands that grow your crops with you. Harvesting can also be done and this way you build a huge farm and continue your work.

Farm For Your Life

It is a mixture of two adventurous activities, and that is Farming and Zombies. The game begins with farming where you learn all the basics by time and harvest your crops by sowing the seeds and giving them proper nutrition. After gathering crops, you trade these with a merchant, and you get a cow in return. But time doesn’t remain soft always, and a giant storm makes all your progress disappear and make your being chased by zombies. To know more and want to try that adventure you can go to the game anytime that serves you like the best harvest moon game.

Farming Simulator 15

It is a farming land where you actually get your tractor to farm the entire area. This game and its visuals offer you a more exciting form of the Harvest Moon, and in no time you will be a fan of Farming Simulator 15. It seems like living near a real farm, and you are in a human character.

Your life is just like a real-life farmer who roams around and takes his tractor to manage his farm. So let’s get this one and perform all agriculture things where you sow, harvest and trade your crops.

Atelier Annie

The game offers you a role paying mode where things seem just like the Harvest Moon and offer you a fun experience. You are Annie in the game, a girl who doesnt work much but dream of being a millionaire by marrying a wealthy man. Worried parents send her to an island named ‘Sera’ so she can overcome this laziness and make something useful on the island. The game is full of quests where you will surely feel the adventure and a lot of fun.

Minimum System Requirements for Harvest Moon

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Intel i3 3rd-Generation 2.9GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1 GB available space


So these are all fifteen games like harvest moon that I hope you would really enjoy playing. These are capable enough to make you addicted to the genre as those characters and graphics are always spectacular in all these farming games. Also, the sequel versions make all the issues fixed and remove all bugs that you experienced in prior versions so don’t miss any of them and let your PC have the farming games.