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5 Best Games like GTA San Andreas

5 Best Games like GTA San Andreas

If there’s one game that revolutionized the concept of open-world action-adventure games, it’s GTA San Andreas. Games like GTA San Andreas are very famous in the gamers community. Aside from the interactive gameplay and the immersive developments in the game, this allows the users to experience a real-life feel on the streets of Los Santos.

The pivotal character in the game, CJ, has a story that the users connected well with and enjoyed playing. The riveting storyline of the game is what sets it apart from the rest. So, if you are an OG gamer, you likely reminisce the nostalgia that this GTA San Andreas game brought along.

But, much like how difficult it’s to trace casino online real money on the betting games, it is hard to find some excellent and worthy alternatives for GTA San Andreas. If you are stuck looking for the best options, here are a few you can take a look into.

Games like GTA San Andreas

GTA Vice City

GTA Vice cityIf there’s one video game that beats the GTA San Andreas, it has to be the GTA Vice City. From impressive action-packed sequences to an exciting storyline, the game packs in a lot. Tommy Vercetti, the main character in the game, takes you through a roller coaster ride of a journey where he seeks revenge. The game backs some memorable 1980s tune in the background, allowing you to power through the game by stealing multiple cars and murdering enemies along the way.

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Red Dead Redemption 2

red deadBesides the fact that they have a very similar game theme, both the games are developed by the same team. The one thing that gives the Red Dead Redemption 2 an upper hand is a freedom the players get during the game. It includes minute customizations that make the game worth playing from the get-go. Unlike GTA San Andreas, this one is based on a 2000s theme and consists of a country and cowboy kind of vibe to the game with loads of horses. But, that is not what makes it a good alternative. The storyline and the game functions are pretty unique too. Also, Read games like Red Dead Redemption 2.


mafiaAnother fantastic game that mimics the gameplay of GTA San Andreas is Mafia. It is the first in the series installment and includes everything that a gamer needs. From endless cars to murders and assassinations, the game packs in a lot more than you’d expect. Mafia has a more realistic touch to the graphics than GTA San Andreas, making your gaming experience a lot more immersive. You need to be careful about several crimes in this game because the police in this game setting are always on high alert and book the players quite promptly.

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Saints Row: The Third

saints rowWhat started as an imitation for GTA San Andreas, Saints Row: The Third has gained and made its own identity along the way. While the first two installments of the game didn’t manage to live up to the users’ expectations, it was the third part that made all the difference. From consistent action to gangs and missions and robbing a bank, this game is action-packed from the start. It is a bit older game, but it is compatible with Xbox One, allowing you to play the game right with the console.

L.A Noire

L.A NoireDeveloped by Rockstar Games, the developer of GTA games, L.A Noire is another alternative to GTA San Andreas that you can look out for. The game is set in the 1940s background with an open-world adventure map. Unlike GTA games, this one is slightly different from its storyline because it doesn’t target through the criminal mindset. It emphasizes the game via the story of two police officers who are on a journey to uncover the mystery involved.


If you have been meaning to find some good alternatives for GTA San Andreas, these are the top five picks that we’d recommend you with. While you are here waiting for the next installation of the GTA game, we hope these fantastic alternatives keep the gamer inside you satiated.