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15 Best Games like Fire Emblem Style on PC

15 Best Games like Fire Emblem Style on PC

15 Best Games like Fire Emblem Style on PC

Fire Emblem features a role-playing game along with the tactical gameplay. The combat system remains turn-based that requires players to take challenges and manage their stats. Players also get a deep amount of customizations for several factors. These games like Fire Emblem bring you the almost same type of gameplay where exploration and controls are identical to Fire Emblem.

The gameplay in Fire Emblem takes you to encounter several enemies and bad fellas. The combat system is based on the grid-based map where the entire control can be felt using the map. There are side stories too other than the main story that you can access just after you are done choosing class and abilities. All classes have different abilities and set of skills, and that means different class presents you different stats. As you go on with the battles, your skills and weaponry get improved with some additional items.

The content introduced plenty of depth where turn-based mechanics can be experienced in the wide world. So, it’s enough knowing the game, and now I’ll continue telling you the fifteen alternatives that feel similar to Fire Emblem.

Fire Emblem Game Details:

Genres: Tactical role-playing video game
Platforms: Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS/3DS/Switch, Satellaview, Super Famicom, Wii, Wii U, Android, iOS

List of Best Fire Emblem games

  • 1990: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light
  • 1992: Gaiden
  • 1994: Mystery of the Emblem
  • 1996: Genealogy of the Holy War
  • 1997: BS Fire Emblem
  • 1999: Thracia 776
  • 2002: The Binding Blade
  • 2003: Fire Emblem
  • 2004: The Sacred Stones
  • 2005: Path of Radiance
  • 2007: Radiant Dawn
  • 2008: Shadow Dragon
  • 2010: New Mystery of the Emblem
  • 2012: Awakening
  • 2015: Fates. Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE
  • 2017: Heroes. Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Warriors

Games on PC like Fire Emblem Style

Check out our 2018 collections of best games like Fire Emblem Heroes on PC, for Android, PS4, Xbox, on Steam with System Requirements.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Advance Wars- Dual StrikeThe game belongs to the Advance Wars franchise, and it allows playing on the Nintendo DS.

The game repeats the elements from the previous version, but for many aspects, this one is an improved sequel that appears fresh for sure.

It is the land called Omega, and it’s about the two characters Jake and Rachel that you control. In the gameplay, there are several missions where you apply the role paying tactics in the new features make it all exciting. The game features a grid-based mapping system, and by using it, you navigate the entire area. This is a package full of fun and action that players unknown to the previous series will also enjoy.

On what platforms can Advance Wars: Dual Strike game be played?

Advance Wars: Dual Strike can be played on Nintendo DS

Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria ChroniclesThe game takes you in the shoes of the Korean character that brings the role-playing and shooting genre and of course, requires tactical gameplay. The environments are appealing that look something like World War II era. So it’s the era of war, and you are playing as a hero after your town is attacked.

Gameplay takes the combat system that remains turn-based and using tactics to take down the enemies. So this is something new that most role-playing games don’t feature. Players who feel the thirst for action can try this game at first place. You start identifying the mechanics, location, inventory, and other such factors, so it doesn’t take long to understand.

On what platforms can Valkyria Chronicles game be played?

Valkyria Chronicles can be played on PlayStation 3/4, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Shadowrun- Hong KongThe third one among the Fire Emblem alternatives and it takes a little bit of science fiction environment that looks amazing with the action based role-playing elements. The features are really exciting that makes the entire game world a must explore the place. The game is a result of the previous version, but this one brings you some new things in terms of UI, music, graphics, and environments.

The gameplay is set in the future that is the year 2056, and here you take control following the same storyline of the previous game. The gameplay allows taking moves, different attacks, casting spells, and using other items to defeat the enemy.

On what platforms can Shadowrun: Hong Kong game be played?

Shadowrun: Hong Kong can be played on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac


XenonautsThe game feels heavily merged in the science fiction themed environment that feels very much like X-COM. It offers action role-playing and turn-based tactical mechanisms to feel the adventure. The storyline introduces you to the time when earth faces an alien invasion, and that makes human lives to suffer.

Now, your role takes place as a savior in the organization named Xenonauts. The player takes part in several things like collecting funds, taking care of UFOs, and completes missions too. The gameplay remains tactical where you as an individual from Xenonauts initiate actions against the aliens and always save the world using the strategies and destructible environments provided by your organization.

On what platforms can Xenonauts game be played?

Xenonauts can be played on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac

Great Big War Game

Great Big War GameThe game is about two armies- Blue and Red where players get a place in the blue army and fight against the Red one. Here your role is a blue lieutenant whose duty is to take all the orders and complete them. These orders vary like fighting off the enemy and take their base, kill the enemies, or claim the new grounds.

The gameplay doesn’t involve much strategy making, but regarding levels and missions, it does a great job. So gameplay is simple here following the action role-playing genre. You can regularly make new troops and command them for attacking the opponent’s end there is a lot more to explore too.

On what platforms can Great Big War Game game be played?

Great Big War Game can be played on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows

Heroes of Steel

Heroes of SteelThe game takes you in the post-apocalyptic world where you experience the Gothic age fantasy. As being a player, you aim to protect the human race and build a society while fighting against all the obstructions or the evil that follows the rest of humans underneath.

The gameplay allows turn-based role-playing tactics where you choose from four characters, and each comes with different stats. What players enjoy more is the type of evil powers that are so furious and use evil magic to set you down. You need to use strategies for settling the human life while keeping the challenges at bay.

On what platforms can Heroes of Steel game be played?

Heroes of Steel can be played on Android


WakfuThe game comes among the Fire Emblem alternatives for bringing the tactics-based combats in the MMORPG environment. Your journey in the Wakfu starts with the basic tutorials, and you choose from the fifteen classes.

Gameplay requires players to take quests and achieve the mission while enjoying the MMO environments. Getting involved with the community feels exciting, and Wakfu doesn’t feel being repetitive at any point or for any term. The game is not a fast paced so there would be enough time to make strategies for lowering down your opponents. Other than that, you can also sow seeds and harvest the thistle. Also, there is a weather system to grow crops.

On what platforms can Wakfu game be played?

Wakfu can be played on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac

Jeanne d’Arc

Jeanne d Arc gameAgain, a tactical role-playing game that introduces the Japanese fantasy and was released in 2006 that was later located in North America in 2007. Here the main player is Jeanne that you control in the game. The location for exploration is different cities of France where combats also take place. Before getting to the gameplay, you choose the character and abilities you want in the game. Also, equipment can be selected too.

The gameplay features the combat system that is turn-based where you use weapons and abilities to defeat the other team. As you progress, you can also shop for improved weapons and armors that get you a better character.

On what platforms can Jeanne d’Arc game be played?

Jeanne d’Arc can be played on PlayStation Portable


CrowntakersThe game doesn’t just bring tactical role-playing but mixes up several genres like turn-based combat and rogue-lite elements too. You will be dropped in the land that used to have a peaceful aura but not anymore. The king has been kidnapped, and now the entire place seems in chaos. So your task is to explore the game world and take the king back from the devil’s hands.

The gameplay sets you as the hero with the mercenaries that you can upgrade as you level up. You have several materials and equipment that you use in the turn-based environment and regularly upgrade your inventory.

On what platforms can Crowntakers game be played?

Crowntakers can be played on Android

Shining Force

Shining ForceThe number tenth is the Shining Force that is a blend of turn-based tactics plus role-playing and this way it is here among the similar games to Fire Emblem. The player starts being in the kingdom of Guardians in the shows of Max. Max is a hero that is on the journey of keeping the evil Kane away from eating up the entire kingdom with its darkness.

The gameplay features a turn-based playing so you will make several turns to take the enemy down. It is grid-based gameplay where you use moves to attack, cast spells while exploring the grid-based map.

On what platforms can Shining Force game be played?

See Also

Shining Force can be played on Sega Genesis, Game Boy Advance, Sega Saturn, Wii, iOS, Microsoft Windows

Radiant Historia

Radiant HistoriaRadiant Historia offer you Korean characters in RPG facility that you can play on Nintendo DS. Other than RPG, it features time travel elements too that makes it a worth trying game. The game drops you in the world of Vanqueur that used to be a growing empire but destroyed itself using Flux, a powerful energy.

The gameplay gives you a lot exploration where you kill the entire species of the enemy and experience the fantasy of the journey. The game also adds up time travel where you use your unique powers given at the beginning of the game. The combat remains turn-based, and the map is a grid-based space.

On what platforms can Radiant Historia game be played?

Radiant Historia can be played on Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS

Might & Magic Heroes Online

Might & Magic Heroes OnlineThis browser-based game also makes its space as one of the similar games to Fire Emblem. The ability to play in the browser makes it a quick, accessible game where downloading is not needed. The graphics are appealing, and the entire game world offers a 2.5D  styled environments.

The gameplay needs you to make strategies and keep your army together because you are nobody without a strong army and an active mind. It offers a strategy based RPG gameplay where you select your hero, get all the abilities and weapons accordingly and ready to access the Might & Magic Heroes management.

On what platforms can Might & Magic Heroes Online game be played?

Might & Magic Heroes Online can be played on Web browser, Microsoft Windows

Battle World: Kronos

Battle Worlds- KronosThe game is about making units can attack the enemy with all the power and resources you have. Other than the main motive, there are additional maps too that you access and use your power to win them too. This gives you more idea of the game world plus the experience makes you ale to face the challenges more efficiently.

The gameplay is very fair with the turn-based combat system and brings you troops that are huge in numbers. The customizations are wide too, and the entire era is set in the militaristic environment. There are other activities too such as transporting, repairing vehicles, blocking paths, etc.

On what platforms can Battle World: Kronos game be played?

Battle World: Kronos can be played on Android

Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity- Original SinHere you aim to eliminate the magic from the world and for this you have to find the source of that magic. So your journey continues for the aim where you discover endless enemies and motives to achieve.

The game offers mixed gameplay that brings you strategy making and role-playing elements to set off the incredible fantasy. For the combats, it brings you turn-based elements where you can play in both modes solo and co-operative and even if you select solo you will be able to control both of the protagonists. The good amount of moves as slipping on ice, swimming, casting spell make it more entertaining.

On what platforms can Divinity: Original Sin game be played?

Divinity: Original Sin can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems

Braveland Wizard

Braveland WizardHere in the game, you are set as a new wizard who just graduated after casting enough spells and knowing the importance of each. Braveland Wizard also allows you to accept additional quests and to shop to grade your gears.

The gameplay includes turn-based combat with plenty of several other activities that fulfill your urge as being an adventurer. Here you create your team having talents like archers, melee heroes, etc. so this diversity helps you very much for winning any battle. Gameplay is based on the grid-based map that you use to navigate the battles and other elements going on.

On what platforms can Braveland Wizard game be played?

Braveland Wizard can be played on Android


Fire Emblem always stays a game that keeps you engaged for hours because of the mixture of things like role-playing, tactical gameplay, and other elements. In the same way, all these fifteen games like Fire Emblem hold the fantasy and adventure that you should try if you are seeking for alternatives. So guys, get your favorite one and share how good is the gameplay for you.