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15 Games like Factorio Multiplayer On Steam, iOS, Android

15 Games like Factorio Multiplayer On Steam, iOS, Android

Games like Factorio

The game offers you a wide space where you are in the position of a space explorer. Your ship gets landed on the alien planet, and your journey begins with exploring surroundings and distant land as well. But it’s not the matter with factorio only because there are games like factorio that let you enjoy the same scenario of exploring things, build your base and protect it always. The objective remains same that you can enjoy in different eras and enjoy unique sceneries.

In factorio Multiplayer, you land on the alien planet with your crew, and now for survival, you create the base that you need to protect against alien attacks. Resource gathering is a vital task here that allows you to gather things you need for survival. Also crafting tools takes place so you can create things for your spaceship and cross the aliens’ planet. Check out the best factorio mods if you’re looking for more ways to extend the game

15 Games like Factorio

If this genre is the reason behind your adventure then try any of the factorio like games Mention below.

OpenTTD (Transport Tycoon Deluxe)


One of the tycoon games where you aim to be the king in the world of transportation by establishing your empire. The game has roper recreational elements that make it worth paying just like the factorio. It offers the multiplayer game, improved user interface, quality visuals, etc. with a lot of improvements the game has set itself as an advanced version of what it was in 1994. So just like any tycoon game, t needs an effective management of the transportation system. You can use any form like trains, planes, boats, buses and provide the best services to get the income.

On what platforms can OpenTTD (Transport Tycoon Deluxe) game be played?

OpenTTD (Transport Tycoon Deluxe) can be played on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux

Human Resource Machine

Human Resource Machine

The game is based on the programming puzzles in a corporate office where you need to understand these puzzles to take the game forward and complete level. Programming comes with different commands such as add, sub, copy from, copy to and you need to perform all these functions to solve the programming puzzles. So the entire functioning includes moving objects in the inbox, outbox, and storage areas and for the purpose, you get the command in easy visuals. This way, the game contains around 3o-40 puzzles that contain specific tasks like adding numbers, subtracting, sorting, and put them all in the outbox, as a result,.

On what platforms can Human Resource Machine game be played?

Human Resource Machine can be played on Nintendo Switch, Android, Wii U, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux



The game gets you in a place that is totally in control of aliens. Now you have to show your skills here in this place as you are kidnapped by the aliens. Now, these creatures want you to work for them, and soon you realize that you are not the only one, but there is a large crowd of human kidnapped by the aliens. This way you solve all the six worlds full of puzzles or tasks. Each world takes you to a different and advanced story, and on completion, you make an escape from the aliens and start living in a hidden place. Now with other escaped humans, you start preparing a plan to escape the planet and get home.

On what platforms can Infinifactory game be played?

Infinifactory can be played on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems

Prison Architect

Prison Architect

You aim to build a prison that can never be used to make an escape. Also, you need to manage things here such as recruiting the guards to provide it even more security and other staff to do the rest. So it needs building a prison, expand it and manage it while being in the 2D visuals. Making cells also need some management that you are supposed to do and pay your staff regularly. So it makes a quite good story in the same genre like factorio where you can go deep with the content.

On what platforms can Prison Architect game be played?

Prison Architect can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Android, Macintosh operating systems, Linux

Blueprint Tycoon

Blueprint Tycoon

The main mantra of the Blueprint Tycoon is Plan, Produce and Profit. If you follow the path, you surely get success. Inthe game you are needed to collect raw materials, and use them to make something useful and sell them to the contractor to make a profit. Your cash flow depends on the efficiency you provide to the contractor. Also, the supply chain must be rapid with being efficient to make a consistent flow of finance. As you can’t handle all this work by yourself, so you hire workers, instruct team and pay them. Same way you colonize more and more islands by setting the trading routes.

Train Fever

Train Fever

Well in the world of management simulation, Train Fever also deserves the place. Just like the factorio Multiplayer you build your base that is the train network, collect resources, manage your staff and enhance it. So this way it also makes up the business simulation adventure where your empire gets established gradually as you increase your train network. The more efficient you stay with the game, the more financial profits you get. There are several maps where you can spend a good number of hours completing a level.  So design the service lies to expand your empire and get profits using the transportation network.

On what platforms can Train Fever game be played?

Train Fever can be played on Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux

Mini Metro

Mini Metro

One of the factorio like games that features the same genre but in the transportation mode. Players are needed to design the subway tracks using the colored lines. It sounds simple, but in the growing location, it doesn’t come that easy. So it is always a learning phase for the players until they get ultra-advanced in designing tracks. These tracks are important as they connect to the different subway stations. Also designing these tracks especially when there is a heavy flow of passengers is a tough task to follow. And those rivers that you need to cross, make it even more complex.

On what platforms can Mini Metro game be played?

Mini Metro can be played on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Linux



Again a transportation game that justifies the management genre just like the factorio. To become a transport tycoon, it takes you through some really challenging situations. So the more stable transportation systems provide, the more profit you get financially. But it needs you to complete the projects on time and then deliver the goods with minimal stops. The amazing thing is that it is not just about the land but managing the transportation also takes place in the air and sea. For the visuals, it’s quite attractive, and the concept keeps it interesting to play by providing objectives regularly.

On what platforms can Simutrans game be played?

Simutrans can be played on Cross-platform

Big Pharma

Big Pharma

How is the idea to construct and manage your pharma company? Is it’s the one that excites you then Big Pharma deserves a play? You are the owner of the big pharmaceutical company that you need to manage using your business management and tycoon skills. Here the game gives you approx. thirty challenges with light looking graphics. You need to expand your company and make yourself a rich guy or achieve your personality as a tycoon. The levels take you forward to the difficulty that starts with the easiest one so you can understand the concept and gameplay.

So just choose your company and the CEO role and start the journey of being a tycoon of the pharma world.

On what platforms can Big Pharma game be played?

Big Pharma can be played on Microsoft Windows, Linux

Dwarfs!? Free To Play


Dwarfs can be ultra-enjoyable because it’s a mixture of genres while including building and managing skills. Here you experience the sandbox genre, tower defense, and various other modes. So Dwarfs can be your ultimate choice as it’s an all in one place. It’s free to play that takes you to the arcade mode where tutorials get you and help you in every situation.

If you subscribe to full mode, then you can experience all the unseen sides which are very much exciting and capable of keeping you engaged in this great game. There are maps to follow, and it is somewhat fast paced where you have all the staff like diggers and warriors that you instruct to perform tasks.

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On what platforms can Dwarfs!? Free To Play game be played?

Dwarfs!? Free To Play can be played on IBM PC compatible, Steam



It is a basic game that offers 2D approach but it’s still enjoyable, so I put it here among the factorio alternatives due to the same concept. The game includes building mechanics where you dig out resources being in the year 2032. You are on the mission of digging out the Mother Nature and find what’s useful in the core. As you start digging, you find minerals that you send to scientists. Also, there are upgrades that help you for the move, so digging is an interesting thing here where you even find fossils that are rare so now you know why this on is here on the list of similar games like factorio.

Sol 0

Sol 0

You are on the planet Mars, and there you need to colonize the area as much as possible. Here delivery of resources takes place that is regular, and that helps you to colonize the area of mars.

Here you see spacecraft and other space materials with astronauts of course. So Sol 0 is the future where human is determined to live in, and this entire colonization is for the same purpose. Here you feel latest technology used in the rockets and the entirely innovative aura of mars totally blow your imagination.



You may have never experienced something like this game that takes you to the principles of chemical bonding. Each level introduces you different objective and to fulfill that you use automation and chemical reactions as the objectives are oriented to these reactions. As you can see the game is a blend programming and chemistry that represents you the task in the form of puzzles. Here you find input and output sections where you are supposed to put the molecules by using the programming functions that perform the specific task. So it is another one of the alternatives to factorio.

On what platforms can SpaceChem game be played?

SpaceChem can be played on Linux, Microsoft Windows, Android, Macintosh operating systems, iOS



This one can also feel like the factorio as you are the space settler where your job is to settle the universe that means colonize the space. You are not alone, and your crew is always with you where you all are on a remote planet. So if you are ready to struggle the space environment then go and access the Planetbase with the science fiction feel. There are a total of three planets where you complete several challenges, so it is enough amount of content to play. Here environments also differ so you don’t stay in the same feel for a lifetime.

On what platforms can Planetbase game be played?

Planetbase can be played on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One


Towns game

The last one that makes a place among the similar games like factorio is Towns. It’s not just building and managing but also offers strategy and role-playing genre that you can try playing on PC and Mac. Here you manage your towns and also collect the resources from the dungeons that are just beneath you. Here you feel the adventure that meets you to the treasure in the dungeons as you step forward. So it is building, managing, and gathering resources while doing activities like cutting out trees to form wood.

On what platforms can Towns game be played?

Towns can be played on Microsoft Windows, Linux

Minimum system requirements for Factorio

  • CPU: Info
  • CPU SPEED: Dual core 1.5 Ghz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • VIDEO CARD: Graphics card with 512MB Video Memory


I think all the mentioned games like factorio occupy the erect amount of adventure that keeps the excitement alive in the brain of players. Just like factorio, you will find the same concept in each of these games and most of them offer you even more genres as I mentioned to you. So go ahead, explore them all and make any of them your next choice.