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19 Games like Cookie Clicker

19 Games like Cookie Clicker

Games like Cookie Clicker

The game follows the incremental genre where you need to put your first click on the cookie, and then you get that cookie in your cart. This way the game continues and you collect hundreds of thousands of cookies that can be used for building purposes. The more you build the more chances to get to click cookies. So the game never ends and to offer you more games like cookie clicker I bring here a list that contains fifteen games supporting the same incremental genre.

Games like Cookie Clicker

The game has been in records since 2013, and in the clicker games, it is the most popular one. But who says that trying new things hurt you? And for the same purposes, these fifteen games are here that you will find worth trying. So read out these games here, start clicking whatever comes in the clicking board and get your upgrades to enjoy an even more fantastic gameplay in this genre.

On what platforms can Cookie Clicker game be played?

Cookie Clicker can be played on Windows, Android, Browser [Here]

Cookie Clicker System Requirements


  • OS
  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1
  • Architecture
  • x86, x64


  • OS
  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1
  • Architecture
  • x86, x64

Games like Cookie Clicker

Virtual beggar

Virtual beggar

Here your mission is to create your empire that you sit from the base and take it to the top which is endless, so you just continue building it. Here you find out the tutorials that get you through all the basics of the game where you first run it. In The beginning, you get some coins from that you can initiate your task of the building by hiring workers. As you begin tapping, the building starts generating and you gain coins that you can use to upgrade later. You can also hire workers to get some good help, so it’s a fine blend of tapping and managing the game.

On what platforms can Virtual beggar game be played?

Virtual beggar can be played on Android

Sushi Clickers

Sushi ClickerIf you anything exciting same as Cookie Clicker or more then here comes this one. It is the game that is a never-ending genre, and you can enjoy playing it on iOS. Here you are aimed to generate a currency known as maki. So the more you tap, the more you earn the currency. This way you regularly improve or bring upgrades that help you producing makes more efficiently. The game is very simple and full of cool graphics where if you manage that sushi meter better then you get a huge package of makis, and that is currency boost for sure.

On what platforms can Sushi Clickers game be played?

Sushi Clickers can be played on Android

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Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire gameOne of the best and exciting cookie clicker alternatives and in the game world you have to be a billionaire. The game is available for iOS and Android where tapping takes place in an endless environment. So this is game where you can set your virtual fortune just after getting your avatar done. The More bitcoins you make, the more upgrades and customizations you receive for your avatar. It all can be when you earn at least a million and then you can go with the upgrades. So get the game, test your typing skills and earn in millions and earn without even tapping.

On what platforms can Bitcoin Billionaire game be played?

Bitcoin Billionaire can be played on Android

Platypus Evolution

Platypus Evolution gameHere you aim to buy Platypus as more as you can because there is no limit on earning coins and buy this creature. Every time you tap you to generate coins so just go crazy with tapping and generate a huge amount of coins to purchase Platypus. The game completely justifies the genre that is incremental while it features Platypus breeding as well. So be ready to get your empire that has Platypus uncountable. Also, the visuals are quite appealing which makes it enjoyable while filling up space with Platypus. These mammals are also able to generate coins themselves.

On what platforms can Platypus Evolution game be played?

Platypus Evolution can be played on Android

Kitty Cat Clicker

Kitty Cat ClickerKitty cat Clicker a wonderful place that includes colourful graphics all around that you would surely love for the endless clicks. Especially the cat lovers can go for the game or if you just want to try the genre. Here you find several helper cats and one queen cat. These helpers help you to feed the queen cat by working for you. Here you feed the queen cat to be able to open that treasure box full of coins and rewards. So, in the beginning, you tap just by yourself, and as you earn coins, you hire cats and then more cats and get their help.

Tap Titans

Tap Titans_An exciting gameplay just like the cookie clicker like the game that you can simply enjoy on your smartphone. As it’s just tapping and enlarge your empire, so the concept comes pretty simple with the attractive aura. The genre is surely the addictive one where you get your heroes and regularly update them as you earn. To start you pick up just one hero that is without any special powers and you put it to fight against the enemies. The more you tap, the more enemies you destroy using your hero, and this earns you coins. The process goes on, you earn more and hire other heroes too with the upgrade.

On what platforms can Tap Titans game be played?

Tap Titans can be played on Android, iOS

Nekonoke Cat Collector

Nekonoke Cat CollectorOne of the cool games similar to cookie clicker that brings the cat collecting task as you can understand the name. Here you are tasked to collect the fur balls, but you can get thee from the cats you have. Now you invest these fur balls, generate your income, collect more cats and get more fur balls and hence the cycle goes on. Here you also find other items and rewards that you collect as the game continues. Very first you pet the cat and it gets you fur, or you can wait up, so these furs fall automatically and regularly.

On what platforms can Nekonoke Cat Collector game be played?

Nekonoke Cat Collector can be played on Android, iOS

Candy Box

Candy Box gameJust following the same genre, Candy Box brings you the same gameplay that you can access in the browser easily. Here t is all about collecting candies and related elements. You get each candy per second, and by dong judges, this rate can be done at a fast level. Either you eat these sweeties or just send them to purchase your items or upgrades. Also, quests can be performed so you can fight those monstrous things too and claim the candies stored in their cart. At the very beginning, you get 60 candies which you spend and get a lollipop collector, and you just go with the game.

On what platforms can Candy Box game be played?

Candy Box can be played on Web browser

Century City

Century City gameCentury City is not just a tapping game but also a form of city building where you build your city using the gold you find. Now for the gold, you get to dig that gold mine that you have unlimited access to. It’s an iOS device game where you start with a blank city, and slowly you start building as you gain the gold. By the time you purchase upgrades that help you generate even more gold and build the city rapidly. It’s not just one tap, but you can use multiple fingers and generate gold at speed. So it’s a nice collection of the incremental gene and among the cookie clicker like games too.


Crank gameYou have your own crank that you use to expand by generating the power supply and expand your empire of computer systems and software. You start slowly and then upgrades bring you experiences unlocking advanced features. All you need to do is keeping the computer system running so there will be a regular flow of upgrades. So this way the game gets you a managing experience too while learning mechanics gradually to keep those resources on. Without being dubious, this game is more than just incremental genre, and that’s the reason you should try playing it.

A Dark Room

The game offers a simple design for the visuals, but it supports the incremental game fully.

It is an ASCII art based gameplay where you perform activities like crafting, trading, building, and other factors. As a player you are set in a dark room where you can only light the fire you get in the room. Slowly you get access to collect woods going to woods and build up your own carts, huts, and so on. This way you get a role-playing mode in the incremental genre that continues building while other activities like crafting items and trade with the villagers that visit you as you progress.

On what platforms can A Dark Room game be played?

A Dark Room can be played on Android, iOS, Web browser

Tap Tap Trillionaire

Tap Tap TrillionaireTap Tap Trillionaire is a game that supports the cookie clicker alternatives option that brings you trading and tapping. Following the trading steps, you earn coins by tapping the screen. Each time you tap you earn coin, and you can even hire a trader for this. Trader usually helps you in treading while earning you a right amount of coins. So spend each day with great trading and tapping through this gameplay. The more you progress the more qualified trader you get that ranks from 1 to 5. So just collect your traders and use their skills to get yourself more profit.

War Clicks

War clicks

War Clicks is a game in which the More you click, the more you set yourself to the victory. It is available to play in the browser where you see yourself in a military camp, so you aim to create your soldiers and other military elements like a jeep, tanks, etc. and just go against the world and rank high. Here you are bestowed with the clicker and later using your currency you hire more soldiers that get you more income. Using these coins, you upgrade and get several rewards while getting more soldiers. You can also change the APP which is the currency that you use to score and this way you make your ranking.

Cat Safari

Cat Safari gameCat Safari is one game on the list of games similar to cookie clicker that you can access in the phone.

It is a cat-themed environment where you do cat breeding and uses them to work for you. So it’s simply addictive where you take care of your customers by selling them their choice of cat or kitten. Here you generate different breeds of cats as you get the order and deliver them on time. It is a way to generate your income where droppings happen in every ten seconds, or you can do tapping to get kittens. So you get income via cats generating gold and fulfil customers’ needs.

Dungeon, Inc.

Dungeon IncIt’s more like an evil from where you take the role of that corrupt manager who is on the mission to generate gold at any cost. So, just remember to maximize the profit, and you will be a good fit for Dungeon, Inc. It’s not about the cute characters, but here you are the evil manager who regularly expands the office area and hires monsters to create more gold and also use them to defend against the heroes whenever it’s time for an inspection. So it’s genuinely entertaining for the genre that offers unique characters unlike other games here.

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Clicker Heroes

If you’re deep down the hole of clicker games and desperately want a game that distracts from the ‘idleness’ of the idle genre, Clicker Heroes is your hero. With more than just multiplying cookies to look at, Clicker Heroes has lazy quests and adventures where you defeat monsters and ‘bosses’ with minimal effort. 

However as the levels go up, it does get tangibly more difficult to keep growing at the same pace. There are more than a 1000 zones to progress through and you acquire 9 different skills as well as play in multiplayer modes. 

On what platforms can Clicker Heroes be played? 

Clicker Heroes Can be Played on Web browser, Android, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS

Cow Clicker

Cow Clicker is a game made by Ian Bogost, author and video game designer. It was a facebook game that stands as a fully playable satire game. There’s essentially nothing much to do in cow clicker except for click on a cute cow every 6 hours. 

As you accumulate clicks, you can click even more frequently. You can also buy premium cows (in different colours with various shiny septum rings) with in-game currency called ‘mooney’ and spend this mooney to skip the time delay.

It’s an interesting game because the click, which is the player’s effort, is also the player’s reward. Try the game for yourself, you’ll be surprised at how addictive it is. An interesting case in point of human psychology and dopamine releases. 

On what platforms can Cow Clicker be played? 

Cow Clicker can be played on Android

Another simplistic game, can be extremely addictive. You play the game as a worm in and with simple navigation, you have to eat the colorful particles around you. There are lots of other worms in this world as well. With each morsel you get bigger. However, there’s a catch. If your head touches any part of another worm, you die and they get to eat you. 

Similarly, if another worm’s head touches you then you get to eat it. Eating other worms makes you grow much faster as compared to eating just the particles. As you get bigger, it’s more difficult to avoid the small deft worms that can move faster than you. 

On what platforms can be played? can be played on Android and iOS

A similar game to, the player must consume objects to become bigger. As a massive manhole on the road in a big city, you must move the hole around to eat pedestrians, lamp posts, cars, office buildings, and even other black holes (provided you are bigger than them). You can only eat objects that will fit inside your hole. 

The key to winning the game is to familiarize yourself with the surroundings and understand the layout of the game. Then you can ensure that you first encounter the smaller objects so that you’ll be big enough to eat the larger objects in the city. 

On what platforms can be played? can be played on iOS, Android, Web Browser


It was all about the 19 games like cookie clicker that I think everyone will love to try. All these are perfectly adorable and worth playing for different missions yet stick to the same concept, and that is the incremental genre. So try any of these and tell me the most addictive one.