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12 Games like Clash Royale to Download Free

12 Games like Clash Royale to Download Free

Games like Clash Royale

Clash Royale is an excellent game made by people and developer team from Supercell. It combines similar gameplay mood like Clash of Clans as well as defence tower and collectable cards that you have to use to become better. Soon after release, they climbed ranks of app stores and became one of the most popular games in the history of apps.

Clash Royale works through cards which are original gameplay. You have a deck of eight cards to create your battle deck. During the launch, 48 different cards will increase yours over time. Each card contains rarity rankings such as common, rare, epic and legendary. There are three categories of cards: troop, spell, and building cards.

You can start battles against other players or AI, and everything involves playing cards from the battle deck so that you can take out enemy’s three towers. There are spawning cards that you can use an elixir to regenerate over time and to help you maintain your troops.

Minimum Requirements for Clash Royale Android

  • RAM: 500 MB (1 GB recommended for a better experience).
  • Screen Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
  • Operating System: Android 4.0.3 or higher
  • Connection to the Internet is fundamental.

Free Download Best Games Like Clash Royale

We decided to present you best games like Clash Royale that contains all features of strategy games where you can enjoy playing directly with other players. There is an impressive list, so you don’t have to worry in case that you get bored with Clash Royale.


Duelyst Lightning Fast Matches Infinite Depth Entirely Free To Play

When you mix strategy game and hero collecting gameplay, you get Duelyst. It is a fast-paced experience that you will get in the strategic genre because all matches go around ten minutes. When the game starts you play on 45 squares and battling another player through tactics, cards, spells, and different artefacts that will help you win.

Cards that you earn through booster packs you can also purchase for real money in case that you want to improve your stats. This game contains similar as Clash Royale gameplay where you can collect cards that will allow you to recycle other ones. The idea is to build your deck with 40 cards and go to the battlefield.

All matches start to withdraw phase where you have to take five cards from the customized deck to replace two cards that you are unsatisfied. From here both players are taking turns, moving their generals, minions and casting spells to bring your opposing player to zero health.

On what platforms can Duelyst game be played?

Carnal Souls can be played on Windows & Mac

Download Duelyst

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Goodgame Empire


Empire is an excellent game similar to other Clash Royale strategies where you can build an ultimate fortress, grow an army and create a perfect economy so that you can defeat your enemies.

It contains features that almost all gamers would like to use in this particular genre as well as plenty possibilities to upgrade your army and create a perfect environment through troop equipment, alliances, and diplomacy options.

Empire is not just a standard game of this genre because it contains excellent graphics and high-production values than other similar games that you can download for free.

When you attack other players, the idea is to split forces into separate fractions and to use that to fight them back and to create compelling defensive mode. There is a significant number of additional tools and troops that you can use to control your offensive movements. You can attack a large number of castles and computer controlled outposts, but also other players directly.

The other feature that makes Empire great for playing is a possibility to maintain order in your castle. While population grows, you have to build decorative objects so that your people will get happy and receive a boost to production of units.

On what platforms can Goodgame Empire game be played?

Goodgame Empire can be played on iOS, Android, Online (browser version).

Brawl of Ages

Brawl of Ages

Even though Clash Royale strategies inspire Brawl of Ages; the developers wanted to create a game that will work on Mac, Windows, and Linux. This game combines lines between tower based battles with collecting cards and what is most important, everything is free.

You can enjoy in one on one battle in Brawl of Ages that are facilitated through matchmaking system and backed by ladder rankings so that you can play with people who have similar stats as you.

This strategy game combined different gameplays to create proactively and not a defensive game, similar to other tower building based games. Another central feature that you have to understand is through decks of 10 cards which will give you another dimension of strategy.

You don’t have to pay to win like in other freemium games; they will only give you the possibility to purchase card skins and things that will not help you become the best. Therefore, you have to fight to become better, to earn more resources and to upgrade your world.

On what platforms can Brawl of Ages game be played?

Brawl of Ages can be played on Play Online

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Spellbinders game

Spellbinders is a favourite game where you are joining the war of Titans while they fight for bragging rights on the battlefield. You just have to pick your own Titan with ancient power so that you can face off opposing Titan in a three-lane battle.

This is one of the best games like Clash Royale because it will provide you with a shorter amount of time for session playing, but it still gets addictive. It is a strategy game that incorporates both multiplayer and single-player components.

While single player serves as an introduction so that you can understand the gameplay and mechanic, you can also play against other players as much as you can. You play across three lanes, where each contains cannon in the middle that you can claim.

The primary resource is mana that will regenerate over time, and you use it to summon heroes or to cast spells to cause direct damage or hinder enemy movements. Each unit also costs some amount of mana and each one of them contains a unique ability, speed, and health rating. When they meet in the lane then the fight begins, and one with higher health ends up eliminating other.

The idea is to take out enemy units, to control the lane and of course to protect your health pool.

On what platforms can Spellbinders game be played?

Spellbinders can be played on iOS, Android.

Tower Conquest

Tower Conquest

The main idea of Tower Contest is to summon units and manage resources to fight of the opposite force. There are five fractions where you can choose 70 unique characters, towers and heroes, which mean that you have to strategize to win.

Gameplay is excellent and addictive because it revolves around players with mana pool that players use it to summon units and other features onto the field of battle. Once you summon units, they will automatically try to crush opponent’s towers. The one who takes the tower first is the winner.

It is an excellent alternative to Clash Royale APK, where you can summon units that have unique attacks that will give you advantage. You can select five groups from any games fractions such as undead, kingsmen, robots, jade empire and invaders.

When you unlock these units, you will level up and get numerous achievements and purchasing cards that will give you the possibility to open more accessories that will keep you on top of the game. When you reach 10th level, only then you can start playing with other human players.

On what platforms can Tower Conquest game be played?

Tower Conquest can be played on Android, iOS

Titan Brawl

Titan Brawl

This is an excellent game that works on MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genre for all mobile devices. However, the main idea is that every battle is short and fast-pacing with only several minutes of intense struggle. That is much better than methodical and slow approach on PC-based MOBAs.

Titan Brawl developers decided to trip down the genre in two lanes, and each player contains only one defensive tower. When one player destroys the different defensive tower, the victory is his.

Even though it contains a small stream of minions that will adventure down through lanes automatically, your main thing that you have to do is to place one of your champions in the lane. Once they are, you will see them charge forward with unique skills or call them back so that they can replenish more health.

Hero skills are great because you can provide much more damage to enemies output and there are also healing features that allow them to generate slowly over time. If you want to play fantastic clone to Clash Royale the game, then this is the best option for you.

On what platforms can Titan Brawl game be played?

Titan Brawl can be played on Android, iOS, Web

Little Alchemist

If you are a fan of battling other players and crafting unique cards that will give you more strength, then you have to choose a free game Little Alchemist.

It offers you the possibility to choose three different classes at the start of the game:

    • The Elementalist – They burn enemies for additional damage
    • The Enchanter – They enhance cards
  • The Healer – They can heal wounds

All these moves will help you build a course and turn a ride at a crucial moment. When you select your class, you will go to your first battle so that you can understand the mechanics of the game. The most reliable elements are a combination of simple design and great gameplay, which makes it perfect for all mobile platforms.

At the very beginning, you draw five cards from the deck so that you can stay consistent throughout the game. After each turn, you will get a single card from a deck so that you can combine them to make a more powerful card.

This powerful card can give you much more options and features so that you can defeat the opponent. When you have a powerful combination that can activate unique abilities that will help you grow in potency.

On what platforms can Little Alchemist game be played?

Little Alchemist can be played on iOS, Android, Web

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Kingdom Clicker

Kingdom Clicker

Kingdom Clicker is an excellent game that combines mobile strategy games such as Clash of Royale and idle clicker game where you can build up your army and take enemy’s loot for additional resources.

The primary objective is to create your kingdom that has to be next to gold mine. You accumulate wealth and resources so that you can invest it in upgrades, buildings, and army.

There are lots of buildings such as shacks, wells, barns and much more that you will see when you install this fantastic game. Some income you have to collect manually, while others will do it automatically.

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You can create a perfect power system with ranged, melee and magic soldiers.

Download Kingdom Clicker

Krosmaster Arena

Krosmaster Arena

Krosmaster Arena is an excellent game that became one of the most popular games like Clash Royale, especially throughout the online realm. It works through popular board game that you can play in an online realm with strategy gameplay that will win you over in a matter of seconds.

You have to create own team of heroes where every one of them contains unique skills that will help you claim the victory. There are more than hundred figurine characters that you can choose. However, it is straightforward to play, but if you want to become better, you have to compete to higher ranks.

You can access dungeon or campaign mode, without thinking about PvP feature. There are lots of environments and gameplay, so it is funny and exciting to play during your hours of boredom.

On what platforms can Krosmaster Arena game be played?

Krosmaster Arena can be played on iOS, Android, Steam.

Star Wars Force Collection

Star Wars Force Collection

Star Wars Force Collection is terrific game especially for fans of Star Wars series. You have to collect all favourite characters from Star Wars in collectible card form. There are more than 400 characters, and the primary objective is to obtain them all.

It offers you a simple card battle concept where you have to create a battle formation and combine their unique abilities to fight other players. You have to understand that there are millions of players from all over the world, so when you install it, you will enter the most significant community where you can meet other people and enjoy your fandom.

It is essential to find the Star Wars Collection, which means that you have play battles and improve and upgrade cards. There are card levels that play a crucial role because only when you play with another human opponent, you will see all potential that you and your deck have.

On what platforms can Star Wars Force Collection game be played?

Star Wars Force Collection can be played on Android, iOS.

Card Wars

Card Wars

This is one of the most popular games on Google PlayStore that you can enjoy all the way. If you have watched Adventure Time that attracted all types of people who viewed it, this game will ultimately satisfy you.

Similar to the cartoon, there are lots of creatures, spell and building cards that you can use. Unlike the animation, you can also collect faction and hero cards so that you can add the extra longevity and depth in the card battles.

Each game starts when players enter the fourth lanes. In these lanes, you can use faction card so that you can choose which type of field it would be. You can choose between blue plains, corn fields, beautiful lands, useless swamp and sandy lands. All your moves have to work together so that you can have fun and adventure time during the playing.

It is one of the most popular games like Clash Royale Google Play, so try it as far as you can.

On what platforms can Card Wars game be played?

Card Wars can be played on Android, iOS.

Castle Clash

Castle Clash

Even though Castle Clash is a standard base-building strategy, it contains excellent gameplay and additional features that made it one of the most popular in this particular genre.

There are lots of settings that you can choose, and lots of fantasy creatures, steampunk designs, medieval influences, which makes it great for fantastic role-play. The gameplay is similar to games like Clash Royale, where you involve yourself in resource management and city building.

You start with nothing, and from there you have to gather as many resources as you can to increase your power through troop upgrades and buildings. What sets it apart from other similar hero and magic systems are additional game modes such as Dungeons and Arena.

You can purchase magic spells from Relic Hall, and by using them, you can control your battles income and heal your troops, rain meteors on the enemy, boost your attack and much more.

On what platforms can Castle Clash game be played?

Castle Clash can be played on Android, iOS.


We have presented you meticulous details and descriptions of best games like Clash Royale that you can think of. There are hundreds of more, but these are perfect because of general feedback from numerous users, terms of popularity and uniqueness of gameplay.

You can choose whichever you want because with every one of them you will get the satisfaction that you wanted in the first place.