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17+ Games Like Bejeweled Blitz

17+ Games Like Bejeweled Blitz

17+ Games Like Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz is a decade-old puzzle video game developed by PopCap Games. Since 2022, Electronic Arts has acquired the right to publishing and distribution. This game is considered to be the most addictive.

Bejeweled Blitz comes under the likes of Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds. In this post, I have discussed more games like Bejeweled Blitz.

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Games Like Bejeweled Blitz


As you would already know, Bejeweled Blitz is a freemium game. In your journey, you will reach a point where you will have to make some purchases. Gweled can be an excellent alternative to Bejeweled Blitz if you are looking for a 100 percent free version. However, the available version only works on devices with GNU/Linux.

The goal of this game is to align three or more gems either vertically or horizontally. The game goes on until there are no possible moves left. This game has better graphics and smoother gameplay compared to Bejeweled Blitz.

Toy Blast


Toy Blast is popularly played by millions of people worldwide. The concept of this game is quite similar to that of Bejeweled Blitz. You are supposed to match the cubes of the same color horizontally or vertically. Upon matching, you will be awarded a booster to help you continue your journey forward.

Match Land


Match Land is an alternative to Bejeweled Blitz. In this game, you run a medieval market of 8-bit fantasy food shops. Participate in a pixel puzzle adventure match to catch cute creatures to add spice to your food shops. You can fight hard till you unlock 30 new fantasy food shops. This game is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Jelly saga

Candy Crush Jelly Saga is one of the most addictive games on the app store. With new features and modes, you are supposed to defeat the jiggling Jelly Queen. The journey involves a dreamy treetop world. Furthermore, you also get to compete in real-time with other Candy Crush Jelly Saga enthusiasts.

Cookie Jam

cookies jam

Cookie Jam is a puzzle game comparable to Bejeweled Blitz. It is free to play and offers a ton of fun and excitement. To win reward points, you must match the candies horizontally or vertically. If this part gets monotonous, you can step into the desert islands and assist Chef Panda crush cookies before they get demolished by the Cookie Jam.

Hungry Babies Mania

Hungry babies mania

Hungry Babies Mania involves collecting baby animals from your travels around the world. The more bouncing babies you receive, the greater chance you have of winning big. To win babies, you must match tasty treats.

This game is designed and developed by the same people who came up with Candy Blast Mania and Jewel Mania. Hungry Babies Mania boasts 800+ puzzles of match-3 gameplay. There are plenty of opportunities to win bouncing babies. Plus, this game also runs offline.

Pokémon Shuffle

pokemon suffle

Pokémon Shuffle is quite similar to Bejeweled Blitz. Here, you are supposed to arrange three or more Pokémon vertically or horizontally. Once you match, you then get to battle the wilder, more fierce version of Pokemon.

This game is versatile, you can play casually or competitively. Moreover, to play this game, you don’t need to be a Pokemon fan. This game is easy-to-play. Simply match them in a line, and you are good to go.

Jewel Mania

Jewel Mania

You can’t miss Jewel Mania when looking for games like Bejeweled Blitz. This is a puzzle game with more than 600 different options. You are supposed to take your sidekick on a magical journey filled with amazing landscapes and designs.

To accomplish a challenge, you simply need to match four pieces. Furthermore, you can also create combinations using rare gems that you win by overcoming challenges. You also get boosters like Magic Diamonds and Rainbow Stars.

Angry Birds Blast

Angry bird

Angry birds blast is one of the most acclaimed adventure games. The philosophy of this game may not match with Bejeweled Blitz, but the general concept has some similarities. You are supposed to free the birds trapped inside the balloons. If you don’t rescue them in time, the evil pigs will get them.

There are over 1000 egg-celent levels to complete. The best part is, you can even play offline. The download the app from the relevant app store, and you are set. To keep things interesting, the creator also lets you participate in daily challenges, including free rewards and boosters.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy crush

Candy Crush Saga is another 100 percent free match-three puzzle video game by King. This game has been around for almost a decade. Before downloading Candy Crush Saga, you should know that this game is addictive.

Plus, after every two weeks, more levels and puzzles get added. Challenges like Target Score, Clear the Jelly, Collect the Ingredients are fun to pursue. If you are not in the mood to play, simply spin the Daily Booster Wheel and get free reward points.

Love playing Candy Crush Saga, here is our list of more games like Candy Crush Saga.

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Chuzzle 2

The sequel to the immensely popular Chuzzle by Raptisoft, Chuzzle 2 brings back the cute and furry little balls with googly eyes that made every single player chuckle in the first edition. The gameplay is pretty similar to the previous— the colorful chunks need to be slid around to match in groups of three or more, and when that is done, they sneeze, shiver, and then explode. The players can also use in-game combos and purchases to earn bonus points. There are four game modes and as the game progresses, the difficulty slowly gets amped up but the game still remains delightfully light and perfect for a break.

Best Fiends

Serious Digital Entertainment’s Best Fiends is a delightfully charming match three puzzle game that has some RPG elements in cute little monsters. The objective of the players is to create a little group of allies, known as Fiends to fight the horrible slugs. In the process, there are hundreds of new characters to be discovered which can be added to the original team. The gameplay involves connecting three or more tiles of the same color in any direction to gain rewards and upgrades, removing slugs on the way and in later levels, fighting against many monsters, and fulfilling several missions at the same time.

Farm Heroes Saga

From the makers of Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda, Farm Heroes Saga follows a similar pattern in terms of gameplay. Players are required to align three tiles of the same type to eliminate them but there are also many different mechanisms and goals as the levels progress. The primary objective of every level is to fulfill the requirements to pass to the next level by collecting resources. This becomes a bigger challenge as the game progresses since there are a limited number of moves, but there are in-game and purchased boosters, add-ons, and level-ups to help on especially difficult levels.

Pet Rescue Saga

King’s Pet Rescue Saga is a great game for everybody but especially so if there are children around because the colorful graphics and tiny little animals are the cutest characters that will enthrall any youngster. The match three gameplay is fairly simple and straightforward as it consists of simply tapping boxes of the same color to make them disappear and rescue the stranded pets as they reach the ground floor. There are additional tools for help as well like bombs and fireworks and every level has a certain requirement that needs to be fulfilled to complete that level and move on to the next.

Angry Birds POP!

Outplay Entertainment and Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds POP! was an instant hit when it was released in 2014 as it brought together two classics elements of mobile video games— the characters of the angry birds and the bubble shooting game style. With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and over thousands of downloads, the simple and colorful game is engaging and fun. The player operates a slingshot which has to be operated over and over again using balls of different colors to match and eliminate the bubbles, to finally drop all the evil piggies. Endless challenges and missions are a crucial part of the gameplay and streaks can be used for more power. The game also gets super fun seasonal updates, so watch out for those!

Tile Master

Higgs Studio’s 2020 video game Tile Master is the classic match-three game for Android and iOS using blocks and tiles. The simple gameplay is what makes it so addictive and before you know it, you will have spent an hour playing the game already! The objective, as will all matching and puzzle games, is to line up three similar fruit, cake, or animal tiles in any direction to eliminate them, and this continues till all the maps  are unlocked and the player has traveled throughout the world. Many beautiful themes can be used to customize the game, from mountains to beach views, that get unlocked as the player opens new chapters, and the levels get more interesting and challenging with progress.

Dr. Mario World

Saving the best for the last on this list is what has been perhaps one of the most successful and well-loved video game series of all time— Nintendo’s Mario. In 2019, the company reintroduced Mario to Android and iPhone users with a shiny new game called Dr. Mario World. The gameplay is based on Match-3 of course, and different colored viruses need to be eliminated to ensure safety again. The objective of the game is to create a strategy to eliminate all of Dr. Mario’s red, blue and yellow viruses. There are a limited number of time capsules that the player should be aware of, and the elimination can be done by solving puzzles, overcoming obstacles, and tapping and rotating the viruses with the help of familiar characters like Luigi, Bowser, and others. 


Most of the games mentioned above involve matching gems and multipliers to earn reward points and booster. Some games also let you play in real-time like the korttipeli kasino. You can invite your Facebook friends too.