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19 Games Like Ark Survival

19 Games Like Ark Survival

Games Like Ark Survival

These days, when the sandbox survival game comes up, it becomes very successful because games of this type are trendy at the moment. They allow humans to flourish in a virtual arena where anyone can do anything they imagine without many game types’ limitations. It sounds much more optimistic in theory; everyone is on their own out there. Just like anticipated, folks often act on their primary impulses, but only on a digital basis.

ARK: Survival Evolved is probably the most successful survival game available today. Nevertheless, in case you are a little burnt out on dinosaurs and mad science-fiction planet preservation, you may consider playing some different games from the same genre. Our researchers have found the best Games Like Ark Survival. Keep reading to find out more about them.

Games Like Ark Survival

Conan Exiles

The interesting thing about this game is that it’s not just about survival. You’ll need to destroy your opponents, watch them kneeling in front of you, and listen to their women’s weeping. Conan Exiles is going to make you see it over and over again. The other “advantage” of this game is that you get to see all the people naked since the frontal nudity is not forbidden. In case you manage to capture any player or even a bot character, you can chain and drag them. All you have to do is defeat them first.


Rust is not as violent as Conan Exiles, but it’s definitely worth playing. It’s the modern age, and it gives you lots of possibilities. Your hero will start undressed, and the hazards lie throughout the whole world. The world is heavily urbanized, ensuring it will be hard missing the other players if you play online.

You will frequently see aircraft drop vital supplies (typically firearms), and you will have to race such landing areas if you’d like to be ahead of the competition.

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We can’t go through any survival game list without mentioning one of the first & best ever – DayZ. Starting as a special mod of the famous “ARMA 2”, this game manages to make a whole new gaming trend. Basically, it’s a zombie survival game. The modern world we know is gone, and the zombie apocalypse has hit the Earth. It looks a lot like a Walking Dead (or Fear The Walking Dead) Series on TV. The main threat isn’t zombies; the main danger is the people. They can kill you and steal your whole loot and puff – you’re back where you started.

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Subsistence is why we use the word “survival” in the survival genre. Being what it is, it’s even more unforgivable and also harder than many (if not all the games) on the list. The whole game story reminds of s Rust; aside from that, it brings more attention to flora and fauna and natural environment, meaning that it will incorporate animals and improved animal A.I. This should serve as a reminder that people would be useless if you take tools from them.

The Forest

Survival for preservation could get fairly old and outdated easily, sometimes in games like ARK: Survival Evolved. That’s the reason why The Forest overall storyline is often required to keep everything spicy; This game brings much of the spice mentioned in co-ops. The main character (the one you get to play with) is a dad that survives a plane crash along with his son. You wake up one day, finding out that your son is lost. Here’s the tricky part: The island is overwhelming with cannibals, and you’ll have to risk a lot in order to find him.


Since we are talking about survival games like ARK Survival, let’s take it a notch further, and by further, we mean underwater. Subnautica is all about underwater survival and that too in alien waterbodies.

This game is full of trouble and wonder. Two very contrasting themes that go pretty well together. The players need to craft underwater equipment like submarines and also outwit the wildlife to freely explore the caves, coral reefs, and other things.

Osiris: New Dawn

If you love space survival games, then this one will have you drooling over it. Osiris: New Dawn is set in the year 2078 where mankind is brimming with technology. The player will be a part of a colonization team sent over to potentially habitable planets.

You will have to fight through the dangers of the environment with harsh living conditions. 

Osiris: New Dawn is one of the best games like ARK Survival that show you the true meaning of the survival gaming genre.

Life is Feudal: Your Own

Life is Feudal is a medieval role-playing game based on sandbox-style gameplay. It incorporates a high-quality crafting system along with preset and modular building construction. The game revolves around survival concepts along with many complimentary themes.

You will be put in a Medieval simulator where you can take up any path you feel like. The realistic setting and the ability to have your own personal world that follows the rules set by you, provide you with great lengths of freedom.


Raft is an ocean adventure game that you can play along with your friends or alone. The main aim of this game is to survive a troublesome voyage across the ocean on a raft with no food or water. As the game progresses, you will find yourself creating a floating home to survive in the wide-open sea.

Also, you need to gather resources that are tough to come by in the lonesome sea. So, make sure you collect all the debris that floats by you.


SCUM is an open-world game that brings a new dimension to the multiplayer open-world survival game. With larger than life realistic visuals, this game also allows you to customize your character in numerous different ways. In this gaming world, only two things will help you survive and those are knowledge and your skillset.

This game is not a pleasant one and so by far, is the closest to reality. SCUM caters to every need that a human character is supposed to have like nutrition, defaecation, diseases, and so on.

Savage Lands

Savage Lands has a love-hate relationship with the players. But, you should give it a try because it is a standard game and the experience shall be fruitful. The visual details of this game are sure to impress you.

The creature designs will scare you to death and for the same reason, deserve all the praise in the world. The game is set on a strange island ruled by biting cold winds and wicked creatures who will take on anybody that comes in their way.

Green Hell

Green Hell is a game from Creepy Jar that is built on almost the same premise as another entry in this list, i.e. The Forest. It has a beautiful setting of the Amazon rainforest with much focus on realistic visuals. For a moment or two, you might feel like you’re really in the game reality because of the effort they have put into the graphics design.

The game also pays a great deal of attention to the psychological effects that a person suffers through while undergoing such stressful events. In addition to that, there is sickness, wild animals, and several other unknown terrors.


Astroneer is a role-playing game that takes you to the future in the Intergalactic Age. The players will be given the roles of Astroneers where they will get the opportunity to explore the outer space world. In this game, you will have to live in troublesome environments and discover more and more secrets as you progress.

This space sandbox adventure game brings players together to construct custom bases above or beneath the ground. It allows you to create vehicles for exploring the solar system. In fact, you can create anything that you want to in this game.

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7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is a scary open-world survival game. This is a rare mixture of shooting, horror, intense survival, and role-playing. If you are up for a zombie survival mission, then do try this out! Unlike ARK, the horror element is played by zombies here instead of dinosaurs.

But, worry not, you’ll be scared to death from all the detailed visuals featuring horrific zombies. It also requires the players to perform other activities like combat, crafting, mining, looting, and so on.

Orion: Prelude

Orion: Prelude venture is one of the first games that introduced the dinosaur survival genre, even before ARK did it. This game is a crazy mixture of crazy FPS action, dinosaur attacks, and of course, survival elements.

You will be fighting in intense combat situations along with your friends and be able to equip an incredible arsenal of weapons. There will be missions and objectives that you need to complete in order to survive in this dangerous world.


Valheim is a game about the Valkyries who live in the tenth world from the Norse mythologies, i.e. Valheim. This place is replete with chaos causing creatures and enemies of the Gods. The player is the latest addition to the clan and is tasked with a very important job.

You have to slay the ancient rival of the all-father Odin and bring back peace to the land of Valheim. An incredible adventure set in dense forests and snow-clad mountains awaits you. From harvesting materials to craft weapons to creating armor, the Viking land has a lot for you to explore.


Satisfactory is an open-world game where you get the first-hand experience of building a factory. Apart from that, it also combines elements of combat-style fighting and exploration. You can play it solo or ask your friends to join you on this adventure streak.

This game opens the window to multiple gaming possibilities. You can explore an alien planet, build huge factories, and do lots more. These factories can have automated conveyer belts installed to supply all the factory needs.

Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution is set on the majestic islands of Muertes. This game is based on the theme of the classic movie franchise Jurassic World. Talk about dinosaurs, this one will give you as many as you want.

As a player, you will be responsible for the operations of the island and will be able to experience the wonder and fear associated with dinosaurs coming to life. If you are someone who wants a blend of Science and Entertainment, then this one is the perfect game to play.

The Survivalists

The Survivalists is a wonderful world full of surprises, dangers, and mysteries. While it might not scare you as much as ARK does, it is sure to give you an enriching gaming experience where you have to thrive continuously to survive.

You can also train monkeys in your venture apart from doing usual activities like building and crafting something. This game beholds a world full of secrets and works by the mantra of “hunt or be hunted” (by the wild animals). Also, regardless of whatever job you need to be done, the monkeys on the island can be trained for the same.


These are the best Games Like Ark Survival. We advise you to test them all, as they all provide different possibilities for the players. It’s hard to say which one is the best, simply because they all have something special. But all of them are synonyms when you think about the best survival games, and we had to talk about them and mention them all.