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20 Games like Animal Jam

20 Games like Animal Jam

20 Games like Animal Jam

Here I represent you the top 20 games like animal jam that you will enjoy the same as you enjoyed playing animal jam since now. So guys, be ready to follow my list that has the just right collection of games that you need to download and continue your addiction to the genre.

Animal Jam game took place very first in 2010 and since then this adorable video game is loved by the players worldwide. It’s most popular among children and teens also love trying animal jam. The game is still in growth for its fan following and so for the similar games like animal jam.

Animal Jam, as you know is all about exploring the beautiful world full of sweet looking animals.

Games like Animal Jam

The game is rich in every factor such as mystery, exploring, rewarding, shop for stuff and much more. These games here that I’m going to show you offer the same gameplay just like the Animal Jam so you can feel the same or more fun. Let’s go along with this list.


Games like ROBLOX

While searching online games like animal jam the first one that comes to mind is Roblox that also offers an MMO environment where players from all over the globe play simultaneously. Roblox Corporation is the inventor of the game Roblox that started its journey in 2006. The game is accessible on platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation and others too.

This is a role-playing game where the player is needed to build their own world virtually or just build their games. The characters are here in the form of Legos and the graphics are all rich and smooth. So, just like the Animal Jam, this game offers you a 3D experience where you explore a never-ending world and gain your achievements as you go forward. There are several exciting activities in the game such as building structures and games, crafting, collecting rewards, participate in missions, and explore different worlds.

On what platforms can Roblox game be played?

Roblox can be played on Android, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS, iPod touch, Macintosh operating systems, macOS, Fire OS

  • Genre: Massively multiplayer online game
  • Modes: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game

If you’re looking for more game like Roblox, feel free to check our article. You might find your next favorite game there.



This one also gets the place when users want something like Animal Jam. Wizard101 has gained enough popularity due to its exciting storyline and great visuals with fantastic sound. The game offers you a massive multiplayer mode so you’re never alone in the game. The game gets regular updates and till now it has improved a lot for all things like concept, characters, rewards, and visuals as well.

This great production was introduced by KingsIsle Entertainment that is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and different consoles too. The game drops you in a place called Spiral where you can choose classes from deathstorm, life, ice, fire, etc. and start your game. The game is based on spells where you need these spells to progress in the game. These spells protect you from your enemies, manage your health level, prevent traps, etc.

On what platforms can Wizard101 game be played?

Wizard101 can be played on Microsoft Windows, macOS

  • Genre: Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
  • Mode: Multiplayer

Pixie Hollow

Pixie Hollow

It really deserves being here among the top 10 fun games like animal jam as it is an amazing game with a superb view. The game is based on the animated movie ‘Tinker Bell’ that represents stories of fairies. The game always attracts everyone to at least try the gameplay as it’s an incredible piece of the game made by Disney.

The game always follows the concept of MMO gaming that was first released in 2008 and developers like Schell Games and SilverTree Media greatly did their job. You can experience the play on Windows and Mac and it looks perfect just like the Animal Jam with all adorable things.

On what platforms can Pixie Hollow game be played?

Pixie Hollow can be played on Online



In the world of Neopets, you are supposed to adopt pets and take care of them. The gameplay is very simple and all the characters look lovely that always motivate people to try it. Here you can do trading and get things you want so you can take better care of those pets. The game is based on pet feeding and caring that will surely increase your love for pets.

Neopets also offers a community where players can chart and solve their doubts whenever they want. Here community is a friendly place where you can make friends easily. The game gives you no tough objective, just caring your pets. You are allowed to do several customizations to enjoy it more and feel this one among the animal jam like games.

On what platforms can Neopets game be played?

Neopets can be played on BROWSER

  • Platform: Cross-platform, web game
  • Genre: Fantasy, Digital pet
  • Mode: Single-player with multiplayer interaction.



Another Role playing game is the Poptropica that is famous since 2007 that came as a publication of Education Network. The game offers you compatibility with several platforms that include Windows, Mac, iOS, Nintendo and many other platforms. The game offers you both modes single-player as well as multiplayer.

It is a game of islands where you complete each quest by visiting a different island. In the multiplayer mode, the game is a lot more exciting because you are not just playing but communicating as well and meet other players along the way. For each quest completed, you receive Poptropica points that can be used for making a purchase in the game for different needs. So, the game suits the same genre in which the Animal Jam lies.

On what platforms can Poptropica game be played?

Poptropica can be played on PC, Mac, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, iOS

  • Genre: Educational, Adventure, single-player with Massively multiplayer online game elements.
  • Mode: Single and multiplayer



The game brings you characters in the form of children aged somewhat between 6 to 11.

Just like other games, it also offers you a massively multiplayer online role-playing and gives the same feel like Animal Jam. Fantage was released in the year 2010 that includes several mini-games inside the game that you can play both online and offline.

The game is a fantastic experience for children and the gameplay is very easy and require no special strategy. You can invite all your best buddies to your home or just everyone. There are free and premium ships and in-app purchases that you can perform and buy decorative items for your home. The game offers you a lot of beaches, castle, pets, and much more to enjoy and with this amusing experience, it makes a place among the top games like animal jam.

On what platforms can Fantage game be played?

Fantage can be played on Online




If you like those busy creatures roaming on your screen then you can surely try this game. It offers MMO so players can go and explore at the same time. The releasing year was 2007 and since then it’s in the light because kids enjoy it very much.

If you have ever seen the cartoon series Bin Weevils you are going to love it and if you haven’t then it’s nothing wrong in trying this one. The game can be played online on windows and Mac, so be ready to fill up your screens with creatures and explore the world of Weevils that’s next one among the animal jam like games.

On what platforms can Binweevils game be played?

Binweevils can be played on Online – Play Now

Genre: Massively Multiplayer Online



Let’s take your journey to a pirate world with a hint of Animal Jam and that too is a multiplayer online role-playing game. The game was introduced 2012 by KingsIsle Entertainment and supported by Windows and OS X. as you can feel with the name, the game’s theme is based on a pirate world where players explore several chapters.

The game offers you a currency called crowns to gain unlimited exploration you must use this currency and premium membership is also available. There are areas called Cool Ranch II, Aquila, Skull Island, Monquista, Port Regal, etc. that you explore and have fun.

On what platforms can Pirate101 game be played?

Pirate101 can be played on Windows, OS X

  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Mode: Multiplayer

Club Penguin

Club Penguin

Who love penguins? Well, everyone and so I put it here on the number ninth as one of the best games like animal jam. Club Penguin features a world full of adorable penguins and so it makes a perfect place here because kids love playing Club Penguin very much. The game allows you the MMO play and was introduced by the Disney that holds all rights for this game.

Your character here is in the form of penguin that lives on an island. As the game progresses, you start roaming around the islands and exploring things. There are several mini-games that are worth paying and with the currency; you can customize a lot in the game. There are not just mini-games but missions that make this game very much interesting to play.

On what platforms can Club Penguin game be played?

Club Penguin can be played on Online (Adobe Flash)

Type: Massively multiplayer online game

Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters

The last one that offers the same gameplay like Animal Jam is the Moshi Monsters. As its name, the characters here are the monsters in different shapes and looks. The game took its release in 2008 that can be played online as well as using the app for your smartphone.

The game looks exciting to play and the kids like environment make it engaging for children to be in the game. Though it’s in the tenth place, it is still worth playing where you get different unique quests and mini-games. You are a monster here who gets rewards whether it completes the mission. There is not much for communicating with others but for the goal the game is quite clear.

On what platforms can Moshi Monsters game be played?

Moshi Monsters can be played on Online

Lady Popular

lady popularLady Popular is another similar game as Animal Jam where you can have complete control over your virtual life as you try to become the best in the fashion arena, juggle a boyfriend and decorate your apartment. You can play it inside your browser from any device available that can connect to the internet.

At first, you will start by choosing an avatar and creating the physical appearance and other essential options. In the same time, you will have a possibility to change and improve its looks as you gain more money and levels. The main components of the game are fashion arena where you can battle with other opponents to earn more money and experience and to unlock additional game content. The popularity score means that you should enjoy in generosity, loyalty, devotion, creativity and other things that will boost your game elements.

On what platforms can Lady Popular game be played?

Lady Popular can be played on Web


our worldOurWorld is an excellent game that offers you a virtual world filled with online games and exploration for young teenagers and tweens. FlowPlay developed it so that you can play it through the browser, which is convenient because you don’t have to install it and have a hassle on your PC or smartphone.

First, you have to create an account and customize your avatar which will be your connection to the game world. As you become better and advance further, you can collect more currency and access more accessories and items to use. There are lots of mini-games available where you can play the even multiplayer game.

It will provide you highly social experience because you can send gift items, befriend others, join interest groups, and take part in different contents and much more.

On what platforms can OurWorld game be played?

OurWorld can be played on Web, Android, iOS


HabboHabbo is one of the most popular online social network service where you can enjoy from 150 different countries. The game works through pixel graphic which will give you unique feel where you can create an avatar and design your rooms from floors to walls and add a different set of furniture.

You can also interact with other players, and it is estimated that most of them are teens between 13 and 18 years old.

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The best thing about it is that you can play for free and buy virtual currency with real money so that you can improve and customize everything inside.

On what platforms can Habbo game be played?

Habbo can be played on AndroidiOS

Hero Smash

Hero SmashAnother one that comes as one of the similar games like Animal Jam. It is browser-based gameplay in which you feel the MMO environment, and hence it becomes a lot enjoyable. Artix Entertainment is the developer for the gameplay that allows heroic performances and the visuals are pretty good too.

Before your journey, the game allows you to choose superpowers that you feel exciting. Looks are customizable too so you can feel that superhero. The combat system is somewhat fast paced where you can choose either villains or heroes to take their side.

For the gameplay, players take several quests from the nonplayer characters come with an exclamation mark. Afterward, you get to the missions to kill a group of enemies. This allows exploring all around, and you level up with every mission you complete.

On what platforms can Hero Smash game be played?

Hero Smash can be played on Browser

Amazing World

Amazing WorldThe game is designed for children or young age groups especially. It allows you to experience the MMO facilities. In the game world, they can spend time for hours, meet new people and make friends. The graphics seem really fresh, so it’s the unique things about the game along with the innovative characters.

Kids who are seeking for a great adventure without having any side effects can head to the game world. These adorable characters come in three forms bear, rabbit and cow that you can choose and start playing.

The gameplay sets you in an airship with all the voice tutorials that introduce you to the Amazing World. This is the voice of Queen Vexa that gives you instructions for setting up combats that are very much fun to have. Also, you do things like gardening, cooking, fishing, shopping, treasure hunting, etc.

On what platforms can Amazing World game be played?

Amazing World can be played on Browser, Mac, PC, Android, iOS

Star Stable

For the gamers looking for fantasy and everything rainbows and unicorns, Star Stable is the one. It is a vast and popular multi-player online game with elements of fantasy and entertainment. The game is based on the backdrop of Jorvik, a fantasy world wherein you need to select the horse of your choice and then explore the area around you. Since it is a multi-player game, you will encounter random people playing it at the same time as you. You can stop and interact with them if you want.

On what platforms can Star Stable be played?

Star Stable can be played on macOS and Microsoft Windows.

  • Genre: Fantasy.
  • Modes: Multiplayer video game.

Monkey Quest

Games Like Monkey Quest

Monkey Quest is another popular multiplayer online game that keeps you hooked from the get-go. It has elements of fantasy, all thanks to the developers, Nickelodeon Games. The entire game happens in the fantasy world of Ook, wherein the players are left free to roam around and explore the area. It enables the players to get a lot of free reign with their characters, especially when it comes to customizing them. Since it is an online multiplayer game, you can interact with the other players virtually as well. 

On what platforms can Monkey Quest be played?

Monkey Quest can be played on browsers.

  • Genre: Fantasy.
  • Modes: Multiplayer online game.

Secret Builders

This alternative to Animal Jam is perfect for gamers who like construction-based games. It is an online multiplayer roleplaying game that allows you to complete tasks, explore the area and simply meet new people in the game. It offers a huge range of customization options, enabling you to dress up your character, putting up fashion shows and even socializing with the remaining players in the game. It has open-world gameplay that makes it easier for you to navigate through and meet new people.

On what platforms can Secret Builders be played?

Secret Builders can be played on Microsoft Windows, browsers, etc.

  • Genre: Roleplaying game.
  • Modes: Multiplayer video game.

Toontown Online

Developed by Disney Interactive, Toontown Online is another popular role-playing multiplayer video game that you can start instead of Animal Jam. The game’s plotline involves the persistent battle going on between two spectrums of the population in the town, the Toons and the Cogs. The Toons are the animals in the city while the Cogs are the robots. Even this one has a range of customization options that you can indulge in to dress up your character in style.

On what platforms can Toontown Online be played?

Toontown Online can be played on Microsoft Windows, macOS.

  • Genre: Roleplaying fantasy game.
  • Modes: Multiplayer game.

Poptropica Friends

Poptropica Friends is a popular virtual multiplayer fantasy game wherein the players can explore, have fun and interact with the other players in the game. It enables the players to customize the characters according to one’s likings. The game does offer crisp and stunning visuals that make the game even more fun to explore and play around. You can answer the pop quizzes to enhance your profile in the game, which is always an upper hand. In the meantime, the players get to explore the island and meet with other inhabitants.

On what platforms can Poptropica Friends be played?

Poptropica Friends can be played on Microsoft Windows and other browser-based platforms.

  • Genre: Fantasy.
  • Modes: Multiplayer game.

Minimum System Requirements for Animal Jam

  • Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor, or Intel® Atom™ 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbooks
  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP (32 bit), Windows Server 2008 (32 bit), Windows Vista® (32 bit), Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), Windows 8 (32 bit and 64 bit), or Windows Server 2012 (64 bit)/ Mac OS X v10.6, v10.7, v10.8, or v10.9
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 8.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 17 or later, Google Chrome, or Opera 11, Safari 5.0 or later
  • RAM: 512MB of RAM (1GB of RAM recommended for netbooks); 128MB of graphics memory


Animal Jam is not just great in visuals but the gameplay is full of excitement and especially for the kids. The game falls into the learning genre where kids learn several activities by time and all these games are free of any bad effect on children. So, parents don’t need to worry if their kids keep playing it for hours. I hope you would love trying all these top 10 games related to animal jam.