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18+ Games like AFK Arena

18+ Games like AFK Arena

Games like AFK Arena

Games Like AFK Arena is a phenomenal RPG that highlights delightful visuals, an assortment of characters, and a charming soundtrack, notwithstanding its basic game framework. It is the sort of game that can keep you stuck to your mobile screen for quite a long time. Set in the dreamland of Esperia, AFK Arena’s ongoing interaction spins around enlisting saints from six distinct groups and sending them to fight to spare the world. 

AFK Arena is exceptionally addictive, a few prisons coordinated in the game are haphazardly created, and its situations just as difficulties aren’t tedious. Presently if you’ve completed the game itself and presumably searching for something comparable, at that point, here are the best five games like AFK Arena.

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Games Like AFK Arena

Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes is a Hero Collection Role Playing Game, otherwise known as Gacha, one of the longest-enduring RPGs. Its infectious mechanics, humorous craftsmanship style, and unwinding ongoing interaction make it gigantically well known throughout the last three and a half years. The word Idle is ever-present in numerous parts of the game, and positively to be completely forthright. This is particularly useful for casual gamers since they can basically sign in to the game during their regular breaks and still have the option to advance regularly. 

Destiny Child

Destiny Child

Destiny Child is a portable RPG created by NextFloor and distributed by LINE Games. The game incorporates many collectible ‘Childs,’ which are summonable characters drove in groups of five. Like other gacha RPGs, players can get these characters basically through the game’s framework by playing through the story. 

The most specific component of Destiny Child is its liveliness, which quickly sticks out; every ‘child’ is drawn utilizing Live2D, a strategy giving profundity and movement, bringing about an excellent craftsmanship style with striking character structure. 

Idle Legends

Idle Legends

The Idle Legends is essentially a territory game. The game permits the players to make Japanese-Western style anime symbols. A ton of endeavors has been placed to embody the game’s enhancements and illustrations. An unbelievable assortment of weapons and assets are made accessible to the players. The game comes inbuilt with a ton of highlights. By playing the game, one can make the most of its excellent illustrations. The characters and symbols are decisively planned. The innovative fight scenes additionally add excellence to the game. The savage and 3D renditions of the fight infuse adrenaline in the veins. 

Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost is Nintendo’s next invasion into the versatile gamespace. Dragalia Lost is a story about the place known for Alberia, where monsters and people have figured out how to live respectively in harmony. That is tossed into question when Alberia’s Sacred Shard starts to lose power. It would be best if you spared it by making settlements with the unique mythical serpents. It’s run of the mill dream charge to outline your questing and character gathering. 

Another Eden

Another Eden

Another Eden interactivity is standard for this kind of game, which will carry delight to all admirers of exemplary JRPGs. Since this is an account driven game, it likewise has a couple of exciting bits of its own that supplement its rich storyline. 

You’ll have the option to look over various battle specials, moves, and assaults with multiple impacts and harm, and all portrayed, including the expense of the enchantment, focuses, and different necessities for their enactment.

Tap Titans 2 – Heroes Attack

This Idle Clicker game has a very high rating on Google Play store, as one of the most downloaded RPG idle games. Tap Titans 2 lets you assemble your mighty fleet of heroes and then begin the long and fateful journey of defeating the Titans. If you’re looking for a game that’s addicting enough to kill a few hours, but laid back enough so you put in the least effort possible: this one might be your new favorite. 

Crush Them All

Another exciting idle RPG, Crush Them All works as a beautiful alternative to AFK Arena. You have to work on crushing the bad guys, the bosses in this game — and ultimately freeing the cute princess in an old-school style game. But there’s no difficult grinding involved, all you do is collect the right heroes and set them up: and then go afk to return and find that they’ve been hard at work. And you get to reap the rewards. 

Idle Arena – Clicker Heroes Battle

Idle Arena – Clicker Heroes Battle brings an exciting futuristic spin to the same game format. The idea is the same Gacha game we’re now familiar with: you collect heroes and let them fight on your behalf while you’re afk – away from your keyboard. What makes the game more exciting is when there’s an actual story in place and the graphics are engaging. That’s how the few breaks you do spend opening the game (to collect your rewards, of course) is exciting and makes you want to play more. 

Idle Mania

Idle Mania deserves a special mention for having great 3D graphics that do a lot for the idle gaming experience. This is a 3D Poly Idle mobile game, with a proper faction system. There are 6 factions, with a grand total of 150 heroes that you can choose to play for you. And yes, each of those heroes bring something different to the table: with skill sets that start basic and can be upgraded to become full fledged killers. 

Quest 4 Fuel: Arena Idle RPG game with Auto Battle (Early Access)

Quest 4 Fuel is still in development, but you can download the early access version! At first glance, the graphics look really cool and comic-book-esque in the post-apocalyptic war themed game that reminds you a little bit of Mad Max. The idle aspect of the game is also interesting. There is a semi-auto play, which means that you can take control back whenever you want. All the battles are five vs. five heroes, so you have to collect the right heroes to win!

Idle Knight – 3D Cartoon Idle RPG (Early Access)

Another early access game, Idle Knight seems to be on its way to be a real contender for idle RPGs. In this beta version, you play as a knight. This is a refreshing take on an Idle RPG, since you’re not an invisible god collecting mortal heroes, but an actual character to role play as. This knight character is given a very important quest — and along the way you must slay dragons, claim bounty, you know, just a regular day as a knight. 

Endless World – Idle RPG (Early Access)

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Endless World – Idle RPG might just have one of the best storylines and graphics of all the other games on this list. Set in the fantastical world of Dolan, you plan as the Chosen One (you know, the one from all the legends), and gather a trusty pack of mercenaries to set on a quest of reversing time! Yes, you literally create your own story through the decisions you make as you bend the timeline to complete the objectives. 

Age of Guardians – New RPG Idle Arena Heroes Games

Age of Guardians is a perfect blend of both Afk Arena as well as Idle Heroes. The game has a strong story setting, you play as a savior to the R’lyeh Continent, inhabited by four races: The Humans, the Undead, the Spirits, and the Deity. As you’d expect, the Continent is threatened by a dangerous and evil force — and it’s up to you to save them. 

Summon Age: Heroes Idle RPG (5v5 Arena, AFK Game)

What makes Summon Age: Heroes Idle RPG different from the rest is that it has real-time combat (not turn-based). In an attractive fantasy theme, you can go either active play style or AFK idle. You can summon a huge variety of heroes; not just differently designed characters, but assassins, mercenaries, healers, and other variants as well!

Destiny Summoner

With a high rating on 4.5 on Google Play and multiple praises for the game’s graphics and UI, Destiny Summoner is one of the best Idle Strategy role playing games out there. In an exciting world that’s filled with demons and wraiths, be the one to triumph over evil with your pack of skilled heroes. There are different factions and a total of 200 heroes that you can choose from.  

Raid the Dungeon: Idle RPG Heroes AFK or Tap Tap

Raid the Dungeon: Idle RPG has lots of elements of an incremental clicker. With cute-sy graphics and character design, you can toggle between idle mode and control mode that lets you play actively as well. Your heroes will battle through dungeons and gain rewards for you, and you can customize them completely. There are both monsters and bosses in the dungeons that your heroes will travel through.

Endless Frontier – Online Idle RPG Game

Games Like Endless Frontier

Endless Frontier – Online Idle RPG is endless, so no more getting attached to your favorite idle game only to hit a deadend after a couple of weeks of play. In this game, you collect only the most legendary heroes in order to play in online player vs. player role playing battles. You also have to defeat the biggest boss monsters that keep getting bigger when you’re crawling through the dungeons. The goal of the game is to end the evil reign of the antagonistic Dark Prince. 

Merge Heroes Frontier: Casual RPG Online

Merge Heroes Frontier: Casual RPG advertises itself as the World’s Easiest Idle RPG: but whether that’s true is for you to figure out for yourself! Like the name suggests, you Merge two heroes together in this game to create the ultimate unique hero to fight for you. You can combine two deadly forces together according to what you think would be the best skill-set combination for battle. 


AFK Arena is an excellent and immensely popular game played by multiple mobile gamers. Now, as you gained some ideas regarding the other similar games, please don’t wait to install them on your device to win them. Who wouldn’t like to play all of the above games with such unique plots and graphics? Let me know which game do you like the most in the comment!