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Games in Which We Can Trade with Other Players

Games in Which We Can Trade with Other Players


Although multiplayer features have been available in online games for more than two decades, their functionality was limited to competitive and cooperative gameplay only. Seeing the popularity of this feature, more functions were added. One of the best functions was trading. Now, players were able to trade with other players. If you love trading, here are some games that enable players to become a trader.

All the Pokémon games feature trading options. With this trading option, you can send or receive items to nearby players as well as to international players through an internet connection. To encourage players to trade, the game also featured Pokémon that required trading for evolving. Without trading, you can’t evolve them at all.

1. Dawn of Discovery

Dawn of Discovery was also called Anno 1404. In this game, players use production buildings to make goods and sell them to their happy customers. The game featured a large network of factions and civilizations. You can sell your goods to these factions to make money.

2. Caravan


Caravan was released for Microsoft Windows in 2016. This game features everything that you need to become a trader. The trade simulator mechanics in Caravan are unmatched. Travel through deserts and other territories to trade goods and become a rich trader.

3. Mount and Blade 2

Mount and Blade 2 is a role-playing game that lets you take control of a character and work your way to become the king of the land. Along with all the sword battles and castle fighting, you can purchase goods from one place and sell them to a place where the price is high to make a profit. Use this profit to purchase castles and cities and become a ruler without shedding any blood at all. Robbers are also roaming these lands, so beware of them and avoid them if you don’t have good weapons and personnel to defeat your Caravan. If they attack you and defeat you, they will take all your items and capture you as their prisoners.

4. Trade Life Simulator 2

This is a simulator where you’ll be trading and trading only. You start your journey from a small shop in Trade Life Simulator 2 and have to work hard to turn this small shop into a big supermarket. Buy items when their demand is low and sell them when their demand is high to make a profit.

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5. Eve Online


Eve Online has many other features to talk about, but the best feature is the player-driven economy that it comes with. Run a space business instead of endeavoring on the space journey. Just like in the real world, the price of items is low in some regions while high in other regions. To make a good profit, purchase the right items and sell them at the right market. Spend money on upgrading weapons in your ship before taking a high-value cargo, as space looters will attack you for the cargo.

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