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Fun and Interesting Card Game You Can Play With Friends – Cribbage

Fun and Interesting Card Game You Can Play With Friends – Cribbage

The fun game Cribbage has stood the test of time. It is played and enjoyed by players of different age groups. If you also want to learn an entertaining card game, you must choose Cribbage. 

While this game has been around for so many years, exactly how old is the game Cribbage? Well, the game was introduced in the 17th century. Later, in the 19th century, the game of Cribbage became quite popular among sailors. They used to play the game using pen, paper, a deck of cards, or Cribbage boards.

If you want to know what makes Cribbage a fun game that can be enjoyed with loved ones, keep reading! 

Why is Cribbage the Best?

It has Stood The Test of Time

The family game Cribbage has stood the test of time. Many people think that the reason Cribbage’s old game has survived is that people do not know any better and are old-fashioned. But that is not true. 

In fact, Cribbage has become one of the most popular board games. It isn’t just a holdout and relic from the previous era. Its simple rules have made it a popular game. Even if you measure this game with today’s standard, you will find it genuinely good. 

Uses a Deck of Standard Playing Cards

Anyone who wants to play Cribbage requires interesting Cribbage boards, which usually last for a lifetime. Besides that, you need a standard deck of cards. Since everyone has a deck of cards, you are not required to spend a lot of money to start playing the game. 

Perfect for Two Players

Most traditional card games require at least four players or three players. But Cribbage is different as it lets you play with 2 players.

Besides Cribbage, a few other card games can also be enjoyed with two players, but they do not offer many options. This thing has made it one of the most interesting Cribbage boards games. 

You can Quickly Learn it

Some starter card games like Bridge can take a long time to learn. But Cribbage, FreeCell and Solitaire are different as you can learn this game in no time. Of course, this game also has some quirky rules, but you won’t find much difficulty learning how it works. 

In fact, you can easily teach anyone this game in a single sitting and enjoy the fun game of Cribbage with your loved ones. If you have ever played Cribbage, you would know that a single game can be finished in 20 minutes or so.  

It Doesn’t Take Forever to Play

How to make Cribbage interesting? You only need a deck of cards, pen, paper, or a Cribbage board. You can easily learn this game and quickly get to the table for a quick game. 

No matter where you go, you can start a round of Cribbage without much preparation. A single round of the game can be completed in half an hour. That means you can play multiple games. 

It’s Good for Children

One interesting thing about Cribbage is that children can easily learn it. And they can really quickly catch up with the game’s numbers. Playing with numbers is a valuable learning exercise for the children that will be helpful later. 

It’s Good for Seniors

Is Cribbage an old person’s game? As much as youngsters like this game, seniors can also enjoy playing this game without any issue. In fact, there is a high chance that they know how to play this game as Cribbage is an old game. 

You can play Cribbage with your grandparents to spend quality time doing something memorable. 

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How Can You Learn Cribbage?

How old is the game of Cribbage? This fun game was started around the 17th century, but how can you learn the right way of playing it? 

Honestly, you can learn this fun game quickly as it is not super complicated. It’s a different game that has easy-to-understand rules. Below are some of the best ways you can learn Cribbage:

Get Someone to Teach You

If you want to learn Cribbage, you can find someone well-versed with the game. You can ask them to teach you the basics of Cribbage so you can understand its ins and outs. Learning from someone who already knows how the game is played is the best option. 

Watch a Tutorial Video

If you do not know anyone who can teach you this game, you can watch a tutorial video online on YouTube. Here you can find numerous tutorial videos in a detailed way. In addition, these videos also share tips and tricks that can help you master Cribbage. 

Play Online

You can also learn the ins and outs of Cribbage by playing it online on any free website. Multiple websites are available where you can easily play this game without paying any price. One example is

Simply go to the webpage and choose the difficulty level for your first game of cribbage and start playing. Options include easy, standard, and pro. Don’t worry if you’re starting from the very beginning-just keep practicing to work your way up to harder games. 


Cribbage is an entertaining game that has stood the test of time and has become everyone’s favorite. If you want to experience the fun of this game, you can visit Cribbage card game.