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First Division: Posiciones De Liga Nacional De Guatemala

First Division: Posiciones De Liga Nacional De Guatemala

posiciones de liga nacional de guatemala

Posiciones De Liga Nacional De Guatemala

As a soccer enthusiast, I can tell you that the First Division of Liga Nacional de Guatemala is an exciting and competitive league. Fans eagerly follow the progress of their favourite teams throughout the season, which runs from August to May.

Posiciones (standings) are an important part of the league, as they determine a team’s rank and playoff eligibility. The First Division of Liga Nacional de Guatemala consists of twelve teams, each competing to secure a top spot in the Posiciones. The four highest-ranked teams at the end of the season qualify for the playoffs, which are held from May to June.

With passionate fans and talented players, the First Division of Liga Nacional de Guatemala promises to deliver thrilling matches and intense competition. As the season progresses, the Posiciones will undoubtedly shift and evolve, leaving fans on the edge of their seats until the final playoff match.

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Current Standings in Liga Nacional De Guatemala’s First Division

As an avid follower of Guatemalan soccer, I am excited to share the current standings of Liga Nacional De Guatemala’s First Division. This league is the top tier of professional soccer in Guatemala and features some of the most competitive clubs in the country.

At the time of writing, there have been 15 games played in the current Apertura 2021 season. The league table is based on a traditional points system where a win earns a team three points, a draw earns one point, and a loss earns zero. Without further ado, here are the current standings:

Position Club Points
1 Comunicaciones FC 30
2 Club Social y Deportivo Municipal 28
3 Club Xelajú MC 27
4 Deportivo Sacachispas 22
5 Club Deportivo Guastatoya 22
6 Deportivo Malacateco 20
7 Deportivo Achuapa 18
8 CSD Municipal 2007 15
9 Deportivo Iztapa 14
10 Cobán Imperial 14
11 Deportivo Mixco 13
12 Deportivo Santa Lucía 12
13 Club Deportivo Siquinalá 12
14 Club Deportivo Universidad SC 8
15 Santa Lucía FC 4
16 Club Social y Deportivo Sololá 3

As you can see, Comunicaciones FC is currently sitting comfortably at the top of the table with 30 points, closely followed by Club Social y Deportivo Municipal with 28 points. The battle for the top spot is still ongoing, with the rest of the clubs within reach of the playoffs.

It’s also worth noting that the bottom two teams, Santa Lucía FC and Club Social y Deportivo Sololá, are in danger of relegation to the second tier as they currently have the least amount of points.

Overall, the first division of Liga Nacional De Guatemala has been exciting to watch this season, with impressive performances from top teams and struggles from others. I will continue to monitor and report on the league’s progress, so stay tuned for more updates.

Top Teams Competing for the Title

The First Division: Posiciones De Liga Nacional De Guatemala is heating up, with many teams vying for the title. As an expert in the field, I have been closely following the league and have identified the top teams to watch out for.

1. Comunicaciones FC

Comunicaciones FC is one of the most successful teams in the history of the League. They are currently in second place in the standings, just one point behind the leaders. Comunicaciones FC has a strong defensive game which is one of their key strengths. They have only conceded 5 goals in their last 10 games, and their goal difference is +10. They also have a potent attack that has scored 20 goals so far.

2. Municipal

Municipal, the leader of the League with 26 points, has been playing some outstanding football. They have scored 24 goals in the last 12 games, which is an impressive feat. Their attacking style of play is some of the most attractive to watch and has won them the hearts of many fans. Municipal’s defence is solid too, with only 8 goals conceded in 12 games.

3. Antigua GFC

Antigua GFC is another team that has been playing some brilliant football this season. They are currently third in the table, just 2 points behind Comunicaciones FC. Antigua GFC’s strike force has been on fire, scoring 22 goals so far in the competition. Antigua GFC is a dynamic team capable of outplaying any opposition they face.

4. Malacateco

Malacateco is a team that has steadily improved its performance over the past few fixtures. Their defence is their main strength, having only conceded 7 goals in their last 10 games. Malacateco has been in excellent form and will continue to fight hard to clinch the title this season.

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In conclusion, the fight for the title in the First Division: Posiciones De Liga Nacional De Guatemala is set to be an intense battle, with Comunicaciones FC, Municipal, Antigua GFC, and Malacateco firmly in the mix. It will be exciting to see how these teams perform and who will eventually emerge as the champion.

Key Players to Look Out for in First Division

When it comes to the First Division of Liga Nacional de Guatemala, there are several key players to keep an eye on. These players have shown impressive skills and helped their teams achieve high positions in the standings. Below are some of the top players to look out for:

  1. Pablo Mingorance (Comunicaciones FC) – A midfielder known for his technical skills and ability to create goal-scoring opportunities for his team. He has played an integral role in Comunicaciones FC’s success this season.
  2. Rafael Lezcano (CSD Municipal) – A forward who has proven to be a lethal striker, scoring important goals for CSD Municipal. He is currently the league’s top scorer with 12 goals.
  3. Janderson Pereira (Club Xelajú MC) – A Brazilian midfielder who has impressed with his vision and creativity on the field. He has been a key player in Club Xelajú MC’s midfield, helping to control the pace of the game.
  4. Jorge Aparicio (Deportivo Malacateco) – A young defender who has shown great potential, providing solid defence for Deportivo Malacateco. He has also contributed to the team’s attack with his ability to deliver accurate crosses.
  5. Wilber Pérez (Antigua GFC) – A goalkeeper who has been instrumental in Antigua GFC’s strong defensive performances. He has made impressive saves and kept several clean sheets this season.

These players have not only made significant contributions to their respective teams but have also caught the attention of fans and experts alike. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how they continue to perform and impact the First Division: Posiciones De Liga Nacional De Guatemala.


To wrap up this review of the current Posiciones De Liga Nacional De Guatemala for the First Division, it’s safe to say that this league is highly competitive and unpredictable. Despite some teams having better rankings than others, the games have proved to be intense matches between opponents.

Looking at the table we can see that the top three teams have been dominating throughout the season with a considerable gap between them and the rest of the group. At the same time, we have also witnessed some unexpected results from other teams that were far behind previously and now have come up to challenge the top teams.

One thing we can say is that the current ranking doesn’t necessarily reflect the final result of the league, as there are still several matches to be played. It’s exciting to wait and see who will come out on top when the season ends.

Overall, the First Division of Liga Nacional De Guatemala offers a dynamic and exciting football experience for its fans. The competition is always high, and all the clubs show their best efforts to achieve their goals. The season is far from over, and we can expect even more surprises in the future matches.

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