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FFXIV Patch 4.5 Notes

FFXIV Patch 4.5 Notes

FFXIV Patch 4.5 Notes

Do you want to know the in-depth details of Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 4.5?

Discover all new content, events, and game mechanics with our Patch 4.5 notes. Unlock an exciting realm of possibilities and prepare to adventure anew with FFXIV!

6.2 Patch Notes FFXIV

Version 6.2 of Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn focuses on taking the original story of FFXIV into its next phase, and is packed with new cutscenes, quests and dungeons. In this update, players can also look forward to enhanced content from fan favourite Heavensward and an expanded roster of beast tribes and new items.

For players already part of the FFXIV community, version 6.2 introduces new achievements, new mounts and access to dungeons from Heavensward in dedicated rankings for specific titles. Additionally, players can expect an overhaul of PvE and PvP systems to ensure balance across the game. Players will have access to a wide range of content including Free Company Housing: Ballroom & Courtyard; New Series Dungeon; New Scale Wall; The Forbidden Land Eureka Anemos & Pagos raid series; New Horizons Story Update/Quest Series; Augmented Gear & Soul Crystals; Beast Tribe Quests (Kojin); Outfit System plus various performance updates & tweaks.

FFXIV Patch 6.1 Notes

Patch 6.1 of Final Fantasy XIV is now available for all PlayStation 4 and PC (Windows/Mac) users. This patch includes several significant changes to the game, including a new main scenario quest, a brand new 8-man raid, adjustments to the Maxima Trials and other content updates. In addition, various battle system tweaks have been implemented that should help enhance gameplay for all players.

The main scenario quest will challenge players to battle the Echo after discovering a new force at work in Norvrandt. Those who wish to take on the Maxima trials will find brand new Ravana-themed costumes added as rewards for completing specific requirements in the latest Maxima trial “The Royal Menagerie” dungeons. The 8-man raid is called Eden’s Promise: Divinity and Deepzones and will put players up against Queen Andrina of Sunbreeze and her army of Eidolons.

Further enhancements have been made to various elements of PvP gameplay, crafting recipes, NPCs and housing zones through the implementation of this patch. Additionally, some existing content has received adjustments such as Glamours (Outfits) availability with Lifecrystals exchange limits now removed; Hildibrand Sidequests can now be completed one after another; and Alliance Raids performance bonus improvements have also been implemented.


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5.08 Patch Notes FFXIV

Square Enix has released the 5.08 Patch Notes for Final Fantasy XIV, which brings several changes to the game’s main story scenario and raid dungeons. Some notable changes include adjustments to various item levels and stats and an expanded minion system. Players can also look forward to the addition of Trust NPCs, new treasures in the Crystarium, and a plethora of new daily beast tribe quests.

The patch notes detail all of these changes and give players a breakdown of what they can expect when they dive into patch 5.08. These notes may also include more detailed information than displayed in-game, so players should read through them fully before playing patch 5.08. In addition, the notes are grouped by content category such as “Main Scenario Quests” or “Dungeons & Raids”, making it easy for players to find specific alterations quickly and easily.

6.3 Patch Notes FFXIV

Patch 4.5 of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers has various content and adjustments for players to enjoy. The patch improves the battle system, adds story content, new challenges, and more. Below is an overview of the patch notes provided by Square Enix.

Gameplay: -Time limits have been implemented for certain trials and battles to encourage faster completion time. -Party members are now able to loot dropped items simultaneously. -Participants in Primal battles can now use the performance actions of their respective classes while they are still under the effects of Battle Voice Commands. -Increased the overall drop rate for all levels in quests, levequests, duties, and dungeons added featuring level 80 raids and above in Patch 4.4 or later. -New achievements have been added.

Battle System: -Adjusted how damage is calculated when attacked by multiple opponents simultaneously to make it easier for players to recover from critical situations in battle with defensive tactics such as blocking or evading attacks. -Battle balance adjustments have been made to various classes/jobs and actions including damage calculations, skill exchange characteristics and other features related to actions when appropriate.

Story Content Update: New Main Scenario Quests: Progress through new main scenario quests that advance the story introduced in Patch 4.45Lachryma Quests Part II – Peace for our TimeExplore Quests: Take on new 24 player Alliance Raids based on specific pieces of lore presented during Patch 3..5 The Dragon’s Doom The Tower at Paradigm Breach The Unending Coil Latest 8 player Raids Added Trial fights against various high level Primals Participate in New Chronicles of a New Era quests including Forbidden Land Eureka Anemos Chamber Hall Updates Various quality of life improvements including crafting item expansion Eureka weapon stats adjusted Various UI changes New Orchestrion Rolls Favor system updates Gazellesk in Map expansion Uncharted Island Exploration updates Added mount customization abilities Various New Hairstyles Mentor system updates High end crafting recipes unlocked Turnip prices updated  Duty action tweaks

FF14 6.3 Patch Notes

The 6.3 patch for Final Fantasy XIV has just been released, and it’s bringing a lot of exciting new additions and changes to the world of Eorzea. Besides the gameplay improvements and bug fixes, much of the update is dedicated to quality-of-life improvements, such as enhanced battle mechanics and crafting systems. Additionally, players can look forward to two new dungeons—The Diadem Expanse and The Senntisten’s Spire—and alterations to job actions and balance adjustments. The full 6.3 patch notes can be found below:

Changes to Actions/Jobs:

  • Adjustments have been made to certain job actions
  • Adjustments have been made to certain class abilities
  • Changes have been made to enchantment spells for White Mages, Black Mages, Bards, Machinists, Red Battlemages
  • New emotes have been added for all jobs
  • New items exclusive to specific jobs have been added

UI/System Changes:

  • A setting allowing players to adjust in-game volume levels have been added

Crafting/Gathering Changes:

  • Adjustments have been made for item yield with gathering

Battle System Adjustments:

  • Battle mechanics adjustments have been applied across all classes

(Note from Editor:) Unlockables will also be included in this patch! You will receive these exciting rewards when completing certain quests or achievements. Be sure to take advantage of them!


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FFXIV Patch Notes 6.1

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.5, titled “A Requiem for Heroes”, has been released! This major content update brings a wealth of enhancements and additions to the world of Eorzea. New features include the new Sorrowsong dungeon and an overhauled Main Story Quest. The patch also introduces a new character customization system, adjustments to traits, and revisions to PvP actions and rewards.

Players can begin their adventure with starting gear for their character class and job before embarking on A Requiem for Heroes main story quest line. Players will get access to job-specific skills acquired during their adventure through the new Job Gauge System while battling against Sorrowsong enemies in the previously mentioned dungeon. Additionally, the Garuda Primal fight has been adjusted with more available strategies and uses the player’s job-specific skill sets obtained during the questline.

Fate characters now look forward to exploring more dungeons with higher item level gear available at completion alongside higher potency items – such as weapons, armors, apparels – compared to previously released patches in Fantasy XIV online game series. Additionally, new personal housing items have been added featuring furniture from classic Dungeons which are purchasable from vendors in various towns around Eorzea meanwhile a variety of crafting changes have been implemented along with new recipes available from level 60 NPCs in certain areas throughout the world of Eorzea.

Furthermore, players can customise their class traits according to weapons such as increased attack power or additional effect duration when using certain spells or weapon art related to that specific trait or skill set; as well as adjust action selection for PvP combat style accordingly by relying on different Action Slots for frequently used actions like spells or physical attacks that can be mapped out per situation (enemy type).

6.1 FFXIV Patch Notes

Update 6.1 for FFXIV brings a variety of new content with the introduction of the Beast Tribe Quests, a new side quest featuring Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, new challenges at the Expansions Dungeon “The Minstrel’s Ballad: Tsukuyomi’s Pain,” and more. Additionally, numerous job adjustments and updates to certain battle-related features have been implemented.

Beast Tribe Quests – Introducing Sidequest with Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn – undertake quests to help lady Merlwyb gain favour with her tribe. *requires reaching level 70 with at least one Disciple of War or Magic, and having completed the Main Scenario Quest “Heavensward”

The Minstrel’s Ballad: Tsukuyomi’s Pain – A powerful enemy awaits you beyond the door of revelation in this epic dungeon wherein you can unleash your full potential as a warrior of light. *Party of 4 players must be level 60 or higher and players may use two different duty finder parties while progressing through this instance.

Job Adjustments: Gameplay has been adjusted for all roles across all jobs to make battles even more exhilarating. Nozzles will not be tied to every Job now. Similarly, nozzles are tied to every step in their respective job questlines.*Please refer to the following sections for further details about specific changes made on particular Job Action abilities or traits.

Battle System Update: Various adjustments have been made to make fights against other players and monsters thrilling from start to finish! Single-target damage limiters have been adjusted for conformance in PvP environments & Monster spawn density has been increased throughout Eureka from 1% per area up to 20%, making it much easier to earn EXP.*For further details about specific updates regarding PvP Duel or Frontline rewards etc., please refer to relevant sections below for more information on particular changes made on specific game mechanics.


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FFXIV Patch 6.1 Patch Notes

Square Enix recently released Patch 4.5 for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, introducing several major new features and game changes. In addition, the patch brings a wealth of updates, including the all-new Fazgaast Bandits event, system and balance adjustments, glamour storage, and a new relic weapon quest. Here are some of the highlights of Patch 4.5.

Fazgaast Bandits – Players can take on the role of a bandit leader to help save some innocent lives from a group of ruthless bandits. The event requires players to face off against a series of dangerous bosses to stop their crimes and rescue those in need.

System and Balance Adjustments: Balance updates for various classes have been implemented with new abilities and job actions. Several system changes have also been made, such as improved item-acquisition rate adjustments and the addition of invisible armour that can be equipped while using Glamours.

Glamour Storage: This feature allows players to store an unlimited amount of Glamour items in a specialised inventory tab usable by both classes and Jobs, allowing players to customise their characters easier than ever!

New Relic Weapon Quest: Researching intricate relic Weapons has unearthed an all-new challenge whereby players must track down bosses associated with these ancient weapons to unlock their power!