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Explore Games Like Banished: Similar City Building Games

Explore Games Like Banished: Similar City Building Games

games like banished

Are you a fan of the city-building game Banished and looking for similar games to dive into? Well, look no further! I’ve got some recommendations for you. When it comes to games like Banished, there are several options that can scratch that same itch for strategic planning and resource management.

Games Like Banished

When it comes to finding games similar to Banished, there are a few standout titles that offer the same level of challenge and depth in city building. These games allow you to construct and manage your own thriving settlements while facing various obstacles along the way. Some notable options include:

  1. Cities: Skylines: This highly popular city-building simulation game gives players complete control over every aspect of urban planning. From managing resources and infrastructure to dealing with traffic congestion, Cities: Skylines offers a deep and immersive experience for fans of the genre.
  2. Tropico 6: If you enjoy the idea of being a dictator on a tropical island, Tropico 6 is the perfect game for you. As El Presidente, players must navigate political challenges, manage resources, and balance the needs of their citizens while building their own paradise.
  3. Frostpunk: Set in a frozen post-apocalyptic world, Frostpunk combines city building with survival elements. Players must make tough decisions to ensure the survival of their society by managing resources, exploring new technologies, and dealing with moral dilemmas.

Survival Strategy Games

For those who love the survival aspect of Banished, there are several games that offer similar gameplay mechanics where resource management and strategic decision-making are key factors for success:

  1. RimWorld: In RimWorld, players take control of a group of survivors stranded on an alien planet. It’s up to you to build a base from scratch while managing your colonists’ needs and defending against hostile threats.
  2. They Are Billions: This steampunk-themed strategy game challenges players to build fortified colonies in a world overrun by hordes of infected creatures. With limited resources and relentless waves of enemies, quick thinking and efficient planning are essential for survival.
  3. The Forest: While not solely focused on city building, The Forest offers a unique blend of survival and construction. Stranded in an eerie forest after a plane crash, players must gather resources, build shelters, and defend against cannibalistic mutants.

Simulation Games with Limited Resources

If you enjoy the limited resource aspect of Banished but want a different setting or gameplay experience, these simulation games might be worth exploring:

  1. Don’t Starve: Set in a dark and whimsical world, Don’t Starve challenges players to survive in a hostile environment filled with strange creatures. Gathering resources, crafting tools, and managing hunger are vital for staying alive.
  2. This War of Mine: This emotionally gripping game puts players in the shoes of civilians trying to survive during war. With limited supplies and tough choices to make, it’s a thought-provoking exploration of the human condition during times of conflict.
  3. Factorio: Factorio is all about automation and efficiency as players build sprawling factories on an alien planet. With limited resources available, you’ll need to automate production lines while defending against hostile creatures.

These games offer similar elements to Banished while providing fresh experiences that will captivate fans of city building, survival strategy, and resource management genres alike. Whether you’re looking for challenging gameplay or immersive storytelling, there’s something here for everyone seeking games like Banished.

Simulation Games with Medieval Settings

If you’re particularly interested in simulation games set in medieval times rather than solely focusing on strategic elements, there are also options available for you. Take Foundation for instance – it combines city-building with historical accuracy to deliver an authentic experience. Set in a lush landscape during medieval times, Foundation allows players to construct their own settlements from scratch using detailed tools such as zoning areas for specific purposes.

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Additionally,Medieval Dynasty offers players the chance to experience the life of a medieval villager, where they can manage their resources, build structures, cultivate crops, and even start a family. The game blends elements of survival and simulation in a beautifully rendered open-world environment.

These are just a few examples of games like Banished that provide players with the opportunity to immerse themselves in medieval city-building and simulation gameplay. Each title offers its own unique twist on the genre, ensuring hours of strategic planning and immersive experiences for fans of this style of gaming.

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