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Everything You Need To Know: Which Of The Following Are Members Of The Night’s Watch Allowed To Do?

Everything You Need To Know: Which Of The Following Are Members Of The Night’s Watch Allowed To Do?

Everything You Need To Know: Which Of The Following Are Members Of The Night’s Watch Allowed To Do?

As a member of the Night’s Watch, there are certain restrictions and responsibilities that we uphold. The question of what members of the Night’s Watch are allowed to do arises frequently. Let me shed some light on this matter.

Which Of The Following Are Members Of The Night’s Watch Allowed To Do?

Joining the Night’s Watch is not a decision to be taken lightly. The recruitment process involves several steps that ensure only the most qualified and dedicated individuals become members of this esteemed order.

  1. Application: Prospective recruits must first submit an application expressing their interest in joining the Night’s Watch. This initial step allows the organization to gather basic information about the candidate, such as their personal background, skills, and motivations for wanting to join.
  2. Screening: Once the applications are received, they undergo a thorough screening process. This includes background checks to verify the applicant’s identity and ensure they have no criminal history that would compromise their ability to fulfill their duties as a member of the Night’s Watch.
  3. Physical Assessment: Physical fitness is crucial for members of the Night’s Watch due to the demanding nature of their responsibilities. Candidates will undergo rigorous physical assessments to assess their endurance, strength, and overall fitness levels.

Qualifications and Requirements for Joining The Night’s Watch

Joining the ranks of the Night’s Watch requires meeting specific qualifications and fulfilling certain requirements:

  • Age Limit: Prospective recruits must be at least 16 years old but not exceed 35 years old upon application.
  • No Family Obligations: Members of the Night’s Watch are expected to sever all ties with family and forsake any inheritance or claims they may have.
  • Noble Birth Exemption: The Night’s Watch offers a chance for redemption and purpose to individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their social status or noble birth.
  • Character Assessment: Candidates must demonstrate unwavering loyalty, honesty, courage, and a strong sense of duty. Background checks are conducted to ensure potential members have no hidden agendas or loyalties that could compromise the integrity of the order.

Training and Induction Program

Once selected, recruits undergo an intensive training program designed to prepare them physically, mentally, and emotionally for the challenges that lie ahead. This program consists of:

  • Combat Training: Recruits receive extensive combat training in various forms of weaponry and hand-to-hand combat techniques. They learn how to defend themselves against wildlings and other threats they may encounter beyond the Wall.
  • Survival Skills: Members are trained in wilderness survival skills essential for surviving in harsh environments such as the freezing cold landscapes beyond the Wall.
  • Education on Night’s Watch History and Traditions: Recruits receive comprehensive education about the history, traditions, and oaths that bind them to their sacred duty of protecting the realms of men.

By following this thorough recruitment process and providing proper training, the Night’s Watch ensures that only courageous individuals who possess both physical prowess and unyielding dedication are entrusted with defending Westeros from ancient evils lurking in darkness.

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 Oaths and Duties of the Night’s Watch

As a member of the Night’s Watch, there are oaths and duties that one must uphold. Let’s take a closer look at what these responsibilities entail.

  1. Defend the Realm: The primary duty of every member is to defend the realm from any threats beyond the Wall. Whether it be wildlings or supernatural creatures, such as White Walkers, we are sworn to protect Westeros.
  2. Take No Wives: A notable aspect of joining the Night’s Watch is taking a vow of celibacy. Members are forbidden from marrying or fathering children in order to avoid any potential conflicts or distractions.
  3. Hold No Lands: Another important duty is relinquishing any claims to lands or titles. This ensures that members remain solely devoted to their service and maintain a sense of unity within the organization.
  4. Wear Black: The iconic black attire serves as a symbol of our commitment to duty and sacrifice. It distinguishes us from others and signifies our allegiance to protecting the realms of men.
  5. Patrols and Fortifications: Members partake in regular patrols along the Wall, monitoring for any signs of danger or breaches by enemies attempting to infiltrate Westeros. Additionally, maintaining and fortifying Castle Black and other strongholds is crucial for defense.

It’s worth noting that these duties are subject to change based on the circumstances and leadership within the Night’s Watch. However, they provide a foundation for understanding what members are expected to do in service of their sworn duty.