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Everything You Need To Know About God Of War Series

Everything You Need To Know About God Of War Series

The God of War series has two key developers. The first is its creator David Jaffe, and the second is Cory Barlog, who also originated the adventures of Kratos as lead animator and led the development of the sequel when David left the studio, and later was responsible for the narrative in many other installments. Over the years God of War has changed development heads more than once and successfully squeeze everything out of Greek mythology, and after God of War: Ascension took a five-year break.

During that time, Barlog managed to move on to work at Crystal Dynamics and back to Santa Monica Studio. Although he wanted to work on an entirely new game, he was asked to re-launch God of War. All parts of the franchise can be downloaded on the pirate bаy for free. Cory took the opportunity to move the events to the Scandinavian expanses, and Kratos became more restrained and was no longer portrayed as a fierce and rage-blinded anti-hero.

God of War Story

The new story tried to be more balanced, thoughtful, and human, which was much appreciated by players and critics alike. Barlog laid some serious groundwork in God of War (2018), but he didn’t continue the Scandinavian story on his own. Instead, he focused on his new project as he wanted to, overseeing the sequel only as a producer. At first, we were a little worried about the development of Ragnarök, but after the first trailers, it became clear that Eric Williams was quite careful with the project.

The story begins sometime after the events of the last installment. A blizzard is raging in Midgard and the so-called Fimbulwinter is in full swing. The locations are badly snowed in, the lake is frozen over, and some of the buildings around the Temple of Tyr have collapsed. During this time Atreus has managed to mature noticeably, which is also noted by some of the characters.

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After a few introductory scenes, Thor appears to the accompaniment of thunder and lightning. The huge red-haired warrior looks impressive, especially when placed next to Kratos. This scene immediately demonstrates the straightforward and ingenuous character of the Greek, but it is better not to reveal the essence of the plot, so as not to spoil the impression.

The Continuation of the Adventure

The story, like last time, is presented as a single take, and the chosen angles and camera movements between the characters often try to keep the perspective at eye level, which creates a sense of presence and direct participation in the events. This game has many of the spectacular scenes and epic battles for which the series is so much loved, but the story, which began in 2018, is more about the characters, their relationships, and their development.

In places, Kratos continues to show a rare stubbornness, but over time he stops being such a harsh tyrant to his son, and the latter, of course, is sometimes dumb as a “juvenile retard,” but grows on himself, trying to right his wrongs. By the way, the other characters change throughout the narrative.

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Plot Features

One of the main features of the God of War Ragnarök storyline is dialogues. They can be very pathetic or very heartfelt and touching depending on the scene. There is a lot of talk about fate and freedom of choice, about the motivation of certain actions and their significance for those around them.

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The characters often touch on the themes of responsibility, as well as discuss the relativity of the concepts of good and evil. There is also a story of revenge and redemption, which I enjoyed much more than in another famous Sony exclusive. It may be a revelation to some, but such an idea can be revealed without the deliberate and exaggerated drama of murdering pregnant women.


It is also important to note that the screenwriters did an excellent job of playing events from Scandinavian mythology with the actions and character of Atreus. At such moments, it is well noticeable how the authors have studied the legends associated with Asami and tried to weave them into the narrative as neatly and logically as possible. In general, the whole main story and some secondary quests are perceived very easily and captivate like a good TV series, and most importantly – God of War Ragnarök has an epic and exciting finale. The developers have already said that this is not the last part, but the Scandinavian dialog is completed.