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Europa Universalis IV (EU4) Console Commands & Cheats

Europa Universalis IV (EU4) Console Commands & Cheats

Europa Universalis IV Console Commands

Europa Universalis IV is all about making strategies as it is a strategy video game.  The game takes you through the historical places and events were strategy making happens in real time.

The game depicts you in the earth where several provinces from a country and each of them serve the nation in different ways.

Gameplay is all about being the leader and managing several things such as lead the nation and keep the balance between several aspects like the military, diplomacy, and economy. You also make choices throughout the game and that brings you different resources to survive and lead. There are some vital things that you need to collect such as Prestige, Gold, Manpower, and other powers.

Europa Universalis IV Console Commands

Commands and cheats mentioned here will allow you to achieve all these factors in less time and with ease. So, go along and be an amazing cheater.

EU4 Console Commands & Cheats

Get some extra gold using the cheat – cash [number]

Want to have some extra manpower? Use the cheat – manpower [number]

Get the maximum amount of Stability using this simple cheat – stability

To take prestige – Prestige

Go ahead and grab the Imperial Authority – imperial_authority [number]

Just get piety using this one – Piety

Add more humans – get any number of humans – morehumans [number]

Add any number of cores – add_core [province id]

Take the casus belli against your opponent – add_cb [casus belli tag] [target country tag]

Using this command you can use any province to add your natives there – add_natives [province id] [number]

Add your opinion – add_opinion [country tag]

Just like the tag, add papal influence – add_pi [country tag]

This one is for patriarch authority – add_pa [country tag]

Get your empire to add a reform level – add_reformlevel [number]

Add an indicated country tag to your interest    add_interest [country tag]

You can use colonist in your choice of the country using this command – add_colonist [country tag]

This one is for heir adding – add_heir [target country tag]

If you want a country with the missionary – add_missionary [country tag]

For the diplomatic enroute –    add_diplo

You can full up your province with any number of population to a province – population [province id] [number]

Use this simple command and get administrative power – adm [number]

Just like the previous one, use this command and get diplomatic power – dip [number]

If you prefer military power – mil [number]

Use this cheat so you can get maximum score in all the wars – winwars

Get the siege in the province you want – siege [province id]

Turn off the fog of war – fow off

To turn it on – fow on

Use this command you can kill the Kill cardinal – kill_cardinal

Similarly, kill monarch by just filling the fields – die(kill) [target country tag]

If you want to get all the console commands on-screen –help

For a specific command – help [command name]

If you want to view the used memory – Memory

To get the annex/annexes – annex [target country tag]

Make changes in the controller – control [province id]

To control the map mode, just specify the number – mapmode [map mode number]

To take control of ownership – own [province id]

To get a different track song use this command – nextsong

Get to know the capital of target tag by using – discover [target country tag]

Get some help from unicorn – helphelp

Execute an event – now you can initiate any event if you have the event ID – event [event id] [target country tag]

To enable the nudge tool – Nudge

If you want random sounds while being in the combat view – combatsound [0-50]

To get the balanced output in the region – balance

If you want to reload the interface – reloadinterface

if you do not want any country tag then specify it with the command – remove_interest [country tag]

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Using this you remove the Defender of the Faith – remove_defender_faith

You can now set the legitimacy of the ruler – legitimacy [number]

Rest the spirite level – spritelevel [sprite level]

Wanna have some fun then experience the piracy in any province – pirate [province id]

Just like the piracy you can initiate Revolt as well – revolt [province id]

To test a mission, go to this command – testmission [mission name]

Similarity, test ana event and you don’t need to trigger it – testevent [event id] [character id]

Use this cheat and turn on or off the self-learning AI – selflearningai

To get the AI info – aiview

If you want to get the AI positive responses then use this one – yesman

You can turn on or off all the messages popups – msg

Set the debug display to on or off using – debug_collision

Go to full screen – fullscreen

Go to the Incognita mode – ti(debug_ti)

Get clear screenshots by turning on or off the pause banner – nopausetext

If you want to turn off the fog of war in the specified province – fow(debug_fow) [province id]

It is not just for one event but you can initiate all the events without triggering them – validateevents

Get the output of score – Score

To get the time it is – Time

To get the IP address – IP

Now you can get the game state – requestgamestate

To create a saved copy of the game – savegame

To clear the console – Clear


This way the list of EU4 console commands and cheats is finished. Now you can try all of these while playing the game and feel that experimental game world. Have a cool gameplay and wait for my next article.