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Do You Want To Switch To Another Browser On Your Mac? Here’s How You Can Delete The Old One!

Do You Want To Switch To Another Browser On Your Mac? Here’s How You Can Delete The Old One!

Making sure that you use the right browser on a Mac is extremely important. The issue arises when you end up using a single browser all the time, and it becomes bloated with info. At that point, it can malfunction and lead to problems. So the best thing that you can do is to try and delete the older one. But how can you do that? Here are some tips and ideas which can help you!

Uninstalling Chrome

If you want to uninstall Google Chrome, then first you want to click on the 3-dot menu and choose the option to delete browsing data in the Chrome settings. The focus here is to select the time range and remove all the info for the designated amount of time. That includes cached images, cookies, download and browsing history, passwords and so on.

Then, once you finish, you go to the Applications folder and remove it. Make sure that you enter the “~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome” path in your Finder, and where you want to remove this as well. Once you do that, you will be good to go, and everything will be removed.

Uninstalling Safari

Native apps on your Mac, like Safari, have protections against getting removed. That’s why you want to disable SIP from the Terminal. Boot your Mac in the recovery mode, and then you want to enter the Terminal; here, enter “csrutil disable.” If you press Return, that disables the SIP, and you can restart the device.

Now that you have finished the process, you must write “sudo mount -uw /System/Applications” in the Terminal and enter your password. At this point, you can enter “cd /Applications/” in the Terminal and, after that, “sudo rm -rf Safari. app/”. That will help streamline the process and delete Safari. You can write “csrutil enable” to re-enable SIP as well once you’re finished.

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Use a Mac Cleanup Tool

As you can see if you click here, it does take lots of manual input to ensure you remove your browser properly from your Mac. The best thing that you can do in this case is to use a Mac cleanup tool. What this does is it automates the entire browser deletion process. It streamlines the experience, and you don’t have to manually remove everything. Instead, it’s all easier and more consistent, and you will find that it works without hitches. Just make sure that you implement it accordingly and with the best results.

It can always be difficult to narrow down exactly what steps you must go through in order to remove a browser from your Mac. That’s why the best approach is to use a Mac cleanup tool since it makes the deletion process easier and simpler. It still makes sense to remove any remaining files at the end, if possible. But naturally, that entire process is much easier if you go through all these steps. Use that to your advantage and ensure you always delete every file related to your older browser before switching to a new one!