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Developing Real-World Skills by playing Ark: Survival Evolved and Rust

Developing Real-World Skills by playing Ark: Survival Evolved and Rust

Developing Real-World Skills by playing Ark: Survival Evolved and Rust

In the age where we can play with or against friends around the globe through multiplayer, we find the development of communication skills when interacting with others that we can use in everyday life.

Games such as Rust and Ark: Survival Evolved have incredibly detailed worlds with deep mechanics that benefit from effective communication to be successful.

This article delves into how these games can help develop communication and other related skills. There will also be a section detailing server hosting and how this is the optimal option for the multiplayer experience.

The Importance of Communication Skills in Multiplayer Games

Effective communication is the cornerstone of success in multiplayer games. Whether coordinating a raid in Ark or defending their base in Rust, players must relay information clearly and efficiently.

These scenarios simulate real-world situations where teamwork and communication are critical, offering players an engaging way to hone these skills.

Developing Communication Skills in Ark: Survival Evolved and Rust

1. Strategy and Coordination: Ark is set in a world of dinosaurs and other creatures that present the challenge. Survival is crucial and the chances can be improved with teamwork. 

To perfectly tame creatures, gather resources, and build bases, players need to communicate their intentions to each other in order to achieve their goals. Players can also communicate by alerting others of potential dangers and resource-rich areas.

These situations are not unlike scenarios in the workplace and other areas. There is a constant need for communication in order to coordinate efforts to complete projects successfully.

2. Handling High-Pressure Situations: Rust places players in a harsh, post-apocalyptic landscape in which they will need to scrounge to survive.

Common yet intense situations, such as enemy raids, require a clan to communicate clearly and act quickly to prevent the attack. Players learn to convey urgent information rapidly, a skill that is invaluable in emergency situations in real life.

3. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution: Both games involve interactions with other player groups, leading to potential conflicts. Making a trade deal, an alliance, or another resolving a dispute requires communication.

These interactions help players develop their ability to negotiate, resolve conflict, and present themselves in a clear manner.

Other Related Skills Enhanced by Multiplayer Survival Games

1. Teamwork and Collaboration Ark and Rust both emphasize the importance of working together to achieve common goals. Players can work together in order to complete building projects, make watchtowers and other defenses, and tame an animal or raid another group’s base.

This form of collaboration to reach a common goal teaches players how to work as a team or in a group and is a highly sought-after skill in any professional setting.

2. Leadership and Decision-Making: In both games, players often assume leadership roles, whether leading a tribe in Ark or organizing a clan in Rust.

These roles require making strategic decisions, managing resources, and guiding team members.

The leadership skills gained from these experiences are transferable to real-world scenarios, such as managing a team at work or leading a community project.

3. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: The unpredictable nature of Ark and Rust demands quick problem-solving and critical thinking.

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Players must constantly adapt to new challenges, devise innovative solutions, and anticipate the actions of others. These skills are crucial in real life, helping individuals navigate complex situations and make informed decisions.

Setting Up a Server in Ark and Rust

Creating a dedicated server for Ark: Survival Evolved and Rust enhances the gaming experience by providing a stable and controlled environment for players. Here’s how you can set up your own server:

Ark Server Hosting:

We will now discuss some of the steps involved in hosting a server in Ark.

  1. Choose a Hosting Provider: Selecting a reliable hosting provider is the first step. Look for providers that specialize in Ark server hosting to ensure optimal performance and support.
  2. Configure Server Settings: Once you are able to host a server, you can try adjusting and customizing the server settings to your wants. This includes adjusting game difficulty, resource replenishment rate, and limits for players to best suit the game.
  3. Install Mods and Plugins: Adding mods and plugins can add new game modes and features to a game that is not available with the base version. Many hosting providers offer easy installation options for popular mods.
  4. Launch and Manage Your Server: After configuring your settings and installing mods, launch your server. Use the provided control panel to manage server updates, backups, and player access.

Rust Server Hosting:

The following are steps that will get you started on hosting a Rust server.

  1. Select a Hosting Service: Similar to Ark, start by choosing a hosting service that specializes in Rust server hosting. This step is necessary to run a smooth multiplayer experience.
  2. Customize Server Settings: Adjust the server settings, such as the map size and resource rates for your preferred game style. Tailor these settings to create the desired gameplay environment.

  1. Install Enhancements: Rust allows for extensive customization through plugins and mods. Install these to introduce new gameplay mechanics, anti-cheat measures, and other improvements.
  2. Manage Server Operations: There may be tools included in your service that will allow you to monitor the server performance, add mods or plugins, update the server or handle administrative tasks. Please ensure that the server is regularly maintained for the best performance.


Multiplayer survival games like Ark and Rust can be more than just entertainment and may help you to develop real-world skills.

From improving communication and teamwork to fostering leadership and quick thinking, these games will allow you a chance to personally improve these skills.

Setting up a dedicated server further enriches the experience, allowing players to create and manage their unique gaming worlds.

By leveraging the lessons learned in these virtual landscapes, players can translate their skills to real-life scenarios, making multiplayer gaming a worthwhile endeavor.