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Destiny 2: Final Shape Expansion Analysis

Destiny 2: Final Shape Expansion Analysis


While Destiny 2’s next expansion, Final Shape, is still a little over a month away from release, Bungie has revealed a ton of details about its key features over the past few weeks. In fact, in this article, you will find a short collection of this information.

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Light Level

As many expected, with the release of the new addition, the threshold for the level of light power or, more simply, the character’s GS will increase not by the usual 150 units but by only 40 units. As a result, the new GS braces will be as follows:

●           Basic starting – 1900.

●           Software – 1940.

●           Powerful – 1990.

●           Heavy duty – 2000.

It is worth noting that in the interval between the soft and the powerful bracket, now in general all rewards will give +1 to GS, and not, as before, only rewards from several specific activities. In addition to increasing the threshold, the developers plan to introduce changes to the GS system itself, making it more pleasant, convenient, and understandable.

GS Activities

All activities in Destiny 2 have long been divided into 2 large groups – in some, your light level is not limited, but in others, on the contrary, they are limited, and you do not receive any bonuses when you reach a certain value. So, this feature of the game will finally be improved.

Now all activities are divided into 2 new large groups – some do not take into account your light level, while others do.

In the first, the light level does not affect the difficulty and you cannot outgrow your opponents. These include a story campaign on normal and legendary difficulty, seasonal story campaigns, open-world locations, the Crucible, and some classic content.

The activities of the first group are easy to notice by a special note just above the start button.


Secondly, there is a limiter or GS ceiling; in other words, after a certain value, you do not receive any bonuses. These include the Vanguard Strike playlist, Nightfall, Seasonal Activities, Raids, Trials of Osiris, Dungeons, and Exotic Missions.

The HS ceiling, as well as the overall difficulty expressed on a scale of 2 to 5 skulls, will now be displayed in the activity information when hovering over its icon.

Gs Per Account

Finally, the GS will apply to the account and not just to one character. That is, if you reach 1985 GS on one character, equipment on other characters will drop starting from this figure. This seemingly very small change will simplify leveling up twinks, make the process itself much more convenient compared to the current version, where you constantly need to switch weapons, and will also perhaps encourage those who play on one character because they don’t want to spend time farming equipment three times, create twinks.

Group Power

They will add a new system called Fireteam Power, its main purpose is to simplify the game with friends who devote little time to the process of increasing GS. The essence of the system is that it takes the GS of the most pumped-up character in the group and adjusts the GS of the remaining members to approximately this value.

New Faction

In the expansion, players will have to fight a new faction of opponents called The Dread. It contains only 4 types of opponents:

●           Omen and Attendant are humanoid creatures. They fight at long range and can use the power of stasis.

●           Harbinger and Weaver are essentially the same as the first two, except for a slightly different appearance and use of the power of threads instead of stasis.

●           Husk is a humanoid creature. He fights at close range and is quite agile, and after death, he turns into a ball of energy that is aimed at the character and deals damage upon collision.

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●           Grim is a flying creature. Fights at a long distance, hovers above the ground, and is capable of releasing a wave of sound that slows down and suppresses everyone who is within its radius of action.

New Subclass

Starting from the very first mission of the expansion, players will have access to a new, 6th unique subclass called Prisma. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that players can create a build that simultaneously contains the following existing things from light and dark subclasses: ultimate, class abilities and methods of movement, melee ability, grenade, and aspects. Key features of the prism:


●           The set of available items is predetermined by the developers.

●           Initially, only some options will be available to the player, and the rest will open as the expansion progresses and after its completion.

●           Most aspects will have 3 cells for fragments, except the most powerful options, which have 2 cells.

●           At the start of the add-on, as many as 21 prismatic fragments will be available; fortunately, after receiving them, they are immediately unlocked for all classes.

●           Among the 21 fragments, at least 5 will be available from the very first mission of the expansion.

●           The fragments themselves will be either new or a combination of several existing options.

In addition to the above, prismatic classes also have a special mechanic called Transcendence, which works according to the following scheme. By dealing damage and applying buffs/debuffs using light or dark abilities, the player gradually fills two bars (light and dark) located under the ultimate bar. Once filled to 100%, they merge to form a new single strip, thereby allowing the player to activate a state of Transcendence.