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Complete Your Vietnam Tour by Visiting Dong Nai Water Park

Complete Your Vietnam Tour by Visiting Dong Nai Water Park

Complete Your Vietnam Tour by Visiting Dong Nai Water Park

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Dong Nai water park offers a refreshing and entertaining experience for tourists who want to have fun under the sun in Vietnam. Visitors can enjoy various water activities, thrilling slides, and relaxing pools with stunning views. With its vast area, there is something for everyone, from kids to adults, making it an ideal spot for family or group outings.

Apart from its exciting amenities, the park prioritizes safety with its lifeguards stationed throughout the facility. Moreover, visitors can rent lockers to ensure their belongings are safe while enjoying the waterpark’s attractions.

The park also boasts breathtaking scenery since it’s located near the Dong Nai River, reflecting Vietnam’s natural beauty. The site has ample spaces to capture memories or relax as visitors enjoy their day in one of Vietnam’s most beautiful destinations.

According to travelers analysis, a recent study by shows that Dong Nai Water Park is among the top-rated tourist spots in Southeast Asia.

Dive into fun at Dong Nai Water Park, where the attractions and services are as refreshing as a cannonball into a pool full of seltzer water.

Attractions and Services at Dong Nai Water Park

To complete your Vietnam tour with a water-themed adventure, head to Dong Nai Water Park. This attraction offers various rides and slides to entertain you, including the Wave Pool and Lazy River. There’s also a dedicated kids play area and various food and beverage options for all-day fun. In addition, the park has other recreational activities to explore.

Water Slides and Rides

Regarding aquatic adventure, Dong Nai Water Park is the place to be. The park boasts exhilarating experiences that cater to thrill-seekers of all ages.

  • Experience a rush of adrenaline on the towering water slides, featuring steep drops and sharp turns.
  • Cool off in the lazy river with family-friendly raft rides that take you through lush landscapes and under bridges.
  • Challenge your friends to a race down the high-speed mat slides or hone your surfing skills in the wave pool.

The park offers unique water attractions such as bubble pools and water sprays for those looking for something different.

Don’t miss out on the chance to create unforgettable memories at Dong Nai Water Park. So book your tickets today and get ready to make a splash!

Get your daily adrenaline and laziness at Dong Nai Water Park’s Wave Pool and Lazy River.

Wave Pool and Lazy River

Entering the aquatic haven at Dong Nai Water Park brings visitors a refreshing experience of aquatic amenities. The water park offers exciting options for wave pool and lazy river variations.

  • The wave pool creates an excellent ocean trip simulation, allowing visitors to surf and ride the tides.
  • The lazy river offers a relaxing meander where guests can float on inflated tubes while enjoying the beautiful views.
  • Various tube designs designated specifically for this attraction provide additional entertainment options for families and people with individual taste.
  • The water depths in both attractions are kept within safety limits, allowing visitors with average swimming skills to enjoy themselves without risk.
  • Both pools offer locker facilities for storing guest valuables safely while they take pleasure in their visit.

A Dong Nai Water Park stay would not be complete without experiencing these first-rate water activities. Don’t miss out on trying different types of floats or testing your surfing abilities at the wave pool.

Pro Tip: Wear comfortable swimwear appropriate for extended periods in the water to enjoy these attractions fully.

Warning: The kids play area at Dong Nai Water Park may lead to extreme tiredness and a sudden desire for nap time.

Kids Play Area

This section caters to the younger visitors to Dong Nai Water Park with a variety of activities and facilities that they can enjoy.

  • Kids Play Area offers a range of activities and toys for children of different ages, allowing them to indulge in safe fun and playtime, under the watchful eyes of responsible attendants.
  • In this section, children can enjoy running through tunnels, sliding down slides, and crawling over soft foam obstacles.
  • An open area with soft floor mats is available for younger children yet to explore intense physical activities.

Attractively designed larger-than-life replicas of cartoon characters such as Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Doraemon and Hello Kitty are seen within the Kids Play Area.

Pro Tip: Parents accompany their little ones however, watch your belongings while doing so.

Get ready to fill your belly while you fill your swimsuit, because Dong Nai Water Park has the perfect array of food and beverage options to satisfy any appetite.

Food and Beverage Options

The water park offers a wide range of choices for dining and refreshments. Visitors can choose from various food stalls, restaurants and cafes serving delectable local dishes, beverages and snacks.

From mouth-watering street-food like pho noodles to refreshing drinks like coconut water, there’s something for everyone here. Moreover, some outlets feature international cuisine to satisfy different tastes.

While enjoying the thrilling rides and attractions at Dong Nai Water Park, visitors can cool off with thirst-quenching beverages or indulge in a delicious meal anytime.

Pro Tip: Plan your meals ahead of time by checking out the park’s map or asking the staff for recommendations to avoid wasting time on searching for food.

Who needs a gym when you can get a full-body workout in the wave pool at Dong Nai Water Park’s other recreational activities?

Other Recreational Activities

Visitors to Dong Nai Water Park can indulge in an array of leisure activities. In addition to the water park’s thrilling slides and pools, guests can also enjoy recreational pursuits such as paddle-boating, mini-golfing or experiencing the exhilarating sensation of a bungee jump.

For those seeking a more relaxing day out, there are plenty of shaded spots to relax with a book or play board games. Alternatively, visitors can take advantage of the delicious food options available on-site. So whether you’re looking for an action-packed day or want to unwind, there are plenty of activities at Dong Nai Water Park.

Moreover, splashing around isn’t exclusive to humans – don’t forget your four-legged friends! The park features dog-friendly areas where furry companions can frolic and cool off in designated pools.

Don’t miss out on all that Dong Nai Water Park offers! With so many activities to choose from, plan your trip today and create unforgettable memories with family and friends. What’s the point of swimming with dolphins when you can race down water slides at Dong Nai Water Park instead? #SorryNotSorry

How to Get to Dong Nai Water Park

To reach the Dong Nai Water Park, you need to know the directions from your location. To help you reach there, we present the following 3 sub-sections: From Ho Chi Minh City, Other Cities in Vietnam, and Public Transportation Options. These sub-sections will guide you through reaching Dong Nai Water Park easily and without hassle.

From Ho Chi Minh City

When traveling to Dong Nai Water Park from Ho Chi Minh City, several transportation options are available. Take a taxi or ride-sharing service to the park for convenience and efficient travel time. Alternatively, take advantage of public transportation options like bus or train. However, remember that these options may require additional transfers and take longer. Check route schedules and prepare for any transfers required before embarking on your journey.

Don’t miss out on a fun-filled day at Dong Nai Water Park, plan your trip ahead of time for smooth travels! Get your water park fix without getting lost in translation, with these simple tips for navigating your way from other Vietnamese cities to Dong Nai!

From Other Cities in Vietnam

For travelers from other cities in Vietnam, getting to Dong Nai Water Park is convenient with various transportation options. The most popular mode of travel is by bus, as it offers affordable fares and regular schedules throughout the day. Private transfer services are also available for a more personalized and comfortable experience.

To reach Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can take a bus from major cities like Hanoi, Danang or Hue and the journey takes between 24-30 hours. From there, take another local bus or taxi to the water park which is located around 40km away. Another option is to fly directly to Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City and then use a private transfer service to get to Dong Nai Water Park.

It’s important to note that some buses departing from smaller cities may not have English signage. Therefore, make sure to ask the driver or other passengers if you’re unsure whether you’re on the right bus. Moreover, walking around at night isn’t advisable due to inadequate street lighting.

For travelers looking for an enjoyable sightseeing experience while getting here, booking a private car tour of Ho Chi Minh City makes for a great option as it allows visitors to explore spots like Cu Chi Tunnels and Ben Thanh Market en route. On the downside though it may cost more than other modes of transport.

Take the scenic route to Dong Nai Water Park with a public transportation system that’s more crowded than a clown car.

Public Transportation Options

Looking for ways to reach the Dong Nai Water Park? Here are some Public Transportation Options available:

  • Take Bus Number 10B from Bien Hoa City and get off at the Suoi Mo bus station.
  • Alternatively, you can board Bus Number 19 from Bien Hoa City and alight at Dong Nai Cultural House before taking a local motorbike taxi (xe om) to reach your destination.
  • You can also take a taxi from Bien Hoa City or Ho Chi Minh City directly to Dong Nai Water Park.
  • If you prefer riding a motorbike, you can easily rent one from the city center and ride towards the park.

It is important to note that traffic congestion can significantly delay your travel time during peak hours.

Don’t miss out on a fun day at Dong Nai Water Park. Instead, choose any of these convenient public transportation options to easily reach your destination.

Bring spare clothes, because nobody wants to walk around a water park looking like a soggy noodle.

Important Tips for Visitors to Dong Nai Water Park

To make the most of your visit to Dong Nai Water Park, use these important tips on operating hours and entrance fees, dress code and safety guidelines, locker and towel rentals, and nearby accommodations and attractions as your guide.

Operating Hours and Entrance Fees

Dong Nai Water Park visitors should know the park’s operational schedule and admission fees. The park is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm except for Mondays. The entrance fee varies according to age, with discounts available for children and senior citizens.

It is important to note that visitors should bring their own swimsuit and towels as the park does not provide these. In addition, outside food and drinks are prohibited in the park, and smoking is strictly prohibited.

A word of caution for visitors: applying sunblock regularly while enjoying the water rides is advisable as some attractions do not offer shade. Insects can also be a nuisance, so insect repellent may be useful.

A previous visitor shared about how they got lost within the vast expanse of the water park and advised others to carry a small map or request one from the information counter upon arrival.

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Don’t worry about wearing a bathing suit, just make sure you’re dressed for a potential emergency evacuation.

Dress Code and Safety Guidelines

When visiting Dong Nai Water Park, following the park’s guidelines for attire and safety is important. Proper swimwear is required, and visitors should avoid loose clothing and jewelry that could become entangled in the water attractions. Additionally, hats and glasses should be secured to prevent them from falling off during rides.

To ensure guest safety, visitors are advised to listen closely to all safety instructions given by park staff and adhere to all height and weight restrictions for attractions. Guests should also not enter any restricted areas or behave in a manner that could endanger themselves or others.

It is worth noting that life jackets are provided free of charge for children and non-swimmers. However, visitors with medical conditions or disabilities may need additional assistance, so it’s essential to communicate their needs with park staff beforehand.

Don’t miss out on the fun at Dong Nai Water Park due to preventable safety risks. By following the park’s dress code and safety guidelines, you can have a memorable experience while staying safe.

Because nothing says ‘I had a great time at the water park’ like a rental towel that smells like a stranger’s armpit.

Locker and Towel Rentals

If you plan to visit Dong Nai Water Park, you can avail of a convenient locker and towel rental service within the park. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Lockers are available in different sizes, so choose according to your requirements.
  • The rental fees for lockers and towels are affordable.
  • You need to deposit a small amount for the locker’s key.
  • Carry spare cash as they do not accept cards for these rentals.
  • Do not lose or damage the key, or you will have to pay a penalty.

If you require more than one locker or towel, inform the staff at the rental counter. Also, keep in mind that these services are on a first-come-first-serve basis and may become unavailable during peak hours. Finally, don’t forget to return the key when you vacate the locker.

To avoid losing your key, wear it around your wrist or put it securely in your swimwear pocket.

Don’t worry about finding nearby accommodations, you’ll be sleeping with the fishes after going down the water park’s shark slide.

Nearby Accommodations and Attractions

Discover various lodgings and interesting spots close to Dong Nai Water Park. Take a gander at the following accommodations and attractions in the encompassing area.


  • Joy Hotel – just 5 minutes away.
  • Cannelle Resort – a 15-minute drive from the park.
  • Century Riverside Hotel – about 20 minutes’ ride from the park.
  • Dong Nai Golf Resort – an exclusive resort within a half-hour drive.


  • Bach Ma Temple – dedicated to white horses worship is about 3 kilometers away from Dong Nai Water Park
  • Nam Phuong Queen Palace – a former royal residence where tourists can experience exquisite views and ancient architecture.
  • Tan Trieu Pomelo Garden – flourishing with productive pomelo trees in its natural landscapes; visitors can buy fresh fruits and have fun, educational tours.
  • Beautiful Can Gio Biosphere Reserve – An exciting combination of mangrove forests, crab premises, and stunning beaches over an hour’s drive away from the park.

Furthermore, these spots offer convenient transport access and are safe for solo or family travelers. Adventure seekers might want to go on evening Ba Nam waterfall adventures nearby.

As per Vietnam Online News, Dong Nai Province established Cambodia’s first-ever off-budget free schools.

Dong Nai Water Park: where you can soak up the fun and avoid getting soaked by the rain during your Vietnam tour.

Conclusion: Why Dong Nai Water Park Is a Must-Visit During Your Vietnam Tour

Dong Nai water park is an outstanding place to visit during your tour in Vietnam. It is a must-visit attraction that offers excellent activities for visitors of all ages, making it a perfect destination for families and groups. In addition, the park’s serene environment and exhilarating rides and attractions make it an unforgettable adventure.

The park has many activities visitors can engage in, such as swimming in the various pools or waterslides, and relaxing on floating rafts. The park could also serve as a picnic center or offer space to celebrate special events like birthdays or anniversaries. With the distinct facilities available, visitors are certain to have fun and create memorable moments.

Additionally, Dong Nai offers shuttle services from Saigon City: it is a comfortable and affordable way to reach Dong Nai water park without any hassle. However, security is also top-notch: there are lifeguards around the pools and attractions to ensure everyone’s safety.

Visiting Dong Nai water park guarantees an exciting experience filled with amazing views of nature amidst thrilling adventures. Visitors will undoubtedly enjoy exploring the unique features while engaging in different activities.

Fun fact: In 2017, Dong Nai Water Park won “Southeast Asia’s best amusement parks” award (Source: Travelers Today).