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Canada vs UK esports betting: the main differences

Canada vs UK esports betting: the main differences

Tournaments in Dota 2, League of Legends, СS: GO, and other Esport games gather millions of viewers in front of the screen. If previously most children dreamed of becoming a soccer player, now the number of those who want to make a career in FIFA game is growing enormously.

The global Esport betting industry has also expanded tremendously in recent times. Nowadays, the total profit of the market is estimated at billions of dollars. And there is nothing strange about it because the Internet and streaming platforms today allow you to follow the main Esports events from anywhere in the world. Betting websites quickly understood these trends and immediately included an option to bet on such events.  

In this article, we will take a look at the Esport betting industry in Canada and the UK and highlight their main differences. Let’s get started.

Betting In Canada 

Canada is divided into ten provinces and three territories. The provinces are actually independent, and any legislative change there can only be made by amending the constitution. The attitude of the provinces to gambling is slightly different. Thus, each of them decides what is allowed for its citizens. In 1999, Ottawa sent down the law on legalizing gambling, and each province began adapting it to its local conditions. For example, it is allowed to bet from the age of 18 in Quebec but from 19 in Ontario.   

Although gambling was permitted in Canada in 1999, the government legalized online casinos only in 2009. As a result, there are numerous $10 minimum deposit online casino lists where Canadian gamblers can find the best websites with attractive offers. The citizens of Canada have never been limited in their gaming rights. In most cases, players simply used foreign sites to bypass all of the restrictions and are actively doing this today.

Betting In The UK

Britain is rightly considered a leader in the world of Esports betting. It offers the best conditions for betting websites, companies, and individual gamblers. This is why most of today’s leading bookmakers started their activities in the UK, and most betting fans have accounts on British websites. 

The operation of UK gambling companies is controlled by the State Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom, established in 2005. Each bookmaker that wants to work on the British market must obtain a license from the Commission. Nowadays, there are several dozens of betting websites, which received such permission. 

The gambling legislation in the UK is as flexible as possible. Now gamblers can easily find deposit 10 pound play with 60 casino offers and enjoy playing at the best websites. But in fact, only casinos and betting companies needed permission from the federal government. Moreover, British Esports enthusiasts are pleased with wonderful betting options too. Casino owners and bookmakers are also making huge multi-million profits that generate huge tax revenues. Today, British gambling operators are sponsoring the leading Esports teams and investing a lot of money in the development of this field. 

Differences in Canadian and UK Esports Betting

1. Number of Wagers

It is necessary to highlight the main specifics of Canadian esports betting. Local players can bet only on multiple events at once; in other words, use combined bets from three events or more. Ordinaries in Canada are prohibited. According to the government, single wagers contribute to corruption and rigged events. At the same time, all players in the UK can bet on single matches of their favorite teams in Dota 2, CS: GO, and other games with no limitations. 

Canadian bookmakers have long been lobbying for legislative changes. Most likely, in 2021, local bettors will finally get the opportunity to bet on single events.   

2. Selection of Websites

Due to legislative issues and the lack of local Esports events in Canada, most gamblers prefer to use foreign betting companies. The UK websites are the most popular ones among Canadians, as they offer a wide range of options for betting on Esports and also allow to place single bets.  

On the other hand, British players prefer to bet on local websites. There are numerous UK online gambling companies, all of which allow an unlimited number of bets. One of the negative consequences of this is a really high percentage of different gambling disorders in the country. 

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3. Taxes

Average Canadian players do not need to pay any Esports betting taxes. However, there is a big and important nuance. If the bettor is a successful player and consistently makes a steady income from gambling —- he will be required to pay taxes. Hiding such activities in Canada is almost impossible. At the same time, British players do not pay taxes on winnings since 2001. On the other hand, British gambling companies pay 15% of their income to the state.


Although Canada and the United Kingdom have long gambling traditions, Esport betting is not widely spread in these countries. Also, they don’t have separate legislation that would regulate this specific part of the industry. Still, the number of Esports fans is growing every year. At the same time, the number of people who want to bet on the major Esport tournaments is increasing too.

Specialists expect to see a real boom in Esports betting during the next few years. This theory is supported by the pandemic and the new legislation in Canada that will definitely influence the global gambling market. As a result, the British bookmakers may lose Canadian players, but the number of new local gamblers will balance the situation.

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