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Building a Winning eSports Betting Strategy

Building a Winning eSports Betting Strategy


For the longest time, betting was only about sports like football, cricket, horse racing, and basketball. But slowly, we witnessed video games growing from being a pastime activity enjoyed at home to having its own category on bookmakers called esports.

With the rise in interest in major tournaments of games such as Dota 2, CS:GO, and League of Legends, more and more people are jumping into the betting scene. However, suppose you want to win some good money on esports and regularly, what do you do?

First things first, you have to choose a betting site you can trust with your money. By checking out top evaluations such as this GGBet evaluation, you can know what a bookmaker has to offer, from its bonuses and promotions to security.

Then, you’ll proceed to see which esports games are available and whether they match your interests. Once you find the perfect site for you, all you need is a betting strategy that will inform how you place your bets.

In our guide below, you’ll realize that esports betting strategies are super fun, just like the games themselves. From choosing a game you are passionate about to watching expert players’ live streams, here are a few gems to hack the esports betting niche.

Specialize in One Game or Genre

Focusing your betting on a single esport genre or game like CS:GO or League of Legends can significantly improve your chances of success. By specializing, you gain an in-depth understanding of the game mechanics, top teams, star players, and shifting meta.


Follow the professional scene closely to stay fully updated on roster changes, tournament results, and other developments that can inform your betting. This deep knowledge of a single title lets you make better-informed wagers, especially when betting on complex markets like firstblood, round/map winner, and handicaps.

Analyze Player and Team Stats

Leveraging statistics is crucial for making intelligent esports betting decisions. Many resources provide detailed data on win rates, K/D ratios, and average damage. Using this data and discerning trends and patterns within a team or player’s performance history enables you to have a comprehensive evaluation of their capabilities over time.

For an upcoming match, compare factors like recent win rates and individual player stats. This statistical analysis will allow you to predict match outcomes and identify betting values more accurately.

Watching Replays and Live Streams

Tuning into live tournament broadcasts and evaluating past match replays lets you better understand teams’ strategies and gameplay styles. Watching matches as they happen offers real-time insights into team performance.

Meanwhile, replay analysis lets you spot trends and weaknesses you may have missed live. Listening to expert analyst commentary also provides invaluable perspective. When you take all these into consideration, you’ll notice a significant upgrade in your prediction abilities.

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Join Online Esports Communities

Joining online esports communities like forums, Discord servers, Twitch, and subreddit threads allows you to connect with experienced punters who can provide tips and knowledge. Such groups discuss upcoming matches, debate odds, and analyze results.


More experienced players will share valuable guides and insights you may have overlooked. The good thing about this is that there are many esports communities, and usually, as long as you are a fan of the game, it should be easy to join.

Monitor External Factors

Staying abreast of the latest esports news is a crucial strategy to unearth crucial external factors that can influence the outcome of a match. Player illness, internal team conflicts, roster moves, player suspensions, and other developments can significantly impact performances.

It is vital to consider and evaluate all relevant factors and influences beyond the immediate variables of the game itself for accurate match predictions. Scour news sites, team/player social media pages, and community discussions to be aware of any developments that the betting lines may not have reacted to yet.


To wrap it up, esports betting is such a fun niche because you’ll be watching top players playing your favorite games. However, to make the most out of your experience, our easy guide will keep you one step ahead. Unlike other sports betting options, which might need complex strategies, esports simply requires one to be keen, join online communities, and watch replays and live streams, which will, in the long run, improve your skills as a player.

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