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Betano Enter the UK Gambling Market

Betano Enter the UK Gambling Market


Expanding your business globally is important regardless of what industry you are in. Betano is going down that route and recently entered the UK online casino market by opening a new site.

They are already established as one of the top sports betting and gaming operators. Betano are one of the top brands for Kaizen Gaming and this entry into the UK market is a significant move for them.

Partnerships are also important in the gambling industry. Kaizen Gaming have signed a new deal with BVGroup and this has led to this expansion by Betano. The launch ensures that 2024 will be remembered as the most important year in Betano’s history.

It’s already been a big year for Betano and you won’t be able to miss them this summer. That’s because they have signed an official sponsorship deal with UEFA for Euro 2024. They will also have a strong presence during this year’s Copa America tournament.

Betano have been building up their international presence for several years. They ensure that their sites always encourage their members to gamble responsibly. High-end technological solutions are present, and excellent levels of marketing are achieved. Doing so makes them a good prospect for any supplier or operator looking for a partner.

This has led to the new partnership that has been forged with one of the top players on the UK market, BVGroup. They already have a strong reputation due to their immense market experience and proprietary technology.

The new Betano site for the UK gambling market contains both a sports betting section and an online casino. It is never easy to launch a new product and that’s particularly the case in the UK. It’s already a highly competitive market so being able to secure a good slice of the pie requires a lot of hard work.

One way this can be achieved is the offering of a welcome bonus. New members can opt-in to receiving such offers that can see them receiving free bets and slots bonus codes. It’s always important to read the terms and conditions of such offers.


Another key feature of the new Betano site is the live casino. This gives players the opportunity to bet in an environment that is close to that experienced at land-based casinos and includes live dealers.

The UK gambling industry regularly sees more companies entering the market. Last year for example, American company BetMGM launched in the UK.There have been some cases of companies launching in the UK but then later closing their site.

This has been the case with the Mansion Group who decided to leave last year due to the stricter regulations being imposed on the UK gambling industry.

That is a problem that Betano will have to face now and in the future. For example, they have a strong slots portfolio in their online casino. There is always the worry that players (particularly younger ones) may suffer problems with their gambling, just as you need to ensure malware doesn’t affect your computer.

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From September of this year, the maximum stake limit for gamblers aged between 18 and 25 will be reduced to £2 per spin. For older gamblers, the maximum amount that can be staked on a spin will be £5.

Both Betano and BVGroup have stressed to their members the importance of betting in a safe and responsible manner. To be able to operate in the UK, a licence has had to be granted. This has been given by the UK Gambling Commission but Betano will need to follow the conditions of their licence.

Recent years have seen the UK Gambling Commission become increasingly stricter towards those they have granted licences to. This has included them fining companies such as bet365 who have shown failings in areas such as social responsibility and anti-money laundering.


Julio Iglesias Hernando is the CCO of Kaizen Gaming. He said that Betano now has a presence in Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Their sites offer customers “a thrilling online betting experience.”

He described the UK as “one of the largest regulated online gaming markets in the world.” To be able to enter the market, they needed “excellent partners,” and the “well-established and reputable BVGroup” fits that bill perfectly, and he “is confident” the partnership with them “will be a success.”

The CCO of BVGroup is Brent Almeida who is delighted with the new partnership. His view is that their new partners are “a leading operator in the online gaming industry.” He’s particularly impressed by their partnerships with major sporting events such as the 2022 World Cup and this summer’s top tournaments. The CCO added that he’s confident that the new site will provide a “safe and entertaining gaming experience.”