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17+ Best The Forest Mods On PC

17+ Best The Forest Mods On PC

17+ Best The Forest Mods On PC

The Forest is a popular survival game that’s been in Early Access for years now and finally got it’s full release earlier this year. It’s a first-person survival game in the vein of Rust or DayZ, where players must survive after waking from a crashed plane in an ominous and mysterious forest.

The game features an extensive multiplayer mode, where you can survive with others, or choose to hunt down others if you so wish.

In this article, we will run down 17+ of the best mods available for The Forest on PC. Here are some more posts like this, if you’re interested, too: Best Sims 4 ModsBest Rimsworld ModsBest Skyrim Mods, and more!

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Best The Forest Mods


One of the very basic elements that make The Forest a creepy experience and give you the sense of being lost, it is the fact that there is no map. As you can understand from its very straightforward name, the Map mod lets you access the map on which you can display your current location, locations of different caves and stashes, locations of all cannibals and positions of all players on the server if you are playing multiplayer. All this, just so you do not get lost in this vast, cannibal-filled forest.

Download Map.

Player Upgrade Points

The Forest Mods

One of the best The Forest mods out there is the Player Upgrade Points. It completely changes the way you play the game by implementing an RPG system in which you can earn experience and level up different stats. You can level up various stats; be it decreasing the stamina usage while blocking, sprinting or attacking, sprint speed, jump height, passive health and stamina regen, attack speed, weapon and projectile damage, block damage and general damage reduction, fall damage reduction etc. You gain experience points by killing enemies and destroying effigies. If you want to add a new depth to your gameplay, this mod will change the way you play.

Download Player Upgrade Points.

Ultimate Cheat Menu 

The Forest Mods

If you played The Forest for a long time and tried different, various mods and ultimately got bored of it, maybe playing it with cheats for a while and trying crazy things can reignite your enjoyment. Ultimate Cheat Menu does exactly what its name suggests: It lets you cheat. And it is a lot of fun. You can teleport anywhere, kill or spawn animals/enemies, be invisible, set the time of the day and the weather, fly, noclip, turn on Godmode and most importantly, spawn infinite numbers of logs! It can get boring in the long run like most cheats, but for a couple of hours, it is heaps of fun.

Download Ultimate Cheat Menu.

Easy Building 

The Forest Mods

Even though the building in The Forest is one of the main and most enjoyable gameplay elements of the game, it can get a bit tedious after a while. If you are an experienced player and want to reduce the time you spend on farming logs or you are a new player and want to get through the game a little faster and do not want to die at nights just because you couldn’t build a proper shelter, Easy Building cuts the necessary resources for all buildings in half, making farming much less tedious and repetitive.

Download Easy Building.

Tree Respawn 

The Forest Mods

If you are a true lumberjack and go through quarter of the trees in one or two nights, the default %10 tree respawn rate each night may not be always enough for you. Plus, cutting down trees and opening areas kind of reduces the sense of being watched and being alone in the forest. If you wish to counter these, though, you can install Tree Respawn and with just clicking Shift + R, you can instantly bless the island with respawning ~10% of all trees. Time to cut down some more!

Download Tree Respawn.

Longer Days and Nights 

Best The Forest Mods

In my opinion, one of the biggest issues that break the realism of the games that implement day and night cycles is the fact that both day and night usually lasts around 10-20 minutes in those games. Of course, nobody wants a full 12-hour day and 12-hour night cycle, especially in a game like The Forest, but with a mod like Longer Days and Nights, you can double the length of day and night, resuilting in a much more realistic and immersive experience.

Download Longer Days and Nights.


The Forest Mods

Sometimes, we may want to change the way we play a game completely. Maybe you want to play The Forest as a peaceful camping game with no cannibals or monsters? Maybe you just want to battle mutants or cannibals. With this mod, you can change the spawn rates for the various enemies that you encounter. If you want a bloodbath, you can maximize all of their spawn rates and just go on a war, or set them all to zero and just enjoy building and camping by the shore. Do not forget your son, though.

Download Day22SpawnChange.

Bigger Backpack 

The Forest Mods

Another obvious mod in our list that screams what it exactly does is Bigger Backpack. You want a bigger backpack and carry more items? Install this, so you won’t have to walk back to your base every time you go on a short farming trip. Couple this mod with our 4th choice Easy Building, and going through the grinding parts of the game gets much less repetitive. For the maximum effect, you can type 0 to the notepad and get unlimited backpack space. Or if for some reason you do not want to carry anything and go hardcore as much as possible, you can type -1 and disable the backpack completely.

Download Bigger Backpack.

Damage Numbers

Damage Numbers

I think the description of the mod page tells everything you need: “Adds a simple but highly customizable damage indicator that displays amount of health cannibal has left. Additionally names every cannibal differently. Because why not? Might show unexpected edginess.”

For the ultimate RPG experience, couple this mod with our 2nd mod of choice Player Upgrade Points and you can now play The Forest version of Dying Light. The names of the cannibals can give you some good laughs, too. Just do not let your imagination be the limit.

Download Damage Numbers.

Active Shadows

The Forest Mods

Lighting plays a crucial role in every game and adds the most amount of graphical realism to any game it is implemented well. Active Shadows does exactly what its name suggests, makes the shadows and the sun constantly move. It will drop your FPS a bit, but if you have a good PC, it is definitely a must-have.

Download Active Shadows.

In-Game Crosshair 

The Forest Mods

If you are like me and look for a crosshair in every first-person game you play, In-Game Crosshair can add The Forest a crosshair. It is not that useful in this game but is a welcome and small change.

Download In-Game Crosshair.

FOV Changer 

The Forest Mods

Being able to customize your field of view is a crucial importance to many first-person players. A low FOV causes a zoomed-in view and can cause dizziness in a lot of players. FOV Changer lets you modify your in-game FOV in The Forest, ranging from 50 to a blasting 170.

Download FOV Changer.

Full Inventory

More a cheat code than a mod, this one instantly fills your inventory with all the collectible items possible. 

Boasting an infinite inventory, we’re not sure what you’re going to do with all these items, but we’re guessing you’d rather have the option with you. 

There’s something about this mod that’s so unnecessary that you’ve got to have it! 

There’s no quest of trying to locate all these items anymore, so if you come to us realizing that the real prize was the journey, not the destination, we might have nothing to say!

Download Full Inventory

See Also

Infinite Zipline

This mod is as self-explanatory as it is exhilarating. There is literally no limit to the distance you can go on this zipline, and we bet you didn’t think you’ll get to have this unreal experience while playing The Forest. 

Sure, Eric LaBlanc isn’t getting any closer to saving his son on this Infinite Zipline (clearly going away from the island), but in a global pandemic, we’re taking all the adventure sports we can get. 

Download Infinite Zipline


This mod is so simply named that we’re suspicious it’s the file name. Every time you play The Forest, you’re forced to undergo the trauma of the terrible plane crash that takes place. It was fine the first 10 times, but now it’s almost becoming the theme song of an otherwise perfectly good game.

There is the facility of pressing the space bar to skip the plane crash but having to do it is a painful reminder of what you’re skipping. Almost like having to close your eyes as a child when watching a gory movie with your parents. We all know the plane crashes: let’s just start straight from the landing (crashing) site. That’s exactly what this mod does, with no configuration needed. 

SkipPlaneCrash is the mod that we didn’t know we wanted but sorely needed. 

Download SkipPlaneCrash


One of the best parts about mods is that they can be incredibly detailed and change the gameplay as well as subtle in the background. Tides belong to the latter category. What this mod essentially does is that it adds realistic tides to the game’s ocean. 

It also opens up different parts of the shoreline at different parts of the day. The creator says that each tide cycle takes about 13 in-game hours to complete: so keep an eye on that yacht!

This simplistic mod also makes the waters look that much more beautiful and calming. Try not to get lost watching the waves though, you have a son to save!

Download Tides

No Sleep Cooldown

In the No Sleep Cooldown mod, you can sleep at will. This may not sound like much, but when you’re wounded and need precious time to heal, this will come in extremely handy. 

No longer do you sleep for a specified time and wake up against your will. You can sleep until you’re completely healed and then continue with the game. Even when you’re not in need of healing, it can be a great way to skip a particular day and move on to the next by going right back to sleep. 

This gives you much more control over the timeline of the days and nights in The Forest. 

The creator of this mod calls it the mod equivalent of sleeping pills, and we agree that nothing could go wrong. Unless of course, you’re sleeping till the end of the game. 

Download No Sleep Cooldown

These are 17+ of the best mods available for The Forest on PC. Turn an already-great game into an amazing and sprawling world with even more depth and replayability.

Let us know if you think we missed anything!