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Best Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Mods

Best Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Mods

Best Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Mods

Even though many people first played Morrowind on a console initially, it’s no secret that the PC version had one huge advantage – modding. The modding community is hard at work, and there are truly a lot of excellent mods for it. It was released over 15 years ago, but the number of mods and their quality is truly intimidating. However, finding the best Morrowind mods can be difficult.

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If you’re one of those people that play Morrowind but find it lacking a thing or two for an even better experience, chances are you’ll find it in the essential Morrowind mods we have for you below. They’re organized in a few categories, and there’s something for everyone. You can also look on the Nexus Mod Morrowind page.

Before you get to installing them, you might want to use something like the Nexus Mod Manager or Wrye Mash so you can organize them once you get started. And also, make sure you read the installation instructions, both when installing and when using the mods. They do come in handy more than you think.

Morrowind Mods

Morrowind Gameplay Tweaks and Patches Mods

Morrowind Code Patch

Morrowind Code Patch

The Morrowind Code Patch mod isn’t something you should be thinking about – just get it and install it. Just like with any other game, there were quite a few bugs with Morrowind. Even though some of them were eventually fixed, or can be patched with editing scripts and data files, there are still a lot of them that will do things like crash your game or corrupt your save files. The game can be frustrating, to say the least.

Aside from fixing crashes and save file corruption issues, you’ll also notice that the in-game calendar has the correct number of days in each month now, and there are much less missing objects. The mod is also essential if you want to install some other mods, such as the Tamriel Rebuilt mod. It can also conflict with some mods unless you turn off uncapping of skills and attributes, so that’s a recommended thing to do when installing it. All things considered, the Morrowind Code Patch is one of those mods that will make you question how you’ve played without it until now.

Download Morrowind Code Patch

Skyrim UI Overhaul

Skyrim UI Overhaul

Bethesda does have a weak spot with their open-world games, and it’s the user interfaces. They’ve never been too good, with color schemes that are difficult, to say the least, and complex items. If this is an issue for you with Morrowind, you should try the Skyrim UI Overhaul mod. It removes a lot of the borders and edges and takes advantage of the transparent boxes in Morrowind to make everything look much cleaner and more modern, similarly to what you can get with Skyrim.

With the latest version of the mod, you’re getting a clean white on black interface, which looks great. The cursors and compass marker are updated and also look amazing, and so does the “enchantment” graphic which has been redrawn. Last but not least, you’ll get a black on black Morrowind loading screen, which is great. It may not make a lot of “drastic” changes, but the mod does make the whole game look great.

Download Skyrim UI Overhaul

Tribunal Delayed

Tribunal Delayed

Just like the user interfaces, another weak spot with Bethesda’s games are their DLCs. More notably, the seamless insertion of said DLCs into their games. An example would be the Tribunal expansion for Morrowind. Namely, when you install it, you have Dark Brotherhood assassins that will try to murder you in your sleep, until you start the expansion. This usually results in one of two things.

You’re either assassinated at level one, or you survive, and get a lot of gear that’s just too powerful for you. The Tribunal Delayed mod will put off the nightly visits until you finish the main quest, and solve this issue.

Download Tribunal Delayed

Morrowind Transportation and Getting around Mods

Sell N Sail Galleon

Sell N Sail Galleon

Getting around Morrowind can be done in many ways, but most of them are slow. Sure, you could as a ship’s captain to take you wherever you want, but why do that when you can buy your own boat? With the Sell N Sail Galleon mod, you can either get a small boat for 600 septims, or an expensive, luxury galleon for 205,000 septims.

The galleon also gets you a below deck area where you can actually make a home, and you can sail both crafts, even though the controls aren’t the best. You can buy either from an island that’s near Gnaar Mok.

Download Sell N Sail Galleon

Andromeda’s Fast Travel

Andromeda’s Fast Travel

When you’re bouncing between NPCs that are far away from each other, trying to complete a quest, or you need to cross the Ashlands for the thousandth time, you’ll realize that a faster way to travel is actually really welcome. Andromeda’s Fast Travel will turn roadside signs into travel points. All you have to do is look at the sign pointing to where you want to go, press the spacebar, and you’re there. You will get six hours added to the clock, but you’ll still get there really fast.

Download Andromeda’s Fast Travel

Melian’s Teleport Mod

Melians Teleport Mod

There are two spells in the game, Mark and Recall, which are essential when you want to get back to a location that’s pretty far. They’re often used for going back home, for example. The downside is that you can only have a single placed be Marked at any given time. With Melian’s Teleport Mod, you can cast Mark as much as you want, and give individual names to each place. Handy, isn’t it?

Download Melian’s Teleport Mod

Run Faster

Run Faster

This one’s name is pretty self-explanatory. With Run Faster, you can adjust your running speed as necessary, with a few values to chose from. Sure, you could increase your speed by increasing the Speed stat when you level up, but the mod does this for you in an easier way. The best thing about the mod is that even with the Fastest speed chosen, you’re running through the world really fast, but can still see the world that’s around you.

Download Run Faster

Morrowind Overhaul 2019

Morrowind Overhaul 2019 provides the players with much better graphics than what they had before. It renders shadows, sceneries, scaling, distant viewing, and a lot more to make the visuals much more detailed.

Back when Morrowind was released, people didn’t have computers that could support high-quality features but today they have. So, it doesn’t make much sense to be playing the game with the same age-old awful visuals.

The Morrowind Overhaul 2019 resolves this issue and it can also be used alongside the Better Dialogue Font mod and the MGE XE mod. Besides improvising the graphics of the game, it also changes the sound settings.

Download Morrowind Overhaul 2019


MGE XE does not change any of the gaming models but it does bring about a lot of changes to the overall graphical interface of the game. It pays attention to visual details like shadows, distant viewing, and so on.

You can think of this mod as an improvised version of the Morrowind Graphics Extender mod. Before installing the MGE XE, you need to make sure that your computer is compatible with it. With this mod, the game will look as if it has been developed by a modern tech-savvy studio.

The creator of this mod deserves all the praise in the world for creating such a masterpiece!

Download MGE XE

The Underground 2

The Underground 2 is one of the best mods for Morrowind and it is very exciting too. It allows you to follow a separate storyline or a sub-plot. In this follow-up storyline, the player will meet a vampire and embark on a journey with them.

To be fair, you will find tons of mods that offer alternate storylines, but The Underground 2 is the most addictive of all. You will come across a lot of themes in this alternate storyline like puzzles, complex relationships, drama, traps, etc.

So, we recommend that you must install this mod to get a great gaming experience. Both newbies and Morrowind fans can try it out!

Download The Underground 2

Morrowind Comes Alive

Since Morrowind is a pretty old game, its creators do not want to waste any extra time and money to improve the game’s processing. All they do is add the essential new non-playing characters and other creatures.

But, to be fair, we all know that modern-day computers are capable of handling much more than that. So, this mod will give you 1200 brand new NPCs. Now, that’s a lot! If you find your gaming environment a bit empty, then this is the best way to make it look attractive and alive.

We have to agree that it’s totally worth trying out!

Download Morrowind Comes Alive

Better Dialogue Font

Do you find the dialogues in Morrowind gameplay difficult to read? If yes, then you are not alone, we all feel the same way. Worry not, because here is a mod that will rescue your eyesight.

The better dialogue font does what its name suggests, it improvises the font used for displaying dialogues on Morrowind and makes it readable. Back when Morrowind was first released, it featured pretty bad text fonts. But, now, it has become much worse than before.

This mod might seem like a small thing to add. Trust us, it is one of those small tweaks that can improvise your gaming experience by a huge level. Do try it out if you hate the current font used!

Download Better Dialogue Font

Facepack Compilation

If you are one of those players who like replaying a game time and again, then it does become quite dreary to play with the same old characters. However, with The Facepack Compilation mod, you get a range of different customizations that you can apply on a face and come up with something new.

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We all know that in RPGs, the player develops a kind of attachment with the character they are playing as. So, having quick face customization might end up enhancing your gameplay. Also, a little bit of backstory to the character could help.

This mod provides you with different hairstyles to go with the characters as well. It is indeed a very cool mod!

Download Facepack Compilation

Tamriel Rebuilt

Tamriel Rebuilt is kind of like an overhaul mod as it completely changes the look and vibe of this game. You won’t be able to recognize the same place again after using this patch. The mainland becomes a playable zone. In addition to that, several other things also get added to the game.

Hats off to the work of the creators! No wonder it took them more than 10 years to build this mod. So, if you have finished playing the game, then you might want to add this mod and try out the game again because everything will feel different this time.

The mod adds a lot of activities as well but you need to install Tamriel Data for it to work because this one does not have any asset files.

Download Tamriel Rebuilt

Better Bodies

The Better Bodies mod adds a variety of looks for the characters’ bodies and also adds extra details. To download this mod, however, you need to open an account with Nexus Mods and switch off the adult content filter.

Other mods like Better Clothes, Hair Replacer, etc. are also based upon this mod. You get a realistic version of the characters when this mod adds certain details and specifications to the bodies.

All in all, this too, is a step to improvise the overall visual experience of the game. Keep in mind that the sensitive parts of the characters might be visible when the characters are unclothed after you have installed this mod.

Download Better Bodies

Morrowind Visual Modifications Mods

Visual Pack Combined

Visual Pack Combined

Considering the age of Morrowind, you really shouldn’t be complaining about the quality of the visuals and the textures. But over the years, modders such as Ayse, Lord Gabryael, Raptre, Zuldazug and Qarl created better textures for basically the entire game. The Visual Pack Combined mod brings all their textures in a single mod which you can easily install with the Nexus Mod Manager. The mod will retexture the entire game, and give it a high-res, highly detailed makeover.

Download Visual Pack Combined

Skies .IV

Skies .IV

Morrowind had some fairly impressive skies for its time. From the starry night skies to the ash storms and drifting clouds, everything looked pretty good. However, they can always be better, and that’s what the Skies mod, currently in its fourth iteration, aims to do. It doesn’t only replace the repeating sky meshes with unique ones, but it will also change the way the weather is rendered, completely. It’s highly customizable, too, so you can change things such as the behavior of the moons, and a few other things. If you want much better sky and weather effects, the Skies mod is essential.

Download Skies .IV

Morrowind Skills and Combat Mods

Oblivionized Magicka Regeneration

Oblivionized Magicka Regeneration

Even those who don’t play a spellcaster want access to things such as Levitate, when you need to cross a mountain, or Mark and Recall to get back home after a quest. However, in Morrowind, magicka regenerates at a rate that is slow, to say the least. If you want it to regenerate faster, just like it does in Oblivion, you can do it with this mod. It basically borrows the magicka regeneration rate of Oblivion, and it’s one of those mods that you need to make the game a much more pleasurable experience.

Download Oblivionized Magicka Regeneration

Projectile Overhaul

Projectile Overhaul

If you’ve played Skyrim, you’ve noticed how lovely fast the arrows travel. That was actually inspired by an Oblivion mod that made them more difficult to dodge, but much more fun to shoot. The Projectile Overhaul mod for Morrowind has the same effect on Morrowind. It increases the velocity of basically everything you can launch, from spells, to shuriken, throwing knives and arrows. Just like with Skyrim, you’ll find that arrows are more difficult to dodge, but things are much more interesting when you’re on the other side of them.

Download Projectile Overhaul

Wrapping things up

Even though at this point it’s a game that’s over 15 years old, Morrowind still has a lot of players active. If you’re one of them and want to make your experience a bit better, the list of must-have Morrowind mods above should do just that for you.