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21+ Mass Effect Andromeda Mods

21+ Mass Effect Andromeda Mods

Mass Effect Andromeda Mods

Why should you look for the best Mass Effect Andromeda mods? Well, even though Mass Effect Andromeda was, and still is, a very popular game, it’s somewhat not up to the level of the original trilogy. It was definitely far from bad, but if you’ve played any of the predecessors, you’ll notice that it just doesn’t feel right.

We had a lot of situations where players felt like both the developers and the publisher could’ve done a better job. Fortunately, there are quite a few modders that were happy to pick things up from there, and work on those things.

This resulted in a variety of mods for Mass Effect Andromeda, but unfortunately, not all of them are what they promise to be. You may not get the effect you’re expecting from some of them, and to make matters worse, they may cause issues with the game.

To help with this, we have a list of the 11 must-have Mass Effect Andromeda mods. They’ll make the game a much more pleasurable experience, so let’s take a look at them.

Before we get to the Best mods

As with any other game, modding Mass Effect Andromeda can break some things. That’s why, before installing the mods, you’ll want to do a few things so you can come back to the original game if there’s an issue. You’ll find most information on the Mass Effect Andromeda Nexus Mods site, but you should have the tools below ready. 

The first thing to do is install Wavebend’s Recovery Tool. This isn’t a requirement for mods, but it’s a great backup tool that creates a backup of all the files that can be modified with the next tool. If anything does go wrong, you can use the tool to reinstall any altered files. Compared to reinstalling the entire game, this is a walk in the park.

Next, you’ll need Mass Effect Andromeda Explorer, or MEA Explorer. The first time you start it, you’ll need to tell it where you’ve installed the game. This is the software that’s used to install and manage your mods.

With that out of the way, it’s time to take a look at the best mods for Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda Mods and Patches

Shut up SAM

Shut up SAM

With a lot of games, you have artificial intelligence “helpers” that are more trouble than they’re worth. In Mass Effect Andromeda, you get SAM. Even though SAM is important, and can certainly give you very useful tips once in a while, the majority of the time you’ll be getting information that’s extremely obvious. After a really short while, this will get annoying.

The Shut up SAM mod will cut out most of SAM’s unnecessary talk out of the game. Things such as temperature, life support levels and radiation are all comments that are visible on the screen, so you won’t get any talk here. There’s plenty of information from the game – why get the exact same from the AI as well? There’s really no need for that.

Download Shut up SAM

Road Rage

Road Rage

One of the few things that were actual improvements in Andromeda, compared to the original trilogy, was the primary vehicle. Compared to the Mako and Hammerhead in the original series, the Nomad was superior, by far. However, it still had a few things that could’ve been made better according to many. Fortunately, Watafuzz, the modder who also created Shut up SAM, decided to take care of them.

The six-wheel monster has a few tweaks made in this mod. To begin with, the damage you inflict when you run enemies over scales with your level is always effective now and ensures that you crush them. Also, you get an upgrade in mobility, top speed and jump boosters, so you can get pretty much anywhere at any time.

Download Road Rage

Better Squad

Better Squad

The squad issue is one of the biggest problems players had with Mass Effect Andromeda. Compared to Commander Shephard’s squad, the one you get in Andromeda are disappointing, to say the least. And we’re talking both from a narrative perspective, and from a gameplay one. While a modder can’t really do much about the narrative, they can do a few things about the gameplay, and that’s what the Better Squad mod does.

You’ll find that your squad mates aren’t just much more powerful, but they’re also better balanced, as per their characters. This lets you focus on the game itself, instead of babysitting your squad mates and taking care of them every step of the way.

Download Better Squad

Romance For All

Romance For All

As with most other games, you could play the game without romancing a single person. But where’s the fun in that? You can achieve some of the best moments in the entire franchise if you become romantic with someone. Unfortunately, certain squad mates can only be romanced via a male, or female protagonist. If you find this to be an obstacle, we’ve got the right mod for you.

Romance For All will allow your character to romance any of your squad mates who actually have a romance path. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can also have multiple romances going on at the same time!

Download Romance For All

Massively Increased Inventory Size

Massively Increased Inventory Size

If ever you’ve played a game with an inventory, you know how much of a pain it can be to manage said inventory. The limited size means that you often need to dispose of items that you think you may need, just to get something you may need a bit more. If only you didn’t have to do this …

Well, thanks to the Massively Increased Inventory Size, you now can. The item limit is all the way up at 99 999, which basically lets you store anything you want in your inventory. You won’t have to bother managing things in the future, that’s for sure.

Download Massively Increased Inventory Size

Shorter Landing And Departure Cinematics

Shorter Landing And Departure Cinematics

The Tempest in Mass Effect Andromeda is a truly beautiful ship. However, the cutscenes when you’re landing and departing take forever, and there’s absolutely no reason for things to be like that. You’ll get bored of them really soon, and a way to do away with them is necessary.

The Shorter Landing And Departure Cinematics mod takes care of this. You’ll be cutting down the time by more or less 20 seconds, which is actually quite a bit. It may not seem like too much of a modification, but you’ll appreciate it nevertheless.

Download Shorter Landing And Departure Cinematics

Hyper Mobility

Hyper Mobility

We spoke about a mod that gets your squad mates in line with your abilities. But what if you wanted to do the exact opposite? The Hyper Mobility mod does exactly that, allowing you to be on a whole new level when it comes to mobility.

Your character will react much faster, and you won’t need two extra steps before it stops moving. The sprint speed is also increased, and you get increased jump height and distance as well. Oh, and the directional thrusters received an upgrade as well, and you have better control when airborne.

Download Hyper Mobility

Flying Mod (formerly Iron Man)

Flying Mod (formerly Iron Man)

Anthem, BioWare’s latest game, is actually considered by many to be an Iron Man simulator. And sure, we can easily see why. But courtesy of the Flying Mod, which was at one point known as Iron Man, you’ll get more or less the same thing with Mass Effect.

A few button presses will take you to the skies. Want to fly around the map as much as you want? You got it. Your squad may be a bit jealous, since they can’t do this, but why should you care? Enjoy your wings.

Download Flying Mod (formerly Iron Man)

Remove Evade Cooldown

Remove Evade Cooldown

It’s very often the case that little things make the game much more enjoyable. You wouldn’t assume that the press of a button can make you move instantly in any direction, and make firefights a lot more fun, right? Well, the evade button does this in Andromeda, but unfortunately, there’s a cooldown before you can use it again.

Well, Watafuzz strikes again to fix this. With the mod, you have no cooldown when you’re using evade, and you can do it pretty much as much as you want. If you’re still getting finished off, though … it’s not the game, buddy.

Download Remove Evade Cooldown

Materials For Sale

Materials For Sale

With RPGs, you usually have plenty of merchants and shops to visit if you want to upgrade things. After a while, this gets annoying. The Materials For Sale mod aims to help with this. With it, all crafting materials are available for sale from the Tempest, your main spaceship.

You no longer have to travel to different planets just to get that final material you need for your new suit. Also, all materials you may want are in quantities of 100,000. You won’t need more than that in a single playthrough.

Download Materials For Sale

We Had The Blueprints …

We Had The Blueprints

One of the most annoying things in Mass Effect Andromeda is not being able to afford research when it’s truly critical. Well, this mod aims to help with that. All the research that was previously cheap will now cost 2 RP. Research that used to be expensive is now only 5 RP. This is one of the most useful options on our list of best Mass Effect Andromeda mods, you definitely need to check it out.  

Download We Had The Blueprints …

Visual mods – hair and face

Femshepping’s Hair Color Edits

When it comes to Mass Effect Andromeda hair mods, Femshepping’s hair color edits is an excellent option. Even though fairly simple, it can have an interesting effect on the game. Basically, you have two different types of edits you can choose from. There’s the desaturated mode, which as the name suggests, just desaturates all the colors, and there’s the experimental mod, where a bit more attention was paid to the mods. The best thing is that it works for both male and female characters, and the effect will be visible on NPCs as well.

Download Femshepping’s Hair Color Edits

Cora Liam Asari Armor Casual and Hair Replacer

Another fairly popular option as far as Mass Effect Andromeda hair mods go, this one will replace more than just the hair. It works with male and female characters, and it actually replaces the armor, underarmor, casual outfit, and the hairstyle. There are plenty of options for various presets, so you can get things dialed in just the way you want them.

Download Cora Liam Asari Armor Casual and Hair Replacer

Lexi Tweak

This is one of those Mass Effect Andromeda face mods that not many people will notice. However, if you’re familiar with Lexi, you’ll know that a couple of subtle changes can make her character look a lot better. The Lexi Tweak does exactly this, and not much more. It will make a few subtle changes to the texture of Lexi’s face, and that’s about it. It’s still an interesting one to try out, though.

Download Lexi Tweak

Pretty Cora

The last visual mod we’ll discuss is another one in the line of subtle Mass Effect Andromeda face mods. It’s called Pretty Cora, and as the name suggests, it modifies Cora’s visual appearance. It will add another skin, in a fairly high resolution, as well as add different lips, brows and make up. It will also slightly modify the eye color, so you get a Cora that looks a bit different than what you’re used to. Note, however, that the Pretty Cora mod is incompatible with any other mods that modify her face or eye color.

Download Pretty Cora

Weapon Mods

When it comes to Mass Effect Andromeda weapon mods, there aren’t any that you can install. Yet, there is a way to mod your weapons. There are two options here.

The first one is to equip a mod for a weapon you have. To do this, you’ll want to visit a load-out station. Equipping mods can’t be done on the fly, unfortunately. However, loadout stations are fairly easy to find. You can also be at forwarding stations and access the loadout menu from there.

If you want to take Mass Effect Andromeda mods a step further, you’ll want augmentations. These are permanent additions that you can add when you’re crafting a weapon. They do make a huge difference and require that you visit a research station.

Once you’re done with researching a blueprint for the weapon (or armor, for that matter) you’re crafting, switch to the development menu. Choose the blueprint you will be crafting, and select an augmentation slot to see what kind of augmentations you can place there. Various augmentations have various effects, so choose carefully.

Download Weapon Mods

See Also

More Skill Points Per Level

As the name suggests, this mod provides more skill points to the players than what they used to get earlier. Moreover, you will be benefitted from this mod even if you do not level up quite often. The reason behind this is that the skill points are given retroactively. So, there is a good chance that you will get a lot of skill points at the same time.

This mod also comes with several options for you. You can alter and set how many points you are to receive every time you level up. So, this mod allows you to exercise much more control than what you would normally have.

Download More Skill Points Per Level

Quick Loot

This mod will get rid of the “item pick up” window and instead place all the dropped items in the player’s inventory. Also, you will get to see these items on your screen as and when they drop into the inventory. As a result, your playthrough also speeds up.

You will get two separate options with this mod. These allow you to pick if you want the mod to work on containers only like custom ones, hidden caches, and so on. Else, you could choose to work on corpses only that includes wild animals. The last option works on everything, so it is an all-in-one mod.

 Download Quick Loot

Nomad Top Speed Increase

The Nomad is the primary vehicle in the game Andromeda. When compared to the Mako and Hammerhead, this bike was way ahead. But, it did not make for a perfect vehicle since not everything was great about it.

A couple of things could have been improvised and a modder agreed to do that. This mod enhances the speed of the Nomad to 200 km/h from 160 km/h. Usually, the Nomad can crush over your enemies and cause a huge amount of damage. Other than that, the highest speed, jump boosters, and mobility of Nomad also get upgraded to ensure the seamless performance of this vehicle.

Download Nomad Top Speed Increase

MEA Fixpack

Everybody knows that the game Mass Effect: Andromeda was full of bugs even back when it was released. And a lot of those issues weren’t fixed until a long time by the game’s creator, BioWare. However, with the MEA Fixpack mod, a lot of these issues have been resolved in the base game.

It is meant to fix several problems like it prevents conversations from being stuck on repeat, stuck doors, etc. Little things can be very annoying especially while you’re fully focused on the game. This mod gets rid of all those irritating bugs. Also, earlier a couple of quests like “Running a Fever” was not completable but now they are.

Download MEA Fixpack

Profiles Reworked

As the name suggests, this mod will rework all the profiles and provide each one of them with unique and efficient bonuses. For example, in the Vanilla game, a lot of the stats are for no use like the Power Restoration and Defense one. On the other hand, it does not have useful stats such as Cooldown for Engineer or Tech Power Damage. Things like so can be fixed by this mod.

Profiles might seem somewhat generic when you progress in this game and with time, the enemies gain more resistance to your bullets, and that is when these start to bother. The developer of the game Kahmu has tried addressing these issues by trying to rework the profiles to make them better and tell them apart.

Download Profiles Reworked

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