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5 Best Live Streaming Platform for Gaming

5 Best Live Streaming Platform for Gaming

5 Best Live Streaming Platform for Gaming

Streaming games have become a particularly popular pastime on the internet in the last few years and it is an area that looks likely to keep growing in the future.

Various platforms cater to those who want to stream online games, with millions of people tuning in to watch their favorite streamers on sites such as YouTube and Twitch.

Those two are the giants of the online streaming world, but where else should people go if they want to find game streams? Here are some of the best streaming platforms around.

5 Best Game Streaming Platform

YouTube Gaming

YouTube remains the first place to go for games streaming, with the site being a globally recognized name in the industry as well as for videos.

Anyone who has used YouTube to watch videos will find the layout for watching streams is basically the same, while the mainstream appeal of the site means there is plenty of choices.

Due to the fact that YouTube is linked directly to the Google AdSense advertising platform, streamers can earn a decent living out of playing games through this site.

All types of content can be found on YouTube Gaming, but the site is growing in popularity among those who like to stream themselves playing casino games.

Twitch Gaming

Twitch Gaming

Beating YouTube Gaming when it comes to casino games streams is Twitch, with 1.4 million people following the site’s poker page alone.

Other casino games are also popular on the platform, but poker clearly leads the way. More than 300,000 people follow the online slots page on Twitch, with thousands of people watching the most popular casino streamers at any one time.

Gamers often get a phone verified Twitch account for user convenience. Twitch is seen as a purer streaming option than YouTube as this is the sole function of the site, although it is possible to watch videos that have been ‘clipped’ from live streams as well.

The Twitch directory is also well organized, making it easy to find the most popular streamers in areas such as casino gaming, while users can donate to their favorite streamers as well.

Planning to set up as a casino games streamer on Twitch or elsewhere, then use this site to find the best no deposit free casinos at which to join and play your favorite games.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming

Surprisingly, Facebook is also home to one of the internet’s most-used streaming sites.

The social networking giant might not seem as if it is an obvious place to watch live streams of casino games, but this is exactly what an awful lot of people do on the platform.

With Amazon, Google and Microsoft also moving into the live streaming arena, Facebook has tried to catch up with the launch of its own platform, which is known as Facebook Gaming.

Some top streamers have left YouTube and Twitch in order to set up on Facebook Gaming, so it seems likely this is going to be an even more important platform for streaming in the future.

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While lacking the brand recognition of streaming sites like Twitch and YouTube, Mixer is a very popular platform with some streamers.

Co-streaming is a big selling point of this particular site, with groups of friends able to easily team up and join forces on the same live gaming stream.

Streamers playing casino games can also access real-time analytics to see how their streams are performing live, with the site growing quickly in popularity in the last few months.

PlayStation Live and Xbox Live are similar to the Mixer platform, so anyone who is familiar with playing games in either of those places will immediately feel right at home here.

Smashcast Gaming


Last but not least is Smashcast, which is a leading eSports live streaming option right now.

Smashcast has been around for a few years, having been launched following the merger of Azubu and Hitbox, two other streaming sites that were very popular among games. 

It has been claimed by the site that it has 10 million users, so while it is not quite as popular globally as sites like Twitch and YouTube, it has a substantial base of fans as well. What is likely is that even more streaming sites pop up in the coming years as the activity continues to grow in popularity.

Whether the likes of Smashcast and Mixer can keep up remains to be seen.