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Best HDMI Switchers – Buyers Guide and Assessment

Best HDMI Switchers – Buyers Guide and Assessment

Best HDMI Switchers – Buyers Guide and Assessment

We all thought the future would eliminate cables from our lives or at least lower our need for them. But instead, we got even more cables today since the devices that we can connect to our monitors and TVs are gaining number: gaming consoles, PCs, TV boxes, different players… It can get complicated real quick. And the problem is, our TVs and monitors have only so many HDMI ports. Sure, you can go and change the cables everytime you run out of inputs, but the best thing you can do is invest in an HDMI switch.

HDMI switchers give you multiple inputs in just one HDMI port on your TV/monitor. You can connect your switcher to your TV and then connect your PS4, Xbox One, and TV box to your switcher and can change between them with one simple button.

What To Look For In An HDMI Switcher?

Inputs: One of the most important factors to consider when buying a switcher is the number of inputs. This obviously states how many devices you can connect at once, so choose according to your needs.
Supported Audio & Video Formats: Not every switcher supports 4K and 3D so if you have any displays that have 4K resolution, you may want to look for 4K support in your switcher. Likewise, check the supported audio formats of the product since the audio format your device is using may not be compatible.
Extra Features: HDMI switchers usually come with extra features to make your life a little bit easier like remote controllers, auto-switch functions and picture-in-picture (PIP) support. If any of those interest you, look for the products that have them.

9 Best HDMI Switch with 4k Support and Remote

It really is a lifesaver and they are usually pretty inexpensive. But because of their low price, the market is filled with low-quality products. Today, we are here to help you make a quality purchase and avoid mediocre products.

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Zettaguard ZW410

Zettaguard ZW410

One of most well-known and best HDMI switcher with remote out there. It is on the more expensive side, but the features you get from it justify the higher price tag. It has 4 ports which are higher than average. When you connect or open a new device, it automatically changes to that and it also comes with a remote. The lights on the front let you know which device is in use. It also has 4K and 3D support. Its picture-to-picture feature lets you use 2 devices at once on a single TV/monitor; one covers most of the screen while another device runs on a small window in the bottom right-hand corner. With all that, Zettaguard ZW410 is one of the best choices for 4K & 3D users.

USBNOVEL HDMI Switch 3 Port 3 x 1 [Best HDMI Switch 4k]

USBNOVEL HDMI Switch 3 Port 3 x 1

This switcher has 3 inputs and comes with a remote, so you do not have to get up from your couch while using your devices. It also has 4K and 3D support and comes with an 18-month warranty. Its small lights on the front let you know which devices are in use. It doesn’t have any more fancy features but it is also lower in price, so if you are looking for a good HDIM switcher, this is another great choice.


Fosmon HD1832

Fosmon HD1832

Even though it was released 6 years ago, Fosmon HD is still one of the best budget choices amongst HDMI switchers and it shows in its sales. It doesn’t have extra features or 4K support, but for $15 you get 5 ports, a remote and gold-plated ports to prevent rust. It supports a wide range of video game systems, players, stream devices and audio formats. For its high value, it is one of the best HDMI switchers on the market.


Goronya Bi-directional HDMI Switch

Goronya Bi-directional HDMI Switch

This switcher comes with 2 inputs and 4K support. The number of inputs may seem small but this device is more than just an HDMI switcher; it is also a splitter. As you can understand from the bi-directional implication in its name, you can also connect one device and use it on 2 different displays and switch between them. So if you are in any circumstance that requires you to use both an HDMI switcher and splitter, this is one of the best products for that goal.

Kinivo 501BN

Kinivo 501BN

Kinivo 501BN does not even need an introduction since the whopping 10,000 assessment on Amazon alone should convince you that it is an awesome product for its price. It supports every HDMI-compatible device, has 5 inputs and one output and comes with a remote for easy control. Like most other HDMI switchers, it has lights on it to show you which devices are in use. It doesn’t have 4K support but for its huge number of inputs and general quality, it is one of the best products in its category.

Univivi 5×1 HDMI Switcher

Univivi 5x1 HDMI Switcher

If Kinivo’s lack of 4K support bugged you, you can get the same number of inputs with 4K support with Univivi 5×1 HDMI Switcher. It has 5 inputs, has a remote controller and switches between devices automatically when you turn on a new unit. It needs an external power source, but that is its only con.


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Gana HDMI Switch 3×1

Gana HDMI Switch 3x1

Gana HDMI Switch 3×1 is cheap, unnoticeably small and simple. It’s just a cable with 3 HDMI inputs and 1 output, not even a box like most other HDMI switchers. That is it. It even has 4K support and is really easy to use. If all other extras like auto-switching and remote controllers seem unnecessary to you and you just want a simple and small HDMI switcher, look no further than Gana HDMI Switch 3×1.


Smartooo 4K-Ready HDMI Switcher

Smartooo 4K-Ready HDMI SwitcherJ-Tech Digital 4×1 HDMI Switch

J-Tech Digital 4x1 HDMI Switch

J-Tech’s Digital HDMI switcher comes with 4 inputs, 4K and 3D support and a remote controller. As a distinctive feature, one of the inputs is an MHL port rather than an HDMI port. The MHL port allows a smartphone or tablet to be connected to a TV/monitor (Its adapter is sold separately.). It also supports Google’s Chromecast.



There they are, the best HDMI switchers for gaming in the market for different purposes and different budgets for making your life a little bit easier. These products make changing between different devices on one port a breeze and save you the trouble of changing cables everytime you run out of input space. If our list helped you in any way, let us know below!