Best 4K and HDR Monitors For Xbox One X in 2020 – Top Picks Only

Do you know that console gaming on a monitor is still a good alternative if you don’t have a big tv to play? That’s why we reviewed some of the best monitor for Xbox one x. After Microsoft upgraded Xbox one it is able to take benefits of new PC gaming technologies, including FreeSyncVRR, and some games support a 1440p resolution.

We have read 100’s of reviews, eliminated inferior models and below are our recommendations for the best gaming monitors for Xbox One X to purchase in 2020.

Comparison of our Favorite Picks

Editors Choice Editors Choice #1. ViewSonic XG2700-4K Check Today’s Price
  • Screen Size: 27″
  • Resolution: 3840×2160
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Resp. Time: 5ms
Runner-up Runner-up #2. Asus VP28UQG 4K/UHD Check Today’s Price
  • Screen Size: 28″
  • Resolution: 3840×2160
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Resp. Time: 1ms
4K with HDR 10 4K with HDR 10 #3. LG 4K UHD 27UK650-W Check Today’s Price
  • Screen Size: 27″
  • Resolution: 3840×2160
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Resp. Time: 5ms
Good 4K 32-inch Option Good 4K 32-inch Option #4. BenQ PD3200U 4K Check Today’s Price
  • Screen Size: 32″
  • Resolution: 3840×2160
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Resp. Time: 4ms
4K @60Hz Quantum Dot Display 4K @60Hz Quantum Dot Display #5. Samsung U28H750 Quantum Dot Check Today’s Price
  • Screen Size: 28″
  • Resolution: 3840×2160
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Resp. Time: 1ms

Best Gaming Monitors for Xbox One X – 2020

Viewsonic XG2700 – Best 4k Monitor for Xbox One X – Editors Choice

Viewsonic xg2700-4k

Viewsonic XG2700 is the best 4k hdr monitor for Xbox One X we reviewed till now. It is 4k 27 inch IPS gaming monitor which gives you fantastic, crisp picture quality and works pretty well in for types of uses. It has Amd Freesync support with eye care technology but it is limited to only 60Hz refresh rate. Most gamers may not like this.

For those who play on Xbox One, this might be the best option. It has good response time, you can play games at fast-moving speed and due to the low input lag, the monitor is very responsive. The Freesync VRR supports makes a tear-free gaming experience which is limited by 60Hz refresh rate. Wide Viewing angle and contrast ratio of 1000:1 is good too, thanks to IPS panels which is great for co-op gaming.

One negative thing about this is, although this 4k gaming monitor with HDR supports, it can’t display HDR output clearly, which is disappointed. After reviewing it completely we can say that it’s a very good monitor that performs well in most cases, and it’s great for Xbox One gaming.

ASUS VP28UQG – Best Gaming Monitor For Xbox One X


The ASUS VP28UQG is the best monitor for the Xbox One X so far. Due to its excellent motion handling, good contrast ratio and low input lag, it delivers a smooth and responsive gaming experience at 2160p resolution. The best thing is you can adjust the refresh rate as it supports both Adaptive-Sync/FreeSync.

If you are not gaming, this is a decent monitor to use for other tasks. It has a clear bright screen with no dead pixels, good controls. Make sure to use this in the light as it has a great 300-bit peak brightness otherwise it’ll burn out your retinas.

You won’t experience any flickers while playing and it’s worth every penny. This doesn’t have HDR but still best in the budget. It also supports FreeSync through HDMI which XBOX supports. Another good thing about this xbox one gaming monitor is that you can mount in on the wall as it supports VESA based mounting.

The viewing angle is huge which makes it good for quick co-op gaming with friends. Unfortunately, ASUS VP28UQG is not as much as we think. It is not best for photo editing work even with peak brightness, bigger resolution for a TN monitor. Overall, though, it’s an excellent Xbox one x freesync monitor that should please most people.

LG 27UK650-W – 4K UHD IPS Monitor with HDR 10

LG 27UK650-W

The LG 27UK650-W is a 27” HDR 10 IPS panel with a 3840 x 2160p resolution.  It has low input lag, very good motion handling, and perfect image quality. This is incredibly sharp, and whether you’re gaming or watching movies. It provides fast response time and very responsive thanks to the low input lag. And before you ask, yes, an Xbox One is powerful enough to push games at 4K. Considering the gaming monitor only has a 60Hz refresh rate, you’ll be limited to 60 frames per second. You do get adaptive sync in the form of AMD’s FreeSync, which eliminates any stuttering and screen tearing to give you a tear free gaming.

This 4k gaming monitor has an IPS panel, which guarantees great colors with a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and wide viewing angles, but you’ll also be getting over 99% coverage of the sRGB color space. You can choose between Adobe RGB and sRGB in the Color Mode menu.

To add to that, you also have HDR 10 support that’s much wider than what you’d get with a regular gaming monitor. Oh, the monitor is also HDCP 2.2 compatible, which allows it to display video from 4K streaming services and consoles, and that is a big deal. This is one of the handfuls of monitors that has HDR. The game looked INSANE in 4k with the HDR mode on, so crisp and better colors. The 350 nit peak brightness that exceeds the capabilities of ordinary monitors.

In terms of gaming features, aside from the adaptive sync, you’ll get LG’s Black Stabilizer feature, which enhances the details in dark scenes, giving you a much better-exposed image without ruining all the bright areas of the image. There’s also the Dynamic Action Sync, which further makes sure that you have a smooth, fluid gaming action.

It’s a sleek, modern design with an ArcLine stand which has tilt and pivot adjustment so you can get it just right for your setup. If you’re looking for a modern solution for your xbox one that has a 4K resolution, a great panel, a sleek design and is just perfect for your console gaming, you found it.

BenQ PD3200U – Excellent 32-inch Gaming Monitor for Xbox One

BenQ PD3200U

For those that are looking for a bigger 4K screen, we got you covered. BenQ’s PD3200U isn’t exactly a budget gaming monitor but with killer 4K performance and pitch-perfect color accuracy, it offers quite a bit.

This is a professional xbox one monitor so it does not have any gaming modes or adaptive sync, but you can easily enjoy games on it with its low response time and input lag, perfect image quality, and a huge screen.

This gaming monitor is made of pure quality material not made from a cheap plastic stand or frame. You won’t get higher resolution anywhere else than this monitor from this list and with that picture quality takes you to another world.  It comes with 4 watts of internal speakers.

We played Fallout, Skyrim, and ESO on this display using GTX 1080 and faced no problem with the picture, video quality.

It displays all these merits on a 32″ 4K IPS display with native contrast ratio of 3000:1 on VA and 1000:1 on TN panel. All in all, for this price range, BenQ PD3200U is a good choice with its amazing image and color quality and 32″ screen size and 3 years warranty.

Samsung U28H750 – Perfect UGH Gaming Monitor for 4K console gaming

Samsung U28H750

Samsung U28H750 features a 28-inch TN panel with a 4K UHD, 60 Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time and AMD FreeSync. With all these features, it is safe to say that it is more than suitable for gaming purposes.

It also has Quantum Dot backlighting technology which allows the monitor to extend its color and contrast vibrancy and uniformity. There are so many best monitors for PC gaming that are also great for gaming on the Xbox One.

Though not big, it makes a difference in the color vividness. Plus, U28H750 features a “Game Mode” that optimizes image settings for playing games. It allows the game itself to adjust the settings to provide the best picture and alters the contrast to make dark spots darker and light spots lighter. Ultimately, Samsung U28H750 is one of the great gaming monitor for xbox in this price range.

ViewSonic XG2402 – Best quality 144hz Freesync Budget Gaming monitor for Xbox One X

ViewSonic XG2402

The ViewSonic XG2402 is a 24” Full HD monitor equipped with all the necessary features that any passionate gaming enthusiasts would need. This monitor features a 144Hz refresh rate and paired with AMD FreeSync technology. It supports FreeSync over HDMI for the Xbox One.

This monitor’s ability to have variable refresh rates helps to almost completely remove and stuttering or screen tear for the most fluid gameplay during demanding quick-pace scenes.

Featuring a lightning-quick response time of 1ms and low input lag, the ViewSonic XG2402 provides the smoothest gaming experience possible, even in the most graphically-intense moments. For competitive gamers, the Game Mode feature is optimized for your specific genre, including FPS, RTS, and MOBA games. See also our recommendations for the best monitors for PS4.

In addition to that, the customizable 22-level black stabilization function helps to track and locate enemies in darker environments, while maintaining its beautifully detailed rich colors and contrast. With other gamer-friendly features such as an integrated headphone hook and cable management functionality, the ViewSonic XG2402 is tailor-made for gamers to gain a competitive edge and provide the greatest entertainment quality. This is the best budget gaming monitor for xbox.

ASUS VG279Q – Best 1080P IPS 144hz Freesync/Gsync Monitor for Xbox One X


ASUS VG279Q is a 27” panel with 1920 x 1080p, which is not as good as 4K, but you’ll get better frame rates. With a 1ms response time and low input lag, it’s as fast as gaming monitors get, and ASUS’s Fast Input technology only makes things better. As far as your viewing experience goes, it’s an IPS panel which guarantees excellent color reproduction and really wide viewing angles.

If you’re one of those people who spend quite a lot of hours playing games, you’ll be happy to know that this gaming monitor comes with ASUS’s EyeCare technology that minimizes any eye fatigue. You also get the highly adjustable stand that lets you raise or lower the monitor, as well as do all sorts of tilt, swivel and pivot adjustments. Regardless of your desk and seating position, you’ll be able to get a good, comfortable position for it.

Considering that Xbox now supports it, you can take advantage of the 144Hz refresh rate with adaptive sync, which does guarantee the best possible gaming. This is something that was only reserved for PC gamers at one point, and we’re really glad that the technology was enabled in consoles as well.

To add to the host of useful features, the VG279Q also has GameVisual and GAME Plus technologies by ASUS, which allow for better color control and performance. If you’ve wanted a monitor for your console that you can fine-tune to your liking, this one is perfect. There’s also Shadow Boost, which will enhance the details in darker parts of the image, giving you a brighter scene and wider dynamic range without overexposing and burning the bright areas.

Overall, if you’re satisfied with a 1080p monitor, the VG279Q is quite possibly the best monitor to buy.

LG 27UK600-W – Amazing 4K HDR 10 Monitor for Professionals and Gamers

LG 27UK650-W 27

LG probably has the widest selection of 4K gaming monitors that are suitable for gaming purposes and we chose the LG 27Uk650-W. It has the highest price-performance ratio on our list.

With prominent features such as a 27″ 4K IPS panel, AMD’s FreeSync technology, HDR and 5ms response time, this display has an awesome image quality. If you are a gamer who prefers resolution of speed then this is the best 4k gaming you’ll get. It also supports FreeSync through HDMI.

This may annoy some gamers as it has only 60hz FPS which is definitely not for serious PC gamers. I played many games on it and 4k looks amazing on consoles.

You will also get stand with this display which provides height and rotation and if you don’t care about height or rotations then 27UK600 is another model of this series.

We have tried to play most HDR games on this and surprised with superior color and small details. It has lots of options to adjust settings and visual effects to match your preferences.

Despite being aimed at gamers, LG 27Uk650-W has a simplistic, elegant style that catches the eye. Having all these features for such a price wins our approval.

LG 32UD99-W – Best Premium 4K HDR Monitor for Design and Gaming

The LG 32UD99-W monitor is a 32” Ultra HD monitor that will display the details for any game with the most stunning details out there. With outstanding Ultra HD performance that is displayed on the custom-designed 4K Display panel.

This monitor provides accurate colors at all angles with four times the resolution of Full HD. Featuring HDR 10, this monitor will support specific levels of color and brightness exceeding the capabilities of ordinary monitors, that will make any game you are playing feel like a movie.

One of the most convenient features of this monitor is the USB Type-C ports. This allows you to transfer data, charge controllers and laptop/mobile devices all over a single cable. This reduces any clutter and increases your efficiency to the maximum. If gaming is not the only thing you use your console for, this monitor is HDCP 2.2 Compatible, meaning it is capable of displaying 4K video from streaming services and Blu-Ray players as well.

To further enhance image quality, this monitor covers an incredible 95% of the DCI-P3 color space, used as the standard in the film industry, assuring a wide range of colors for any game to feel elevated. 

ASUS MG28UQ – Excellent Gaming Monitor with FreeSync for PC and Xbox One X


The ASUS MG28UQ is a 28” gaming display that is specifically built for hardcore gamers and professional/competitive gaming. The MG28UQ provides four times the pixels of similar-sized Full HD 1080P displays to get the most out of the images from your games.

The MG28UQ will immerse you even deeper into your virtual worlds, as greatly-textured elements and terrain all boast exquisite levels of detail. Featuring a 1ms rapid response time, the ASUS MG28UQ eliminates any motion blur or smearing, even in any of today’s fastest games.

In addition, Adaptive-Sync technology removes any screen tearing or choppy frame rates to further enhance that smooth gameplay we all desire. The MG28UQ also includes many gamer-centric features such as the ASUS-exclusive GamePlus technology, a hotkey used to provide in-game enhancements that help get more out of your games which includes a crosshair, timer, FPS counter, and display alignment.

The MG28UQ is also equipped with ASUS-exclusive GameVisual technology, with separate visual settings to suit any situation you are faced with. This includes RTS/RPG, FPS, Cinema, sRGB, Scenery, and Racing. Adaptable to any scenario, the MG28UQ provides gamers an experience tailor-made to them.

Buying guide

With all the options available, how do you know which ones are worth buying? How do you know what technologies and specifications to trust, and where your money should go? Things can easily get confusing. Therefore, we’ve made this in-depth guide for you, so you know what to look for next time you’re buying a gaming monitor for your console.



When you’re buying a monitor, the first thing you’ll want to know is the resolution. The “standard” today is Full HD, or 1080p, which is of 1920 x 1080p. Many gamers settle for this, as both computers and consoles will struggle to push more than 60 frames per second on higher resolutions. At 1080p, you can easily get 120 or 144 frames per second on more powerful systems, while still getting a fairly sharp image.

The next step up is Quad HD, or 1440p, which is 2560 x 1440p. This is a significant upgrade over 1080p and is somewhat of a middle ground between 1080p and 4K. It’s also not that taxing to your system. However, some console games have issues scaling to 1440p, which is why gaming monitors for Xbox are best when they’re either 1080p or 4K.

4K is the best, sharpest monitor you can get with 3840 x 2160p, and in something like a 27” monitor, it’s really sharp. If you’re using your console for watching Netflix, you’ll enjoy it. Note, though, that gaming at 4K is a bit difficult considering that many systems will struggle with anything more than 60 frames per second.

HDR support

HDR on xbox
What HDR games look like on Xbox One S?

HDR is supported by the Xbox console, HDR 10 to be more specific. With HDR, you’re getting two things. You’ll notice that you no longer have burned out bright areas with no details, and the shadows also have a lot of detail in them, they aren’t just pitch black. This does have an impact on both your gaming, and your media consumption, and is worth investing into.

The second thing is that it will ensure colors are much more vibrant and lifelike. If you’ve ever played games or watched movies on a monitor with washed out colors, you know it can ruin the experience. HDR is the exact opposite of that, and it makes things a lot better. Yes, the technology still commands somewhat of a price premium, but it’s more than worth it.

What is HDR on Xbox One?

HDR on Xbox comes with 10 nit color range which means you will be able to see more color, quality images while playing the game. For that, you need to enable 4K HDR on any version to get the visual benefit of games and apps that support HDR.

Refresh rate and Adaptive sync

With the refresh rate, it’s still somewhat of a mixed bag. AAA titles still don’t support more than 60 frames per second on Xbox. However, who’s to say that won’t change soon? With how fast technologies evolve, getting a high refresh rate monitor (something that has 120Hz or 144Hz) can guarantee future-proofing for a few more years. And considering that high refresh rate monitors aren’t crazy expensive nowadays, just get one if you can, at least if you’re looking at 1080p panels.

With 4K it’s a different story since not a lot of systems can push 4K games at more than 60 frames per second.

As far as adaptive sync goes, this is a very welcome addition that was initially reserved for PC gamers only. Adaptive sync locks refresh rate with your monitor’s refresh rate and consequently eliminates any image tearing and choppy experience due to the difference in refresh rates. Without getting into too much detail, you should just know that it’s something worth investing in if you’re a console gamer.

So, What’s the best option?

There are two camps as far as the “best” option goes. One of them would be to get a high-quality 1080p panel with a high refresh rate and adaptive sync. This ensures that you can run just about any game and get at least 60 frames per second, with no tearing and choppy gameplay.

But if you also use it for media consumption as well, you might want to take a look at going the other route – a high-quality 4K panel, preferably with adaptive sync and HDR 10. You won’t get a high refresh rate, but the amount of detail and the colors you’ll experience are the next levels. Which way you go, is up to you and your use case.  


There you have it, our choices for the best gaming monitor for Xbox One X. Xbox monitor market is still not big enough for dozens of great choices, but we are getting there. Until then, we are sure you can choose from the various monitors for Xbox from our list that will satisfy you.