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Best Esport platform for CS: GO

Best Esport platform for CS: GO

Electronic sports, in general, have, over the past couple of years, grown massively in popularity in terms of playing, watching, and placing bets. Among the many types of games available, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which is in most cases abbreviated as CS: GO, has climbed to the top of the electronic sports list. With approximately 5000 professional players from across the world, annually prize pools of around 15 million pounds, and millions of spectators, it’s an excellent chance for placing wagers on CS: GO. 

The sport’s competitive scene features different formats, which provide players with lots of opportunities to place bets. As a punter, you will find different leagues, ranging from football competitions like ESEA or ESL, where a couple of teams compete online to enhance their total points in a tournament table. ESEA especially offers lots of CS: GO betting markets, with major teams competing in the league.

Additionally, there are the Intel Grand Slam competitions, where teams play in major offline tournaments, competing for one million pounds Intel Grand Slam Prize each year. They’re also the same as Cycle Tournaments which are popular with Blast Pro Series. Also, there is the Minor CS: GO tournaments that are sponsored by the Valve. These tournaments primarily work as qualifies for the Major CS: GO Championships.

All of these CS: GO events are grouped among the sport’s community, depending on the quality of the teams competing as well as the prize pool size. If you love electronic sports and you are looking for the best platform where you can enjoy a top-notch betting experience, then look no further than esport bookmakers. Before you can sign up with the best bookmaker and start placing bets, be sure to go through the following sections of this article to learn more.

How to Pick the Best CS: GO Betting Site

As a serious punter, there are various things to look out for on a sports betting website. When you consider these things, you will be able to find a perfect gambling destination for you. The main things to keep in mind when picking a top eSports betting platform include: 

Range of Electronic Sports Offered

For most sports betting enthusiasts, the range of eSports offered is a big deal. Even the most traditional online sportsbooks have heard some of the biggest eSports tournaments. This means that you will be able to find CS: GO markets covering all major events of the sport, including League of Legends and Dota 2.

Serious bettors will want a massive array of events as well as markets to pick from when it comes to betting. Top eSports betting platforms will provide a full range of electronic sports, including everything from Call of Duty and FIFA to Overwatch and Fortnite. It will also cover minor tournaments from all parts of the universe. With lots of options available for you to choose from, you should be sure not to settle for anything less.

Promotions and Bonuses

Nowadays, all eSports betting sites offer a massive array of bonuses and promotions to lure new customers their way and keep existing ones happy. The generous and massive bonuses are the huge number of players attracted towards a given CS: GO betting site. 

While the main objective of bonuses and promotions is to attract new customers and keep loyal ones happy, some platforms include unfriendly measures that make it difficult for punters to make cashouts. 

Luckily, such betting sites are rare to find these days. To be sure that a platform offers generous deals, you should read the fine prints to avoid any scams for your first deposit. A sure bet is to pick one of the recommended sites.

Competitive Odds

The key to profiting from an online betting platform is to always look for competitive odds. To find a platform that offers the best odds, you need to compare different sites and only sign up with one that offers slightly higher odds. Many punters currently sign up with a couple of betting websites and place bets with one that offers the best odds on CS: GO events.

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Live CS: GO Betting

ESports is a fast-moving and dynamic world, making it suitable for live betting. A top eSports gambling website needs to offer a wide range of live betting opportunities. You will even enhance your live betting experience when you sign up with a site that offers live streaming services. 

Being in the position to watch live actions that you’re wagering on is a vital part of in-play betting. Also, you want to be in a position to follow the actions and place wagers from the same betting platform.

Tools and Features

Betting sites that are serious about their respective eSports gambling services will provide some useful features and tips for their customers to take advantage of. These tools and features can include betting guides and tips, comprehensive FAQ sections, 24/7 support services, apps, news and updates, multiple compiler tools, and statistics. With these tools and features, you can be sure to enhance your CS: GO betting experience significantly.

Payment Methods

Any CS: GO betting website that offers reliable and safe payment methods is a perfect match for you. Before banking institutions accept to work with any gambling company, they make sure that it is 100% safe. They first check if it is regulated and licensed before working with any betting site. Some of the common banking methods that serious gambling bookies support include PayPal, Bitcoin, PaySafeCard, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum, to name just a few of them.

Final Thoughts about the Best Esport Platform for CS: GO

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